Vevleteen Classical Doll

Velveteen Classical Doll series has been released!!!

Metamorphose releases Velveteen series every year and it’s so standard and everlasting lolita style.

If you’d like to look like a doll, Velveteen Classical Doll it is!
Please be classical and dolly♡


How to are you going to dress?

Let’s do a coordination with ”Lovely Forest Faux Fur Collar Dress” without the collar ♪

☆Lovely Forest Faux Fur Collar Dress ¥32,184

☆Short-sleeve Square Neck Ribbon Blouse ¥14,904

☆Rose Triple Chain Necklace ¥3,024

☆Stripe Parasol/Umbrella ¥4,968

When the collar comes with this dress, it’s going to be fall-ish at once!
This dress gives you a different face in a single action.


Today’s Recommended Coordination 2☆彡

♬ Velveteen Jacket × Rejeana Velveteen Medium-Length Dress
+ Classical Doll Bonnet

・Velveteen Jacket

・Rejeana Velveteen Medium-Length Dress

・Classical Doll Bonnet


How to Dress♪

Main outfit★Fantasy Parade High Waist Dress

Coorfinated outfits★

==For Mint color==
*Stand Collar Short Sleeve Frill Blouse(Stripe)

*Circle Tulle Ribbon Head Band

*Stripe Parasol/Umbrella

==For Black color==
*Stand Collar Short Sleeve Frill Blouse(Solid Color)

*Fantasy Parade Half Bonnet

==For Red color==
*Chiffon Bell Sleeve Blouse

*Circle Tulle Ribbon Head Band

model’s outfits
*Ribbon Strap Shoes

*Short-sleeve Square Neck Ribbon Blouse

*Circle Tulle Ribbon Head Band

*Fantasy Parade Over Knee High Socks

The dress changes its face depends on the color you coordinate with.
Please find matching outfits for your own style♪

today’s outfits

Dreaming Heart Lemon Buttondown Dress

Stand Collar Short Sleeve Frill Blouse (Solid Color)

Square Neck Short Sleeves Ribbon Cardigan

Lovely Lemon Necklace
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available for order from 5pm, Sept.30 JST

Photo 1

☆Velveteen Jacket

If you have one, it will be active in the long-term.
Be one step ahead of a beautiful lolita!

Photo 2

☆Lauren Velveteen Skirt

This skirt is easy-to-wear.
You will enjoy wearing it on a daily basis.

Photo 3

☆Rejeana Velveteen Medium-Length Dress

If you are taller a taller Lolita, medium-length dress is recommended for you♪
It looks more grown-up and chic than mini-length one.
How about adding high Victorian taste by the bustle style?

Photo 3

☆ Rejeana Velveteen Mini-Length Dress

Mini-length velveteen dress make you look so cute♪
How about adding high Victorian taste by the bustle style?

Photo 4 

☆ Elena Velveteen Puff Sleeve Dress

You’ll be dramatically dolly in this dress.
Let’s dress up with a plenty of laces and ribbons!

Photo 5

☆ Classical Doll Ribbon Headdress

This solid color velveteen ribbon headdress will goes well with your various wardrobes.
Please feel free to add a dolly to your coords!

Photo 6

☆ Classical Doll Bonnet
It’s absolutely dolly.
You’ll look like an innocent doll with only this bonnet.

Photo 7

☆ Edgar Cape

The fabric is lightweight.
It’s play an important role in various lolita scenes.


Today’s Recommended Coordination 1☆彡

♬ Velveteen Jacket × Dim Light Medium-length Square Neck Dress
+ Frill and Rose Headdress

・Velveteen Jacket

・Dim Light Medium-length Square Neck Dress

・Frill and Rose Headdress