Monday Walker Prompt #3

Alright, time for week three, as this is going well! For those of you new, this is basically where I give a short, usually vague, prompt to spur others to create some type of art, short story or any kind of creative thing using their fan walkers, characters or whatever. The point of this is too encourage creativity and to draw the community together! Just tag me in the post, add it in a reblog or do your own thing. :)

Prompt #3:


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Last night, me and @your-old-so-and-so tried to play MTG over skype, and it worked suprisingly well!

Only drawback was that we constantly had to remind eachother what creatures we had on the battlefield, how much power/toughness they had and what our life counters were at

But other than that it actually worked!

10/10 will reccomend to anyone who lives too far away from anyone else who plays MTG, or who wants to play the physical version of the game against a friend in another country!

Bolas on the Gatewatch
  • Gideon: Dose he.... have a power?
  • Jace: With a jacket like that in this heat he couldn't be that smart.
  • Liliana: Take your pick of insult, bonehead or dead weight. Has a veil to die for...
  • Chandra: The brightest flames die fastest, unless your an eons old dragon that is
  • Nissa: Make like a tree and die quietly and motionless in a fire I started

Topi’s Daily Card #1038:  Horizon Chimera

Now, this card is a big mishmash of keywords and abilities that mean a pretty solid creature with a subtle but powerful ability.  UG is the perfect deck for this creature to belong, probably some of the strongest card draw colors in EDH.  Flash means at end of turn you can drop this creature into play and get some lifegain right at the start of your turn.  Flying is a plus for evasion and that trample seems a little odd on a smaller creature, but hey, I’ll take it.  You may not always be attacking with this creature and instead be gaining a ton of life.  It’s a fine creature and will help buff your life total easily in UG, so it’s always worth thinking of when your deck is focused on drawing.