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Welcome to Bts

Lets start this off with our beautiful eldest hyung, Kim Seokjin.

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an actual work of art

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incredibly talented yet devastatingly underrated

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literally a mom

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certified food enthusiast

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honestly doesn’t know how to handle being a mom of 5 but gets by with the help of the husband (shall be brought up later)

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actual bias wrecker

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next we have the grumpy swag grandfather, Min Yoongi.

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beautiful human being

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insanely talented rapper and producer

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500% r00d

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if you haven’t heard from him in a few days, he was probably just asleep

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can be a little squish sometimes

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but mostly just plain rude

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now onto our actual hope, Jung Hoseok.

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literal embodiment of sunshine

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crazily talented rapper, dancer, and choreographer

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80% squish

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10% judging you

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6% hipthrusts

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and 4%… whatever this is

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Up next is our god of destruction leader, Kim Namjoon.

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sexy ass motherfucker

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amazingly skilled rapper and producer

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dimples for dayyyyss

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struggling father of 5 along with his wife

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incredibly rude

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but mostly just a dork

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Now on to this sinnamon bun, Park Jimin.

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precious angel

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incredibly gifted vocalist and dancer

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literally the squishiest little bean

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but yet 0.2 seconds later he is undressing the camera

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thighs that could fucking kill

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always messing with his hair

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actual tease

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

Next up is our deep voiced sunshine, Kim Taehyung.

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an actual angel from above

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deep voiced vocalist who is also incredibly underrated

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square smillleeee

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just a tad off

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actual slayer of lives

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always either touching or licking lips

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

And last, but not least, our bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook.

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precious baby bun bun

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insanely talented golden maknae

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an actual meme

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yet can kill you in 0.5 seconds

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but also a shy awkward little bby

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still manages to be r00d

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precious little fluff that needs to be protected 25/8

You are now fully informed on the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

-Admin Yeonie

BTS Masterlist

Updated 2/22/17

Key: ‘ x M ’ - Male Reader ; ‘ x F ‘ - Female Reader, ‘ GN ‘ - Gender Neutral Reader


Kim SeokJin (Jin)

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Kim Taehyung (V)

Park Jimin

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Min Yoongi (Suga)

Jeon Jungkook




Gif Edits

Kim SeokJin (Jin)
Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)
Kim Taehyung (V)
Park Jimin
Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Min Yoongi (Suga)

Jeon Jungkook



Finding Out Their GF Sleeps W/O A Bra

Walking In On You Naked

Dating would be like... | Leo Edition

I’m sorry I had to use this picture it’s too funny not to XD HE LOOKS SO HAPPY OK


  • Looks like he could kill you
  • is actually a cinnamon roll
  • which is something you will find out VERY soon
  • you asking him to sing a lullaby
  • and him being like “…😒”
  • but give him the puppy dog eyes and he’s a goner
  • v protective?
  • like, “dont touch my girl she’s mine”
  • you might have to tell him to relax sometimes
  • If you guys ever move in together
  • there will definitely be a cat around
  • or several
  • being mutual pillows
  • like one moment you’re sitting upright normally
  • and the next your head is on his shoulder and you’re sound asleep
  • and he’s just like sHIT WHAT DO I DO
  • so he takes a selca to remember the moment
  • that reminds me
  • will have OODLES of pictures of you on his phone
  • but will deny it to the day he dies
  • like you’re his lockscreen and his homescreen and you’re just like
  • “Taekwoon this is so cute awww!”
  • grabs his phone and hurls it across the room his face bright red before playfully tackling you
  • tickle fights
  • neck chops when he wants to scold you
  • but will then melt and hug you instead
  • once commenting that he looked really good in that choker from the Chained Up era ;)
  • and his face getting bright red and him just dying from embarrassment
  • “I’m just doing my job please jagi don’t embarrass me”
  • and you’re just like 😙
  • helping him fight off Hakyeon
  • legit you’ll distract N while Leo runs
  • and vice versa
  • but sometimes you’ll help Hakyeon attack Leo
  • which you’ll feel his betrayal later
  • His kisses would be sweet
  • at first he’d be afraid of hurting you and just want to take it slow?
  • but then once he gets comfortable around you you’ll discover the dork that is Jung Taekwoon

Looks familiar? See here

Bad Boy!AU Moodboard_Suga|슈가| of BTS
[Please do not repost/use it without giving credit+don’t delete the caption]


Kpop Aesthetics


Namjoon + Moss Green


Heize and July ft. Dean MV



BTS Reactions:

