For StarCityGames.com! It’s been used in signage before, but no idea where/when token production will take place. Alsoooo it’d 99% likely be a 4/4 angel, but this was the jpeg I had on my computer. ;)

I really like how this turned out, but with future angels I’d love to try some of the “darker” color schemes I explored in earlier thumbnails. Perhaps I’m partial to the evil angel trope? I’m the worst.

Painted some swamps last night as a last minute gift! They are all STUNNING! I love them. I gave two of them to my MTG club president here at Uni for our last meeting of the year. He was very much pleased with the little gift!

Youtube video up already! I’ll make another post with it soon. Check out my website and stuff if you’re interested in the stuff I do, or want to throw me some support - I appreciate every little bit from everyone.

MTG Weekly Tumblr Recap

So close to solving this mystery… | Photo by @sorin-slackov-bored-of-innistrad

Something is afoot! The MTG Weekly Tumblr Recap is here to help you sort through the mysteries that went on during the week of April 24, 2016 through April 25, 2016. @shorewall​, @magus-of-the-color-pie​, @flavoracle​, @the-burnished-hart​, @hopelessly-vorthosian​, @chelsea-beleren-vess​, @john-cena-boros-bruiser​, and @augur-of-colas​ have come together to bring you some of the trending topics and discussions from all around the Tumblr fandom. It’s pretty lengthy, so click below the cut to see what you may have missed! You can also follow the tag #mtgwtr for future installments!

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Budget Combo of the Day: Illusionit’s Bracers & Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute
Breaking the Bank at: $1.45 (as of 2/16/16)

This combo was explained in an article 3 years ago: 

“If your Civilized Scholar is wearing an Illusionist’s Bracers, here’s how it breaks down. You can tap the Scholar to draw a card and discard a card, putting another copy of the ability onto the stack. The first one resolves and, presuming you discard a creature card, the Scholar untaps and transforms into his alter ego, Homicidal Brute.
Okay, makes sense so far. But the key comes in the second discard. Even though the card’s name is now Homicidal Brute and it no longer has the Civilized Scholar’s abilities, the second draw and discard trigger still has all the effects of the first one tied in. If you discard a creature again, the Brute will buck off his murderous tendencies and transform once more, back into Civilized Scholar.
The end result? An untapped Scholar, ready to let you draw two cards yet again.”

A fun U/R way to filter your hand a bit, put some creatures in the graveyard, and watch everyone’s dumbfounded looks!

Edit: for those wondering - we set this one up before the rules change. As people were quick to point out, this doesn’t apply since the flip rules have changed. So consider it a combo of MTG past

Legends of Ravnica, Then & Now pt. 3

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai | Isperia, Supreme Judge by Scott M. Fischer

Rakdos the Defiler by Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai | Rakdos, Lord of Riots by Vincent Proce

Szadek, Lord of Secrets by Donato Giancola | Lazav, Dimir Mastermind by David Rapoza

Chorus of the Conclave by Brian Despain | Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice by Chippy

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Arbitrary Card of the Day 4-30-16: Karn's Touch

Today’s Arbitrary Card of the Day is Karn’s Touch. This card is a reference to the animation ability on Karn, Silver Golem. The next time we get a Karn planeswalker card, I’d love for him to have this kind of ability again. It’s a shame that Tezzeret already animates artifacts on both his cards, as that makes the ability feel less unique.