“if you didn’t discover that label/tumblr/the internet, then you wouldn’t have identified with that bullshit gender.”

no, i wouldn’t have. i would have gone through life thinking something was wrong with me and every time someone uses the wrong pronouns/name, i would have felt like throwing up.

but i did discover that label/tumblr/the internet, and i realised that i wasn’t the only person who felt like this, and that made me feel supported and safe and happy in my own skin.

so kindly fuck off.

Repeat after me

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

Everyone deserves to have their name and pronouns respected.

@gay trans dudes: ur not some gross yaoi fangirl who oversexualizes mlm relationships. Ur just a dude who likes dudes. Don’t let anyone tell u different

@lesbian trans ladies: ur not some gross straight guy who oversexulizes wlw relationships. Ur just a chick who likes chicks. Don’t let anyone tell u diffrent


So this is for any closeted trans people, whether you’re non-binary, ftm, or mtf.

If you’re closeted and you want a haircut, but can’t show a picture of the haircut you want without outing yourself, I AM HERE.

I will, for absolutely no cost whatsoever, photoshop a picture that you give me to look like your biological gender, while still retaining the original hair of the person. All that I ask is that you reblog this post to spread the word. Message  me the picture, and the gender you want it to look like, + any additional info.

Even if  you don’t need/want this, I’d appreciate the signal boosts :)

Trans people at hogwarts

this is literally my fav headcannon ever

like?? can you imagine a transboy beaming when the room to the girls dorm won’t open for him??

and transgirls happily twirling in their robes

and genderfluid kids constantly getting their shit locked in their rooms when their gender changes and they arent able to enter?

and nb and agender kids sleeping in the common room in a giant pillow fort

the closet does not equal shame.

sometimes you have to stay in the closet for your own safety, your protection or maybe because you simply feel you don’t need to or you aren’t ready yet.

it doesn’t matter if your family/friends are supportive or not. it’s your decision and you’re valid in your right.