mtg fanart


Finished fanart of Vraska! I’m really proud of this one tbh. I came across a picture of the dress she’s wearing a while back, and it just struck me as Vraska….so I saved it and finally got around to drawing her in it.

I know in the art we’ve seen so far for her on Ixalan shows her without the growth on her arms and shoulders she had on Ravnica, but I liked that look so that’s what I went with :P The sword is the one seen in the key art for Ixalan, with artistic liberties taken for the sheath.

I hope y’all enjoy! I know how you love fanart and you love Vraska ;)


I haven’t caught up on the Hour of Devastation stories yet, but I think it’s safe to assume that after handing Bolas his butt, the Gatewatch and Co. spent the rest of the block having lots of nice heartwarming domestic interactions and general light-hearted goofs.

Decided I wont be beat. Fixed via a screenshot.

My headcanon of the three gods that got corrupted by Bolas. 
Each representing one aspect which later becomes a perversion of who they were.

Qumat > Scorpion God, from someone who creates to someone who destroys.
Basam > Locust God, Locusts eat crops
Hasamat > Scarab God, creating a ‘family’ of eternals.