never ending list of musical theatre blessings; andrew rannells.

“i mean, i didn’t find, like, musical theatre stuff for a while. so i was listening to basically just like the same crappy pop music that children listen to forever. and then like around, i guess i was in the sixth grade was when i, like, got the into the woods cassette tape, and then that sort of changed the course of everything.”


Here is the result of an art collab I made with @theinsanefruitloop-chan !!!
They are such a sweet person!!

On the left is their OC Gamma, drawn by me!

And to his right there is my OC MTB, drawn by them! <3

I also addet the light effects and the “background” (it’s not even a background xD) for both versions!

The first one is with high effects, both walking to the audience or something! ^^
The second one is just a simple one so you can see details!

I really loved the collab with them and if you don’t know them, please check em out!! Their really kind and cute!!! I hope I will do more with them in the future too!!