For Tex by Mike Barry
Via Flickr:
This H2Oi wasn’t like the rest. It wasn’t as fun and enjoyable as previous years. It wasn’t because of the rain, wind, or flooding. It’s because Tex wasn’t there. It’s not every day you find a person as genuine, kind, caring, friendly, fun, and amazing as Tex. Most of the weekend was spent in our parking garage fixing his car. It seems like it was one thing after another but we all knew it needed to be fixed so it can do hot laps just like Tex would have wanted. His car will continue to inspire, motivate, and push the limit. He is missed greatly. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think about him. I will forever cherish our time together and all the memories we created. It’s safe to say he was one of a kind and we are all honored to have known him.