Here is a photo of Harmony Santana. Another beautiful transwoman of color. She was mentioned in the video I posted before this. She is important because she is the first transwoman to play a trans character in a movie. The movies name is Gun Hill Road. She plays Michael a young kid discovering their transsexuality after her father returns from prison. This is very important because up until this point transwomen have been played by cisgender women. And often times have been used as mistresses and characters to make fun off. ~Note Candis Cayne is another transwoman who has played a transwoman on primetime in the tv show, “Dirty, Sexy, Money.”~ The movie received great reviews.

Me and my son! Yes, son! We look just alike. Nah, just kidding. Hes my baby bro. We do look alike though. Especially when I was a baby. Hes just a bit lighter. Hes the best little thing ever. He was up this late for some reason. So I made him smile and take a picture with me. This was also his first time seeing me as a “girl.” All he cared about was me turning on the tv for him. Oh, kids…

The character Angel from RENT. There is a bit of controversy on whether she is trans or not. Here is my analysis. 

She is trans because trans is basically anything that doesnt fall under the normal gender sterotypes and roles, ie. a masculine man. 

And I also think that she is a transsexual woman because in the show you never see her as a boy again until she is dying and in the hospital. And also because drag queens were known to be very big and out going then. She was big in personality but she had more of a toned down style in every other aspect. I mean, its all person opinion. But just from watching the show, and listening to it and doing it multiple times and being cast as the character, I feel like she is trans. 

My two cents. Either way. Transwoman of color! Angel.

This was just posted by Janet Mock. The cover was made by her coworkers at People Magazine where she is an editor. Shes is leaving there to start her career as an author. I wanted to post this because it shows transwomen of color can have very successful careers. And they don’t have to be related to their identity. She is living proof. 


FAQ: MTF Post Op Transsexual Orgasm

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