Exclusive: Read the Olympics' new transgender guidelines that will not mandate surgery
The International Olympic Committee has received a new recommendation for guidelines it is expected to fully adopt, opening the door for more trans athletes to compete internationally.
By Cyd Zeigler

Quick Summary:

1. Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.

2. Those who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions.

Still some work left on the matter of intersex athletes, which it does address as well.

2) Hyperandrogenism in female athletes

10115) I was with my friend, and she helped me get dressed up so maybe I'd pass.

I shaved, she helped me put on my makeup, and put on a cute outfit. (My hair was already long enough.) I asked her if I passed and she said yes, and she said I looked pretty. When we went out, I got made fun of for being a faggot/tranny a lot. I don’t think she was intentionally lying, but I wish she hadn’t told me I looked pretty and passing only to get my confidence crushed when I stepped out the door.

Full body-ish selfie. Seven months of HRT, I kind of have hips?

Jokes aside, it’s weird starting to… like my body, broadly speaking. Dysphoria still hits be like a ton of bricks over certain obvious things, but just looking at this picture, I have to say I’m happy about what I see.

It’s another feeling I begrudgingly (as I’m not religious or superstitious at all) have to describe as spiritual. I usually like to frame my whole transition in terms of chemicals and biological functions, but that’s not really how it feels to me on a euphoric day. It’s like the spiro is cleansing my soul while the estrogen transforms the soul into something more cosmically right. Imagine a demon being redeemed and reborn as an angel. Sort of like that.

10114) I'm from a Muslim family.

They rejected me horribly for coming out as trans, and it stung. But I’m tired of my white liberal acquaintances using my experience to paint Middle Eastern people as all being backwards. They often don’t say it outright, but I can tell that’s what they’re thinking whenever I talk about my family rejecting me by the little comments they make and the slight difference in reaction to when white trans people experience familial rejection.


I originally wrote this song for Leelah Alcorn, but with Kayden Clarke’s death here I wanted to put it as a memorial. Rest In Power 

We’re pushing through our kitchen remodel, despite my layoff. The good news is that it has freed me up, so I finally got around to repositioning and upgrading our chandelier from the builder stock. The hell with gender norms, I was shoulder deep in the ceiling installing a new fixture box and rerouting wiring. What can I say, I’m damn good at this stuff! In the coming week, I’ll be doing our backsplash and repainting. I can’t wait to share the before and afters (and I’m so excited they won’t be the same old transition before and afters this time)!


I thought this was crazy looking and decided to share. 18 year old me and today, at 24. 2 years and 10 months since I began my medical transition. No surgeries or medical intervention excluding standard hrt. Just remember to eat clean and exercise, with vigor, at least 3 days a week. BAM!

A lesbian friend told me

that she and friends of her now look very closely at the pictures of women on online dating websites/apps because they are scared that they end chatting with men.

While I think it’s easy to spot dudes, I understand their fear and I feel fucking sorry for them. Even I started to to examine photos of women but they can easily be manipulated or taken from other websites.


Sorry I’m being kinda quiet. Still just bummed after some garbage I read. So just typing thoughts out. It’s not going to solve Transphobia but I’ll feel better.

Dear folks that aren’t Trans,

      ( Sorry I just don’t like saying Cis since the crazy side of Social Justice made it a really ugly word )

- Not all of us want to call you stuff like shitlord

- Not all of us use gender neutral stuff like “fae”

- Not all people that use terms like Faeself or Xir are ridiculous amounts of hostile

- Trans does not equal Otherkin.

- Sure there’s lots of Trans that aren’t broody or sometimes irrationally angry. But there’s still plenty that feel lost.

- We just want to be seen as human. Not “Traps” or freaks.

- We just want a chance to live like everyone else

- We don’t all want to constantly argue, most of the Trans blogs I check out here from time to time are quiet/nice.

- I don’t really want to be some type of enemy. I don’t really want to fight anyone to be honest. I just want to be able to feel “normal”. That can be difficult when our voices/bodies don’t match. I do wish I could think of a way to describe how that feels to someone that is fine with the gender they were assigned at birth. It’s surprisingly tricky for me.

- A lot of us are scared we’re going to die far earlier than others. Suicide is pretty bad for the Trans community. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever feel suicidal if I had the chance. But unfortunately the world isn’t that wonderful for stuff like that to happen.