When they hang out with someone who can’t speak Korean but English

Their bestfriend  is worried about something and doesn’t want to tell anyone

Their girlfriend fangirling over a Female Idol and them getting jealous

When their crush asks them why they have fallen for them

When they realise you have an upper back tattoo

When they find out you are actually a hardcore gamer

When you are being overly cautious and even a little afraid of guys

When they see their younger sister kissing a BTS member without them being official

When their girlfriend is getting too close with an EXO member

When their girlfriend likes to do small work outs before going to bed

When you get hurt while running for a good cause

When you dance sexily to Dr. Feelgood for Jin

When you’re still in school

BTS Lockscreens

BTS Fire MV Lockscreens


Min Yoongi/Suga + Pastel Green

Jungkook + White

Jimin + Red

Namjoon + Coffee Date

Jin + Pink

Jungkook + Black/Grey

Jungkook + Red

Traveling with Jungkook

Jimin as Best Friend

BTS mtl

BTS mtl dating someone born in 2000

BTS mtl dating someone born in the first half of 1998

BTS mtl dating an introverted girl

BTS mtl dating someone born in 1986

BTS mtl dating someone who’s not Korean but still Asian

BTS mtl dating a foreigner

BTS mtl dating with larger gauges/stretched ear lobes

BTS mtl being really protective of their girlfriend

BTS mtl dating a hot tempered girl

BTS mtl dating a ‘02 liner



EXO Reactions:

When you bring home a puppy Part 1 Part 2

Then they see their childhood crush for the first time in years and realizing they still like them

When their ex girlfriend is now dating a different member of exo

Meeting their ideal type at a fansign

EXO Lockscreens

EXO Monster Teaser Pictures: Kai Lockscreen

EXO: Kai Lockscreen

EXO: Kai!Lucky One

EXO Moodboard

Chanyeol + Peach

Sehun + Grey

Sehun + Yellow

EXO!Lucky One

Chen + Red

Chanyeol + Pink

Kai + Pink

Baekhyun + Pink


EXO mtl dating a girl who has more of a temper than normal



AOA Reactions:

Their Girlfriend being hit on by EXO

When their gf is scared of thunder

AOA Lockscreens

AOA Cream: Cosmopolitan Shoot Lockscreens

AOA Moodboards

Hyejeong + Pink

Seolhyun + Black

AOA mtl

MTL to watch anime or read manga with you

MTL having a realationship with a female



VIXX Reactions


VIXX Lockscreens


VIXX Lockscreen

VIXX Dynamite Lockscreen

VIXX: Hakyeon!Eternity Lockscreen

VIXX: Hakyeon!Girl Lockscreen

VIXX Moodboard







BigBang Reactions


BigBang Lockscreens


BigBang Moodboard

G-Dragon + Grey

T.O.P + Purple


BIGBANG dating someone with autistic spectrum




DK Lockscreen

Wonwoo!Pilot Lockscreen

Hoshi + Stars Lockscreens

Jaehyung + Yellow Lockscreen


Cheese in the Trap: Hong Seol + Yellow



Whasa + Orange

Akdong Musician + Pink/Blue

Moonbin + Black

Jun + Black

Momo + Pastelpink

The8 + Pink

The8 + Black


Lee Tae Eun + Baby Blue and Pale Pink

Kpop Ships

Written Ship / Selca Ships / Collage Ships / Ultimate Ships / Outfit ships

Yoongi/Hades /ˈheɪdiːz/Ancient Greek: ᾍδης or Άͅδης Latin: pluto. God of the Dead and Riches. King of the Underworld
Motivated, clever , indepandent, complex , impulsive, possessive.




1. Hwiyoung

2. Inseong

3. Dawon

4. Youngbin

5. Taeyang

6. Rowoon

7. Jaeyoon

8. Zuho

9. Chani 


That was actually pretty hard. I think they all just wanna show you that they love you and wouldn’t make a secret about it. However I hope you like it! 👽 

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BTS reactions

Their s/o loving to play with their hands

Their s/o being excited about being able to use chopsticks for the first time

You making a lot of dirty jokes

Yoongi’s crush telling him they like him back, but won’t tell him

Hearing you yell in another language over the phone, and finding out it was mainly curse words

You having a dry sense of humor

Their s/o being “scary looking”, but kids love them

You ignoring them after they call you something derogatory in a fight

Their s/o sending a risky text, but bc they reply late, they reply with “the sun is out, I’m pure again”

