Tips for transgirls

I’ve seen so many of these posts for trans boys but never for the lovely ladies, so here are some tips to feel a bit more feminine if you’re not out

Glossy chapstick, if asked about it say you just have chapped lips and it works well, or if you want a tint and can stand it, those cheap Pepsi/cola chapstick make your lips looks red [you can make them very red or less depending on how much you use]

If your family isn’t too judgey you could wear foundation or just buy it for yourself and say you’re embarrassed about acne or a scar or something,

If you’re more into emo/goth culture thats a good excuse to grow out your hair/wear makeup

You could wear panties under your boxers and just do your own laundry, and buy a feminine outfit you can wear when by yourself, and/or girly sleeping clothes

You can get yourself a pink hello kitty shirt or pink backpack or something like little girls would wear and say you got it to be ironic

If you’ve got a close friend you could get matching rings/necklaces/bracelets and say it’s for friendship or a cute girl/boy made you a bracelet in class and it makes you happy to wear it [or lie about having a close friend and just wear the jewelry]

Spandex. Like the thing to hide your tummy? It accents curves real nice and you can wear it under so many things, or if you can’t do that cuz you’ll get found out get long underwear, like the long black shirt and pants you wear in winter? They work amazing too

Get your ears periced if you can

Write your self a message on you’re phone, using the correct pronouns, or get your backround to “you go, girl!” Or something like that and just say irony/ it was a friends prank and you wanna keep it/ it just empowers you Nd u couldn’t find a “you go, boy!”

Change your blog to be a bit more ‘girly’ and make ur videogame characters girls and use your preferred name!! You can just say its supposed to be a random person or a celebrity really of you want

And get yourself a notebook and write about yourself in like third person using your preferred name and pronouns and if found just say your writing a story or it’s for school

Wear longer socks that cover your calf cause they cover your legs if you can’t shave them

Shave your legs if you can, if not your arms and armpits [just say you sweat a lot and that would help, though there are plenty of cis females who do not shave their arms, so don’t feel pressured too!! ]

Wear girls deordeant if you can

Use lotion. Sounds simple but rlly, mosteruise after you shower, soft skin and plus thats thought of a more feminine activity, plus u can get you some really nice smelling stuff and just says it works well or you didn’t realize it was that strong when you got it or didn’t realise it would smell like that at all

Pinching your cheeks makes them a bit blushy [not for that long] but you could do it when meeting people and such

Get a cute stuffed animal for your bed and just say its from a girl/boy you like or irony

Blow dry your hair instead of towel dry, it makes your hair fluffy and soft

Use girls shampoo or body wash

Wear light colors

Wear tighter clothes or floral things

And remember you are a girl whether you’re out or not or if people believe you

[Feel free to add on and if you have questions or anything, just message me, lovelies!! ♡]

Gay water

So I told my mom yesterday I was going to start working towards getting HRT (and she used my chosen name & was super supportive). I decided to stop in today and say hi.

She says “I got you this”

And hands me this

“It looked like the LBGT (she always gets the acronym and words wrong lol) colors”

My mom wanted to show support. She saw life water and saw rainbow like colors and was like “ah yes, the BLTG colors. I will get this for my very gay™️ child”

I love her so much XD

“I thought the whole point of you transitioning was that you’re not gay?”

Sweetie, this girl likes girls and enbys, the whole point is that I am gay now!☆

Happy lesbian day of visibility!☆

(TERFs don’t interact)



I may regret posting these but I feel cute and sexy and it’s my blog 🙈🙈🙉🙉

Also I’ve seen this happen a few times but can you please let me know if people are uploading my photos and they aren’t from this blog, or at least mentioning me. It’s infuriating.

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