Proxy all the things...

When I fell in love with Vintage I knew I had a real problem. I couldn’t afford a set of Power Nine, not to mention all the cards from my stolen collection like Library of Alexandria, Force of Will and so on. I also knew a lot of the cards that were taken from me WotC would never reprint due to (IMO) one of the worst decisions any company in the history of companies has ever made: The Reserved List. I decided I would eventually acquire a complete “real” Vintage deck through trading on Puca Trade, but that is going to take a long time, possibly years. I didn’t want to just print out a piece of paper, slap it on a card and call it good until I could purchase or trade for the real thing. I wanted to play with cards. Cards that look amazing and feature amazing art. Cards that feel like cards. So I decided I find the best proxy artist in our community @TheProxyGuy and trade him for some sweet proxies that me and my friends could play with until we can get the real deal.

Even after I have the real deal I am probably not traveling across country with a $15,000 deck, so I will still be using my awesome proxies. Ever since I ordered my proxies I have been following @TheProxyGuys work and I wanted to share with you my:

TOP 10 Favorite @TheProxyGuy proxies

Here is one of the sheets I ordered to jump start learning Vintage when I first started Vintage.

 You can find more of @theProxyguy’s amazing proxie and how to trade for one at his blog: