Who is a beast and just squat 100 lbs?? THIS GIRL!!

So, one of the three below must be correct:

  1. I’m getting stronger faster than I realized.
  2. I was stronger than I realized and correcting my form allowed me to demonstrate it.
  3. Both of the above because I’m a BAMF.

Squats progression:

  • Last week: 6@60#, 5@70#, 7@60#
  • Today: 6@50#, 6@60#, 10@60#, 5@70#, 3@80#, 3@90#, 3@100#!

The DOMS from yesterday’s first Nia Shanks “minimal training for maximum effects” workout is starting to kick in. I learned how to use the Smith rack as the NH Planet Fitness has ZERO regular squat racks or bars and plates. I also stopped being afraid of the assisted pull up machine – I want to get to the point where I can do them unassisted. Oh, and farmers walks are deceptive. I liked her program because it was so simple and straight forward.

After fussing, fiddling and being uncomfortable all day at work yesterday, I busted out Nia Shanks Minimal Training for Maximum Restults (MTMR from now on since I’m lazy) Day 2 at the gym. I even convinced Jess to come with me.

The weights area of my Planet Fitness has more basic barbells & squat racks than the NH one, but it was also a testosterone fest. Mreh. I waltzed in in my hot pink shirt with my Barbie pink manicure and did my thing. What I liked a lot about Day 2’s exercises is they worked each side independently. I’m definitely much weaker on the left than the right. And now I get to appreciate that deliciously sore feeling all day until my 5k tonight.

Air quality in western Mass today is inhospitable to hiking. Not sure if you can see the white puffs floating all around.

So instead I got my ass handed to me… By me (and Nia). Drenched jelly pretty accurately describes me right now.