Gremlin management is a necessary task for all home and business owners in Ghirapur. The warm season is gremlin breeding season, and that means more encounters with these curious critters as they emerge to hunt for mates.

While gremlins have been labeled by some as “cute,” all citizens should be aware that gremlins are dangerous wild animals, and must be treated as such. Do not attempt to approach, pet, or feed them. Citizens charged with feeding wild animals will be subject to fines and/or extensive community service time. All it takes is one citizen giving one gremlin a snack of aether or an aether-powered device to start an infestation. Please do your part to keep our city gremlin-free.

The following simple steps can help protect your home and your investments from the nuisance of hungry gremlins:

  • Lock the doors and close the windows of your workshop any time you leave it unattended.
  • Install a Consulate-approved, tamper-resistant access cage around your personal aether socket.
  • Use gremlin deterrents such as resistant tarpaulin and bandar urine to protect your exposed inventions.
  • For more extensive infestations, humane traps are recommended and can be purchased from most general supply shops.

Renowned gremlin exterminator Pav Pande recommends using drastic measures only in cases of extreme infestation. “An exterminator’s primary goal is to rid infestations through humane means. A gremlin that is too accustomed to sentient-being contact, however, is a very serious problem. Education and proper precautions are the best ways to ensure a safe environment for all beings in the city.”

You can follow the Kaladesh Consulate here and here.

An Exclusive Interview with Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li of the Magic Creative Team!

For my final interview, I sit down with creative designers and worldbuilders Kimberly Kreines, Ari Levitch, and Mel Li ( @etheriumsculptor ) to talk about the world of Kaladesh, its inhabitants, and creating people and stories to that make the Multiverse as spectacular as it is. Beneath the cut, we touch on everything from gremlins to story stakes, fan reactions, and panharmonicons!

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What Masterpiece Series do you hope to see?

Planeswalkers and Legendary Creatures are high on my list (legendary creatures has a lot of problems though, especially with regard to the creative).

I’m especially intrigued at the idea of non card type series. What tribes could support one?

Reblog with a masterpiece theme you’d like and maybe a couple of cards you’d expect to be included in it.

Queen Marchesa Part 1: the Fort

so it’s been a busy time for me recently so I decided I’m going to take it a bit slower with the deck techs. I will be building and breaking down a deck per week, starting this week on (Monday-Thursday, but I started late this week.) and reserving the right to take a week off some times but without taking any longer here is the first and most important part of the deck, “the Fort”

one of the deck’s strongest strategies is build a pillow fort, or castle flavorwise. we do this so we can attack into opponents freely without having to worry about much retaliation, and so we can hang on to the crown as long as we possibly can because Mardu isn’t necessarily known for it’s card advantage.

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Topi’s Daily Card #766:  Overlaid Terrain

Overlaid Terrain is one of those cards that feels really hard to pull off, and you’re right, it is.  Having to sacrifice every land when it enters is a huge drawback, but it can be negated a little with artifact ramp, and even better, if you can get the lands back with Crucible of Worlds or something similar.  It’s a little harder to work with than Mirari’s Wake or other mana doublers, but for decks that can get back from this downside particularly with the new card Splendid Reclamation, can have a bunch of fun with this jank rare.  The best uses are probably with the Gitrog Monster and with Titania, but other than that, it’s tough to see the upside sometimes.  It’s niche, it’s unique, and it’s a card I’m glad exists, just to see what crazy things can happen.

Edit: Another post with pixel problems in the dashboard.  Gosh, that’s annoying.  Maybe just some batch of pics I took got all weird.  Oh well.