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Planeswalker Positivity Weeks

What this is about:


Starting the Monday of each week after the Prerelease, there will be five consecutive Planeswalker theme weeks in WUBRG order—so Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, then Nissa. Not only will be decked out each week with plenty of Planeswalkery glory for that week’s choice, but your local store will be too!

We’ve decided to expand on this idea, continuing with what we’re calling Planeswalker Positivity Weeks. Each week, we’re asking Magic players to post fanart, fanfiction, cosplays, graphics, deck lists, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Post your contributions on your blog and send us a link, and we’ll gather them all here.

We’ll be tracking the tag #planeswalkerpositivity.



If you have any questions, ask this blog, chandra-nalaar, or avacynguardianangel.

Obligatory MTG Illuminati Post

People still seem to think we’re some super exclusive group who control the flow of content in this fandom.

We really aren’t. The MTG Illuminati is, in the most literal way I can put it, a Skype group of friends who like magic and spend most of their time rambling about memes. There are 14 people in the group right now and people regularly get added and some leave at their leisure. As for controlling the flow of content, about 3-4 of us have 1000+ followers and our content/the content we reblog tends to be seen by more people. We aren’t censoring the mtg tag or stopping anyone else’s content from being seen. We have zero control over that outside of reblogging your content ourselves, which I’ll do if I like it and want to put it on what is essentially a giant personal blog. 

Wanna know why we’re the illuminati? Other people made up the image. It isn’t real. It’s some giant conspiracy theory that we control the fandom and we DON’T. The group of people is real but the image of us as puppetmasters and gatekeepers is a myth.

I was considering making a blog where people can submit Uncharted Realms style MTG fanfictions, and I was wondering if anyone would be up for that.

I think it’d be really neat for their to be a place here on tumblr where people from the fandom can read about each other’s OCs, fan-planes, or character interpretations.

I will have certain guidelines about what gets posted. Grammar, length, how in-line with canon a story is, or just it’s entertainment factor in general are all things I would be be taking into consideration.

Ideally I’d get enough submissions to put out two-posts a week, though I can do more if the blog really picks up.

So, anyone interested?