[The interviewer follows Kurt Cobain into his kitchen at his Seattle home, July 1st, 1993.]

Interviewer: “So how much of the album is remixed?”

Kurt Cobain: “Just two were both remixed by Scott Litt. "Pennyroyal Tea” & “All Apologies.”

[Kurt begins buttering his freshly cooked warm toast.]

Interviewer: “Do you plan on continuing to live in Seattle?”

Kurt Cobain: “Yeah. There are just two places in the world where I’d live, Seattle or Scotland.”

Interviewer: “What part of Scotland?”

Kurt Cobain: “I don’t know, probably Edinburgh.”

[Kurt sits at his dining room table now with four slices of toast and a cup of hot chocolate as the interviewer begins to leave.]

Interviewer: “Well thank you for the interview, the tea and the album. Everything.”

Kurt Cobain: “No problem.”

Cuomo: Schools must be safe for transgender, other students

ALBANY, N.Y. – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has given the state Education Department a month to show how it will make sure schools are safe places for transgender students, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

Cuomo – reacting to a recent report that transgender and other student are harassed and discriminated against in school – said Sunday he wants a plan of what the department will do within a week. He also gave the department a month to complete a review of the department’s compliance with the Dignity for All Students Act, an anti-bullying and anti-discrimination law.

“Your department is tasked with ensuring our children receive a quality education, and a significant part of this responsibility is ensuring they have a safe and harassment-free environment where they can learn and grow,” Cuomo said in the statement.

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When Richard and I have kids...

We plan on using gender neutral names.

We also plan on dressing our children in gender neutral clothes until they are old enough to choose their own clothing.

This includes gender neutral toys, but also making available BOTH stereotypical gendered toys.

I want to also use gender neutral pronouns until they are old enough to know what a pronoun is.

This is going to be so hard for our families to grasp.

My hope for our children is that our family and friends respect our wishes. Because here’s the thing: everyone is going to try and put our children into boxes. Boxes that don’t exist.

I want my children to be free to grow into themselves. To discover exactly who they are and to feel free and safe doing just that.

If my child comes home at 5 years old and says “my friend says she’s a girl and I think I’m a girl will you say she and call me a girl?” I will say “absolutely.”

And if they come home at 7 years old and say “I think I was wrong… Maybe I’m a boy… I just don’t know…” I will say “honey, if you want us to call you a boy and say he/him, then we will and you can try it on for size and we will figure out what is good for you.”

And I will tell them that they can be one or the other or neither or both and we will try every pronoun until we find one that fits.

And we will do this not only for gender, but also sexuality and hobbies and interests and for gods sake, can we please just let children grow up in a world where we are all just human. No boxes.

My children will be beautiful. That’s it. That’s all we will call them.

Beautiful. And nothing else.

“Kurt would’ve drowned [a lot earlier] without her. The way I explain Courtney to people is that she’s cast iron on the outside and porcelain on the inside. She’s like three walking, talking encyclopedias. She’s the sunshine of my life. The problem for a lot of people is that she’s outspoken-which in women can be threatening to men-and she can see through bullshit. People don’t like folks who can see through them. It really bothers me that people think they know Courtney by reading newspaper or magazine stories, which are highly mistaken and naïve. One of the tabloids has her insane, sleeping with Kurt’s ashes and her new man. Courtney is far from insane.”

- Kurt’s mother, Wendy O’Connor.

You always need to make yourself a priority. Yes other people’s opinions are important but when it comes to your happiness and how your soul feels you truly need to set that as your main priority. I chose to transition because my soul was aching and yearning to be my authentic self. I wanted to be myself for so long that I wrapped myself in a cocoon of what people expected me to be. Through my frustration and depression I finally grew enough courage to be my authentic self and sure its been taking a while but everyday I can feel myself become more free. This life is truly what you make of it. The only person stoping yourself is yourself. Be free and be kind.