B.A.P reacts to their idol gf mentioning them as their ideal types

Prompt: You and your group had been successfully touring japan for the past week and now it was time for a last interview before returning home. It was tiring and your internal self screamed ‘let me go home already’ but things spiced up when the interviews asked ‘So, ______-ssi… Who’s your ideal type?’


He was in the middle of an interview with the boys himself when the interviewer told him that he heard you mentioned him as his ideal type. He would actually just smile and nod as he listened and get shy when the boys cheered embarassing him, but it would actually save him from saying anything at all. On the outside he would just smile and keep his hands in a praying position like he always do but internal he would be very happy and proud that you had the courage to bring you two up.

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As soon as you got back into your shared apartment he would (insert gif) at you and be proud to call you his girlfriend. You would wonder what was that for and he would explain that he saw the interview earlier today with a smirk on his face before he went to give you a kiss.

“You’re my ideal type too”

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“Of course it would be me!”

He would exclaim but get embarrassed of his own actions soon after. You two would be clean about your relationship to the fans since he’s so honest with them and they would actually support you a lot. He would be really really happy about it and probably stay in a good mood for the rest of the day until he gets to see you and hug you at the end of the day.

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He would be really happy that you said his name and not someone else since you two were lowkey dating. He would probably start hitting anyone near him cause he was so happy. Not telling anyone the reason for his sudden joy, he would keep a smile on his face through the whole day.

“Ah, nothing, I’m just happy”

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His 4d self would get really shy and not knowing what to say or do he would make weird noises and act weird to escape the topic.


What are you doing he would get asked and he would reply that even him doesn’t know but after all he would be happy and just laugh it off.

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Being at his first experiences he would just shyly smile it off if anyone mentioned it. Just like Jongup, he would be happy - shy at the same time cause he has never been called someone’s ideal type by anyone before and he was glad you were his first since he cherished you with all his heart.

“Hehe, thank you babe”

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Underappreciated dethklok things

- the way nathan holds his phone with 2 fingers
- every time pickles says “NYEH” (specifically when he said it in his sleep in renovationklok)
- the faces toki makes when he’s coloring
- “I would eats a hot dogs. Just puttings that out there.”
- dick’s laugh
- the way pickles pronounces “swans”
- toki and skwisgaar always saying “pickle”
- pickles’ side smile (seems to run in the family bcus seth does it too)
- pobody’s nerfect, this mess is a place
- how toki always seems to be using a skwisgaar skull mug even though he has one of his own
- “I’ll sees you in valhalska.”
- how nathan and pickles know at least a little bit of french
- pickles just tapping the glass with his drumsticks in the murmaider video
- how nathans nails are always perfectly painted
- murderface in general
- those few frames in the intro where nathans hair flies back and you can see his whole face
- how short pickles is compared to skwisgaar
- dr john twinkletits, the pastel metalhead therapist who got his arms eaten by yard wolves
- that girl clown with the pig tails in all of rockso’s videos
- how all their tv’s are hung up with giant hooks that’re shoved through the screens
- affectionate drunk charles
- the faces seth made when pickles was strangling him in dethfam
- when pickles or skwisgaar sings