Bolas on the Gatewatch
  • Gideon: Dose he.... have a power?
  • Jace: With a jacket like that in this heat he couldn't be that smart.
  • Liliana: Take your pick of insult, bonehead or dead weight. Has a veil to die for...
  • Chandra: The brightest flames die fastest, unless your an eons old dragon that is
  • Nissa: Make like a tree and die quietly and motionless in a fire I started

“Dragons and elves belong in our worlds, and so do you.”

Managed to catch the WotC contingent marching in the Seattle Pride Parade for the first time this year. They were near the end of the line, and a lot of the crowds had thinned out by then—the parade ran, honestly, way too long, and on the hottest day of the year so far, no less—but Wizards represented themselves really well, and brought a lot of energy to the march.

I’m not the kind of person that demands my favored brands publicly and loudly agree with my own worldview on every issue. Still, it is comforting that this one company, to which I fork over obscene amounts of money every year, has committed to standing up for love and diversity. Good on you, Wizards.

Topi’s Daily Card #1037:  Scrap Trawler

When it comes to artifact recursion, you’ll often see Myr Retriever and Junk Diver, two cards that fulfill the same role with the same ability.  Scrap Trawler changes that, by potentially making anything a recursion effect.  The trick with Scrap Trawler is that it recurs things with lesser CMC whenever any artifact dies. That means of course you need to have at least a few cards with low CMC to guarantee some recursion, and thankfully things like spellbombs and other recursion and utility cards self-sacrifice and are cheap.  If you have a good spread of things to bring back, Scrap Trawler can be a great replacement to one of the more usual suspects in creature based artifact recursion.  Which one, is up to you.

Actually, you know what would be a great way to solve a lot of the complaints about not seeing queer people represented enough in Magic without having to wait forever to see changes implemented in sets?

Let creative write more stories.

One story a week restricted to what’s happening in the set isn’t enough. There’s so much room to see side stories and filler episodes. Give me Granny Pashiri listening to Chandra be frustrated about Nissa. Give me the story of how she met her wife. Give me the love at first sight story for Hal and Alena. Give me Kynaios and Tiro shaping a nation. Give me more Alesha being proud of who she is. And for god’s sake just give me Chandra and Nissa properly sorting out their feelings.

These are all stories that deserve to be told, but the way Story articles are released doesn’t leave enough room for them. Let your writers write!

For real though, I’m still pissed that Hal and Alena didn’t get a card in Shadows or Eldritch Moon. Like, their appearance in the Eldritch Moon story was fucking A+ perfect; two lesbians that not only didn’t die, but are kept alive through Emrakul’s madness by sheer force of love. Solid gold. And yet the response we got was, “we didn’t realize they’d be so popular.” Really? For all the work you’re doing to increase racial diversity, you didn’t even ONCE think before the set was finalized that we might be super into the idea of getting gay characters on a card? If they don’t show up in the next core set or some sort of supplementary set before then, I’m gonna be MAD fucking salty.