To start things off, you should be reading this in a John Madden voice because that’s the kinda voice I was using when writing this.

So I thought I’d take a nice scientific look into how the number of cards you own changes over time. As you can see, the number of cards is on the left, time is on the bottom, and there aren’t numbers because science. I also labelled some key events, so let’s look into those.

A: Shortly after you started the game, your friends start giving you their old cards they aren’t using. Since you’re new you expand your collection through buying packs and drafting until you reach B.

B: At some point, you’ll realize “dang I have so many cards, they are literally stuffed in a 4'x2'x2’ box and that is overflowing. I need to get rid of some of these cards.” So you start tossing junk cards and giving them to new players (see A), and your collection starts shrinking until C.

C: WotC releases a particularly fun set, like Return to Ravnica, where you know you don’t need more cards but you can’t stop drafting it because it is just too fun. Eventually things level out, and you likely pick up Magic Online where you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your huge box of cards anymore.

Because there can never be too much #mtg in my life, I’ve finally caved and signed up for #mtgo. My guy and I will be recording our drafts and Youtubing them for fun and giggles. Also in hopes of input and becoming better players. #mtglife #ubergeek #girlgamer


So, I currently have a Selesnya deck that I’m trying to get up to a whole new level, and It plays standard. I’m really trying to get it competitive level play, and don’t want to break the bank in the process. It plays token/ramp/life gain (to a point).

Does anyone have a suggestion for cards that I can possibly switch up and move around?

Deck list:


1 x Nylea, God of the hunt

1x Karametra, God of the Harvest

1x Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

1x Staunch-Hearted Warrior (should I go 3 of?)

1X Wayfaring Temple( Should I go 2 of?)

1x Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage (I think I need more of these, but Im going to run 3 of)

1x Kalonian Hydra

1x Nyxborn wolf

1x Archangel of Thune

1x Leafrcrown dryad (Also going to run 2 of)

1x Dryad Militant (I desperately need more fo these)

1x Courser of Kruphix (need more of these, but so expensive)

1x Vastwood Hydra

1x Loxodon smiter

1x Karametra’s acolyte

1x Reverent hunter


2x Druid’s deliverance

2x Selesnya Charm

2x Heroes’ reunion

1x Rootborn defense

1x aspect of hydra

1x fog

1x celestial flare

1x sundering growth

1x naturalize


2x lay of the land

1x serene remembrance

1x seek the horizon

1x wake the reflections


1x into the wilds

1x collective blessing

2x nylea’s presence

1x growing ranks

1x rest in peace


2x heroes’ podium

1x staff of the sun magus

1x bow of nylea

1x elixir of immortality


Temple of Garden

Selesnya Guildgate

7x plains

11x Forests

If you could please provide some sort of help or recommendation I would greatly appreciate it