Their s/o being a swimmer and showing their skills off

Their s/o being a pluviophile and having a lot of deep thoughts

You always plying music when you’re in the bathroom

A lot of people checking you out bc you’re looking especially nice

You reading Demian to understand WINGS better

Having a dream about your wedding

Your fridge being full of almost only vegetables and fruit

Their s/o used to be a badass

You going bodies with someone for fun

You having a bad case of PTSD, but refusing to talk about it

You holding off sex bc it ruined your last relationship

Their mute s/o saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

You trying to learn korean, but mispronouncing a word and say something bad

Accidentally breaking another member’s partner’s nose

You almost getting hit by a drunk driver

You running errands for them publicly even tho their fans hate you

Seeing their mother slap you

You looking at gifs of them and smiling

You having a cuter side, as well as a tougher one

You having an unusual name

Their s/o’s group performing Boombayah by Blackpink

Their s/o being a sucker for small, pretty things

Another member finding out about their s/o by walking in on them kissing

You playing with their thighs a lot

Seeing a drawing you made of them

You wanting to go ice skating for a date

Hearing you scream in pain, only to find you waxing your legs

You’re nearly drunk at a party, but your friend tries to make you drink more

You owning a lot of horses

Catching you jamming out to Twenty One Pilots

Hanging out w/ you and seeing another member’s gf w/ a random guy

You taking pills to lose weight, and they affect you quite a lot

Their idol s/o’s group performing at MAMA

Their s/o being very smart in every subject, except math

Their daughter giving them a flower drown bc “boys deserve flowers too”

Their s/o wanting to become a Victoria’s Secret-angel

You being sleep deprived bc you’re writing a book

They are frustrated and their s/o gives them space, but comes back soon after

They have a crush on another member’s best friend

You having a sibling you cut out of your life

Their muslim s/o being called a terrorist

Their s/o dancing to Fire, but failing at 3:33

Seeing their gender fluid s/o dressed as a girl for the first time

Their s/o having cold hands

Seeing their s/o perform their part of a BTS song for a talent show

Their innocent-looking s/o playing violent games

You having a weird nickname

Their s/o loving jawlines

Liking someone from the Middle East

Finding out you can skate

Their s/o tried committing suicide before, and is thinking about it again

Their nice and happy s/o being interested in serial killers

Their s/o dissociating themselves w/ life

Their bff telling them how much they love them platonically

You boosting their confidence when they feel low

Their s/o defends another member, but then the hater turns on them

Their s/o being an art student, and nervous about submitting a project

You being a virgin

You looking very cold, but being a ball of fluff

Another idol saying they have a crush on them

You being a fan of a fierce girl group

You having pseudohypoparathyroidism

Their crush saying they’re their boyfriend when someone hits on them

You get really lost in a topic when you speak

You having a sexy body, but a squishy face

Their gf being moody and in pain bc of her period

You high-giving a dirty comment another member makes about your relationship

Yoongi’s crush/bff only wanting him around when they’re angry

You tell them you’re pregnant, but they’re on tour

They catch you glaring at a kid

You being tall and insecure about it

You being smarter than them school-wise, but an airhead otherwise

Their gf not shaving anywhere

You teasing them during a dinner w/ the other members

Their gf winning over them in arm wrestling

They get caught trying to find your underwear

Their s/o being an undercover cop at BigHit

You being as strong as/stronger than them

Their baby sneezes so hard they fall down

You being a book lover

Their s/o talking fast spanish over the phone

Their crush having freckles, but not liking them

Their s/o used to self harm

Their s/o having quite the temper, and is easiest to calm down through sex

You having really bad nightmares about your past

You being scared of planes going over

Their s/o doesn’t show any affection

Their younger sibling coming out as pansexual

You tell them it’s a turn on when they pull your hair

The two of you fight, and you flinch when he gets loud

Their s/o suddenly wanting to cuddle

Their s/o getting in a fight with their stepdad bc their little brother was bruised

Their gf being very curvy

Their lesbian crush accepting their joking offer to change her mind about guys

Their idol s/o (secret) winning an award

You not being able to eat or drink acidic things

Their crush having a slight overbite

Seeing you still sleeping with your baby blanket

Finding out their s/o used to suffer from bulimia

(Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi special) Their s/o wanting to dominate, not being dominated

You having an oral fixation

You and the member get lost, and you’re the one to find the way home

Their s/o being obsessed with Disney

You get pregnant, but panic bc you don’t want kids

Seeing their crush they thought were rude helping a homeless person

You not being jealous

Their s/o smelling like cocoa butter

You being scared if elevators

You get goosebumps when they touch you

You being very adventurous

A Victoria’s Secret model being a fan

Their innocent looking crush being covered in tattoos

The members tease the both of you the morning after

Their s/o being a profiler

Them talking about a pretty foreigner in korean, and they reply

Their gf having a guy best friend

Finding out you’ve got pierced nipples

Their s/o needing help “releasing some frustration” after getting pissed at a game

You letting them be rough in bed, even though you don’t like it

Their crush waking up crying because they dreamt of their dead mother

When you start “playing” with them on a plane

Their usually calm s/o becomes really rude when someone disrespects them

The condom breaks

Having a crush on another member

Their s/o’s character having a horrible death at the end of a series

Their gf being a professional wrestler

Their non Korean s/o speaking multiple languages

Their usually quiet s/o being very angry

Their s/o being a bit playful during sex

Their s/o having a praise kink

You being very passionate about writing

Their s/o being serious, but having goofy moments

Their s/o alternating between different fashion styles

Their s/o having a lot of guy friends

Their s/o being the same height as them

Their s/o biting their shoulder when they kiss them

Their friend suffering from social anxiety

You being very jealous

You really liking skinship

Their s/o making a face when they don’t like something

Their usually strong s/o crying

Your brother being very protective

Them finding a dildo in your bedside table

When you want to shower with them early in the relationship

Them reacting when you say ’daddy’ but you are talking to your dad

They accidentally send a dirty text to their parents

You asking them to buy pads/tampons

Their s/o getting hate

Their s/o saying ’I love you’ in their sleep

Finding out their s/o has a spank kink

Another celebrity flirting with their s/o

Their s/o being on the dominant side

You being scared of dogs

You storming off after a fight

You being able to calm Yoongi down

Their gf not liking romantic movies, but loving love songs

You not wanting kids even though you work with them

Their gf getting in the mood very suddenly

Finding you crying to a song

You being sarcastic, but mushy around kids and animals

You want to jump from a plane with a parachute

Walking in on their bisexual crush when she’s with a girl

You are younger than they thought

Their foreign gf not wanting to call them ’oppa’

You being a stoner

You grew up in a bad family and don’t want kids

You getting a bit violent

You’re a really good dancer

Their gf’s eyes changing colors

Their gf being very sarcastic with a resting bitchface

Your sister comes along on your date

You telling them in a fight how hurt you are bc they’ve been rude

You don’t like cats and dogs, but dangerous animals


Likely to get violent when someone harasses their s/o

Likely to learn their s/o’s native language

Likely to cheat on their s/o

Likely to want to get to know someone who speaks broken korean

Likely to get kids first

Likely to date a non-famous foreigner

Likely to eat something their kid doesn’t like, even tho they don’t like it either

