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So when I figured myself out, I chose a name to go by. But now I want to go by a different name that I prefer and is similar to my birth name. But I'm afraid of telling people because they'll say things like, "just choose a name," and I feel like I can't change it. Help?

I would say to them that transitioning is difficult and self discovery is hard. I didn’t anticipate to want to change my name again but this is something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life and I want to love it.

It’s your name, if people don’t like well boo hoo. A new name doesn’t hurt anyone.



My first movie premiere/appearance was so amazing, I mean to think how far I’ve come. From someone who thought taking their own life would be the only way to get rid of all the hate I carried for myself all those years to seeing myself play a black transgender character on a screen in a sold out New York City theatre. I can’t express how happy I was to see my name in the credits as the name and person that I’ve worked so hard to be. There was nothing better than seeing that and realizing I made it, and if I can so can you. Thank you again @amirashaunice and @newyorkgirlstv and Rachel for being my lovely date.

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hello! i think i'm non binary. its hard because so many people don't "believe" in it.. it's like im fighting between who i want to be and who other people want me to be. i feel very strong dysphoria about my chest and its almost physically painful.. im 99% sure that im non binary or gender fluid, and have suspected this since 2015, but i don't know.. any advice?

A lot of people don’t believe that dinosaurs existed even though we have the bones to prove it. 

Some people are too dense to be open minded, pay no mind to them. If you think you are having gender dysphoria there is a good chance you are. From what you’ve explained to me it sounds like you are experiencing dysphoria 100%

My advice to you would be listen to yourself! There is nothing wrong with experimenting with your gender. If someone tells you that you are wrong, ignore them. They don’t know how you feel, they aren’t you.

Be who you feel you are, change your name, dress how you wanna, present as the real you and  be authentic and people will see that, it just takes time.