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Luna, God of the Sea

So I started sketching in train a few weeks back, of an old idea - the idea of Luna as the ‘Goddess of Tides’ or somesuch never really found its’ way to paper. Until now, anyway.

This coincided with another idea that had been haunting about lately - my monoblue EDH deck (Lorthos, the Tidemaker) had been slightly boring to play, and I apparently can not get enough of playing various Theros gods. So…

Er, this happened. Have a menacing seapony-god Princess Luna. Some(sea)pony probably tried to steal her bident or something. But we shall not name names here.

Quite possibly the longest I’ve worked on a picture with markers, or at least nearly so - somewhere in the seven or eight hours total. So many layers of blue and purple… also during working I realized I had to stop a few times for the paper to dry so I won’t go through it, heh. I might need to look into stronger paper if I keep doing these stupidly marker-intensive pictures.

I know the light underwater doesn’t quite work like that, but I think it looked cool and was fun to try with markers, so there it is.


Magic: the Gathering - Alphabet Soup

Check out these SWEET-ARSE blank MTG tokens from the brilliant and witty mind of card alter gal Ellie Shakirova (her Etsy shop over here).  This is a full alphabet set of 26 cards with matte lamination with appropriate place for you to pen in the token name and power / toughness.

God Bless the souls of the Redditors who also had a bit of fun with this project at the expense of a certain ubiquitous blue mind-mage -