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Response to my list of things to do in Melbourne:

“Agree on all of that! Have to add a brief south side/CBD addendum (represent):
- Coin Laundry for yummy breakfast, served by yummy boys in the height of High St snobbery
-Alternatively, visit Picnic on Toorak road for same.
- Go for a run around the tan (around the Botanical Gardens), then grab a latte and people watch at the "Bot” aka the Botanical aka the place to be seen.
-Spend a whole night doing Curtin House properly. You mentioned Rooftop’s cinemas, but also do Cookie (below it) and Toff (below that) for dinner and dancing [friday].
- Find Eau De Vie (it’s not easy!) and Get Cocktails. Great ones. Life-changing ones.“

- mtlt

I cannot confirm nor deny any of the above (though, "the place to be seen” - how south side of you!) but this lady has taste.


Ugly - Sugababes