Likely to date a Christian 

Likely to be jealous when their s/o is a huge fan of 1D

Likely to be hurt when the love of their life doesn’t spare them a second look

Likely to be traditional

Likely to drag a guy out of their house when they see him kissing their sister

Likely to be disappointed when they thought their gf was pregnant, but she isn’t

Likely to go out on midnight adventures

Likely to break up if their schedule is too much

Likely to go through all of your clothes to see what you have

Likely to back down if another member likes their crush

Likely to date someone with a few tattoos

Likely to have groupies

Likely to date someone with a tooth gap

Likely to tell you to be more quiet after speaking too much

Likely to date a long time friend

Likely to like someone who always needs to be reminded that they’re loved

Likely to date a research scientist

Likely to date a vegan

Likely to find it cute when you’re mad + find it hot

Likely to date someone overweight

Likely to date a 02 liner

Likely to date someone with a lot of tattoos

Likely to like oversized clothes on a girl

Likely to be attracted to intelligence/wit

Likely to love freckles

Likely to be dating atm

Likely to date an italian girl / rant

Likely to date a girl on the bigger side

Likely to be very jealous

Likely to date a petite and tanned girl

Likely to get a girlfriend first

Likely to find a girl in a hijab attractive/interesting

Likely to date a 95-liner

Likely to announce their relationship as soon as possible

Likely to accept their crush being the same height as them

Likely to try hard to be a good boyfriend

Likely to date a blunt/honest girl

Likely to be chill with you not wanting kids

Likely to fall for a girl with a ”one of the boys” personality

Likely to like a girl who dresses a bit tomboy-ish

Likely to surprise you on stage at your concert

Likely to watch scary movies with you during a storm

Likely to text another member for advice when their crush is cuddling them

Likely to like when you leave love notes on post-its

Likely to intervene in a fight between you and you bf

Likely to date a foreigner

Likely to like short hair

Likely to like going down on their partner

Likely to like a girl who loves skinship


Halloween w/ Namjoon

Boyfriend Namjoon

Boyfriend Taehyung

Boyfriend Yoongi

Grunge Yoongi

Jimin choosing your outfit

Taehyung as Yagami Light

Based on Tae’s part of a reaction request

Fluffy sex w/ Yoongi

Fluffy sex w/ Namjoon

Studio date w/ Yoongi

Rough Namjoon

Studio date w/ Namjoon

Rough Hobi

Namjoon as your big  brother

Yoongi choosing your outfit

Cute couple w/ Jin

Boyfriend Hobi

Midnight adventures w/ Taehyung

Boyfriend Jimin

Letting Taehyung choose your outfit

Cute couple w/ Jungkook

Rough Jimin


What kind of subconscious skinship does BTS like?

BTS as things my classmates have said

Texting BTS

My theory

Jungkook’s personality

Taehyung’s personality

Jimin’s personality

Namjoon’s personality

Hobi’s personality

Yoongi’s personality

Jin’s personality

Jungkook’s ideal type

Taehyung’s ideal type

Jimin’s ideal type

Namjoon’s ideal type

Hobi’s ideal type

Yoongi’s ideal type

Jin’s ideal type

Which members are virgins?

When will they get married?

What would fluster BTS

The Signs As Music Periods

BAROQUE (1600 - 1750) : Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio

CLASSICAL (1750 - 1830) : Cancer, Taurus, Aries

ROMANTIC (1830 - 1900) : Leo, Pisces, Libra

CONTEMPORARY (1900 - Now) : Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini

The Seven Deadly Sins 

Satan’s Sin

Wrath : Jungkook

I could see it in his eyes. He was fury , he was wrath , he was vengeance. And he was an animal, and animals don’t know sin, do they? 

Jungkook / Taehyung / Jimin / Namjoon / Hoseok / Yoongi / Seokjin 

BTS reaction: their s/o loving to play with their hands

Thank you for requesting! xx

A/N: This is the last reaction in my ask, so from now on there’ll only be MTLs and aesthetics (mainly MTLs) ^^

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He probably finds it really cute, as long as the two of you are alone, or maybe with the members. Not anyone else, as he’s probably pretty private when it comes to most kinds of intimacy. His favorite would be if you play with his hands during late-night conversations in bed. He’d love that shit.

Originally posted by bts0726

Suga/Min Yoongi:

Another member who wants to keep most intimate acts privately. But, if you were having like a movie night with him and the rest of Bangtan, he would probably let you play with your hands, because he lowkey loves it. Unlike Jin, he prefers if you do it when you’re either watching a movie with him, or when you’re just cuddling silently. Not when he’s trying to talk to you. And if he’d been writing more lyrics than usual one day, it’d probably relax his pretty sore hands.

Originally posted by yoongbeans

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He definitely doesn’t mind it. Not at all. But, he’d prefer if you played with his hair instead. Like, he loves when people play with his hair. Have you seen that Bangtan Bomb where he gets all whiny because Jungkook doesn’t play with his hair, and when he does, Hobi looks so very relaxed? Yeah. So if he got to choose, he’d rather have you play with his hair. But you’re cute when you play with his hands, so he doesn’t mind.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

It’s not something he’s against, but it isn’t his favorite kind of skinship either. So, he’ll gladly let you do it, especially after writing a lot, but he won’t ask you to do it. If anything, I can see him as the type to enjoy playing with your fingers during deep conversations in bed, so in that way he’d be similar to Jin.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin/Park Jimin:

I think he’s kinda embarrassed about how small his hands are. At least he is when he has to compare them to the other members’. So the first few times you do it, he’d be sort of embarrassed about it, because he might think you think they’re abnormally small or something. But with time, when he finds out that you simply like playing with his hands, he’ll really appreciate it and find it cute.

Originally posted by yoongichii

I love his hands okay

V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d absolutely love this. He loves all the affection he can get. But this would cause a bit of a problem. He definitely wants you to play with his hands, as the both of you enjoyed it. But, at the same time, he’d really want to play with your hair. And he needs his hands to do that. He’d probably solve it by spooning you, and have one arm rest on your waist, so you can play with that hand, while he’ll use his free hand to mess your hair up.

Originally posted by taetaebts

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He won’t let you do it if other people are around, including the members. He’s gotta keep his tough act up, even though there’s no point in him doing so, since the members have lived with him for years and know him pretty well by now. But still. But if you do it in private, he’ll absolutely melt because he finds it so adorable.

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