mta meme

I had already started this and I was tagged by @hamsterfox and that pushed the drive to finish this XD 

I cheated the items, it started with my beloved mug and just…yeah.  I like/hate a lot more things but I tried to keep this simple!

Here’s me! I’m sure you all see enough of me but here’s more of me >//w//>;;;;; 

I tag anyone who wants to do this >:3 here’s your excuse to do it if you needed one!

a million years ago, i was tagged to do the ‘Meet The Artist’ thing and i never did it… UP UNTIL NOW. and i managed to use the worst brush to write with, hope you can read it or you gotta click the image :y <3

shit i forgot to tag

I TAG: @yiangillium, @boilingheart, @opligam, @princeichimatsu, @lambylin, @xqsm3

and whoever wanna do this, no pressure tho if you dont wanna do it :y

omg update: i forgot the E in police whoops