I try to take a selfie every day. I do this because my goal every day is to be happier than the last, and I want to see how I change.

The weird thing is that, being transgender, I feel better about myself than I ever have. Not much changes for me personally anymore. But I also notice how the world still treats people like me. I am extremely lucky to get by with most people assuming I’m a cis woman, but I speak openly about my personal situation to try and change people’s perceptions.

Everyone reading this needs to understand. Trans people are EVERYWHERE and we all deserve respect. Tell someone they look good today. Spread love, not discrimination. I’ll do what I can and, if possible, you can try to help too. Help everyone know they’re allowed to love themselves because nothing in this world is more true than that. 💎

Disabled, Homeless, Dying, Bashed by Cops

The important information here is that I need money to keep myself alive, and you can donate either through the donate button on my blog (which Paypal takes a cut from for using their button), or else by sending money directly through Paypal to mrsmctanuki@gmail.com

The less important details are that I am a homeless, physically and mentally disabled trans woman with a stroke condition (afaik, it doesn’t have a name; it killed my grandmother 4 years ago, it is killing my mother right now, and if I’m lucky, it’s going to be the thing that kills me). I get $148 a month from Washington State to pay for everything (plus a bit over $150 in food stamps). Unfortunately, that isn’t even quite half enough to buy my meds for the month, much less enough to pay for food or a place to live. I have Medicaid, but they specifically do not cover Schedule 1 medications, such as the ones I take to keep myself from stroking out again (I’ve already had a stroke, 4 years ago, which left me permanently blind on the left side). Also, on August 9th, I was bashed by police for being trans. You can read the full story here. And now, on top of all that, I have trolls telling people I’m making this up or some shit, purely to prevent me from getting food, shelter, and life-saving medications.

I need donations, from you, the person reading this. A dollar, 10 cents, whatever you can spare, it’s a literal life-saver.

People call me an e-beggar because I need money. Well, yeah, I am literally begging you not to let me die. Donate, reblog, write your congresspeople, do anything you can, because despite my frequent suicidal urges, I don’t want to die.

I currently have $39.46 to my name. Food stamps have run out (we don’t get more until the 7th), and I need help, y’all.

Please donate, because as I mentioned, I will die without this money.

Currently building a almost new wardrobe, so not much fun happening outfit wise…

I’m sorry but society’s imprinted gender roles hurt. Being trans in feminine clothing hurt.
So while trying to come back to the world as fully open trans, I’m doing it the “easy” way…

Don’t misunderstand me though I still only dress in things that make me dance around in happiness!