Chromatic Arsenal: Borborygmos Enraged

For allied color dual commanders, I would like to spotlight the aggro version of Niv-Mizzet. Borborygmos Enraged is the same type of deck you’d expect from Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind. Instead of Curiosity, we have Keen Sense. Instead of Ophidian Eye we have Snake Umbra. What do we have in terms of backup win cons? The biggest creatures that Timmy ever dreamed of.

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Birth of a new MTG online communty!

So I have come to realize that tumblr has a large, and seemingly awesome, Magic The Gathering community as of lately.

I want to spread the wonder of the game, as well as help people in the community branch out and so on.

One of my areas biggest (and biasly the best) LGS called Deriums CCGs is working on creating a singular community space through a website/store and an old fashioned Forum.

Everyone who wants to see some exciting videos should head over to youtube and follow/subscribe to their channel ( ) for some Tournament Worthy deck techs from locals pros and semi-pros, as well as EDH deck techs fron local players who want to share and discuss ideas!

So come join in the fun, and keep your eyes and ears out for the opening of their Online store and Forum!