mta arts


- The Adventures of Haruka, Seth and Ruka -

These are me and my friends “Magic the Ascension” characters! Really wanna make a comic of our adventures bc our GM is FRIGGIN AMAZING at coming up with characters and the story! It is so much fun! And I actually enjoy MTA more than DnD atm <3

Haruka Kitsu
(Little purple kitsune, my character)
Specialty: Mind and Life magic, has a magical quan dao that activates when he touches a ring on his right hand. He’s a trickster, good at stealth, acrobatics, martial arts, jumping, and is a daredevil.
Info: He is 25 years old, and works at the bar owned by Seth. There he entertains and does small (real) magic tricks, but passes them off as fake ones to not be exposed. He is extremely flexible and easy going, and energetic, and basically likes everyone. Never leaves home without his phone and takes pictures of everything with it, that proves really useful most of the time. He channels his magic through his avatar which is a kitsune. So when he activates them the ears and tail appear. But as one of his flaws his eyes is always yellow and cat like.

(Blonde dude, Christine’s character)
Don’t really know much about the others characters bc as part of the story and personality they are very secretive and hide stuff, and I genuinely IRL don’t know shit. So I’ll write my own impression of them XD
Seth is younger than Haruka, he owns a bar and is part of “The cult of Extacy”. He is EXTREMELY gay and flamboyant and hits on everything that moves. He flirts A LOT with Haruka. But Haruka seeing him as his boss and friend, sometimes flirts back, but never anything genuine, more playful like friends do. He also gets naked a lot. Have a couple of roommates (with benefits) And he and Haruka loves to make Ruka feel uncomfortable. He is very oblivious and care free.

Ruka Nikiforov
(Blue tall dude, Cathrine’s character)
He is older than Haruka, and hes a Russian Prince visiting New York (where our story is placed). His magic is focused on brute strength and he has a flaming sword. When channeling magic through his avatar he gets a huge armor on himself. He is always mad, angry and swears a lot to the other two in Russian, in which Haruka always reply in Japanese and they go at it for a while XD
He is very uncomfortable about Seth and Haruka being gay, and teasing him all the time. Especially Haruka since he never goes away no matter how mean he is to him. He is very easily provoked, cant say no to a duel, fight or challenge, and have a lot of pride!


Nazi symbols cover NYC subway train

Manhattan’s S train has been turned into the SS train, and many straphangers are pissed. Train seats on one side of the subway car feature the stylized fascist version of the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle) with the swastika replaced by an Iron Cross. On the other side, the Rising Sun Flag, often associated with Japanese WWII forces. It’s all for a TV show.

Do you ever close your eyes & feel
the corpse of the child you used to be
floating face down in the murky,
ice cold lake behind your eyes?

I do

& aside from somehow tying his ankles
to the cinder block-weight of everything
I’ve been forced to hold in since he died

I don’t know how
to get rid of him