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Mischievous Miscreants - Faeries of the Magic multiverse

Wydwen, the Biting Gale - Matt Cavotta

Oona, Queen of the Fae - Adam Rex

Quickling - Clint Cearley

Surveilling Sprite - Terese Nielsen

Silkbind Faerie - Matt Cavotta

Bitterblossom - Rebecca Guay

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Happy April Fool’s Day!
Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017
Support the world's largest exhibition of Magic: the Gathering artwork ever created to be hosted at GP Vegas 2017 on June 14-18

Hi Tumblr! Hopefully you’ve already heard of this amazing event happening at GP Vegas. I’m happy to announce that the Art Show has teamed up with me to bring a diverse group of community cosplayers to work as hosts in the gallery if the Stretch Goal is met. Needless to say, your support of this event would mean a lot to me and the good people I’m bringing with.

For $25 you can get the sweet exclusive playmat with Amonkhet-themed artwork by Zack Stella, but whatever the size of your donation, or even if it’s just a share of this post or telling your friends about the Kickstarter - myself, the Art Show team, and the other cosplayers are so grateful for you having our backs and caring about things like community, diversity, art, story, and other Vorthosian matters of the heart.

I hope to see you in Vegas!

<3 Moxy

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made some abacuses out of mtg cards but I think these first two have turned out well. I’ll be doing the other three cartouches from amonkhet but I’m waiting on the remaining copies to come in the mail. I really like the gold beads with these and I will probably use the same beads for the other cards I do from the set.


Stars of the Multiverse

Chromatic Star - Alex Horley-Orlandelli

Starfall - Chris Rahn

Ryusei, the Falling Star - Nottsuo

Setessan Starbreaker - Chase Stone

Starfield of Nyx - Tyler Jacobson

Sigiled Starfish - Nils Hamm

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Magic the Gathering- Zendikar- Hedrons

Part of Wizards of the Coast’s Zendikar storyline for their popular Magic: the Gathering property, Hedrons have become an iconic element of the franchise. Created by the lithomancer Nahiri with the help of the spirit dragon Ugin, these gigantic stones cover the entire plane of Zendikar, ranging from small to massive, and direct energy from laylines into chaotic and twisted paths. They mess with the fundamental aspects of nature, and all in order to form a massive power network capable of containing ancient, unspeakable evils from beyond the physical ream- the Eldrazi.