Day 6 (and the last for now) of Meet The Artist project. I’m pleased to say that below is the interview with Yama, a fan-artist from the far away land, where there is always warm weather. He has been most enduring during the torment of this interview and an absolute pleasure to work with :)


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Please state your name, pseudonym, age and nationality
Yamandú ‘Yama’ Orce, I’m 27 and I’m from Uruguay.

How have you heard about the Witcher first time?
I got my first contact with the books when I was a kid. A friend’s father was pretty obsessed with it and used to tell me stories about this Geralt of Rivia. When the first game came out, I made the connection with the character and it was awesome! I think I share the curiosity and tenacity with the character.

What is your favourite Witcher related work that you have done (or top 3)?
The Witcher 3 Geralt 
The Witcher 2 Geralt
The Last Wish Yennefer 

Who have you sided first time with in Witcher 1 and 2 (if applicable) – Scoia’tael or Blue Stripes. Or have you managed to remain neutral? Did you regret the decision? What were the other times?
I tried almost every option. Remaining neutral was the best, yet not the coolest.

Why do you think being neutral is not the coolest?
Picking sides always involves you into more dramatic situations.

What ending did you choose for your first TW2 playthrough? (Give Anais to Roche, give her to Redania or did you do something else?)
Both, and still not convinced haha.

Did you have any moments when you had to put the book down or stop a game just to have a break because you were quite shocked of what happened? Books and games are Witcher related of course.
With The Witcher 2, the visuals stunned me, it was amazing! With the books I had some moments of reflection.

                                   The Witcher 3_Geralt by YamaOrce

What was the most challenging work that you did? Why?
It was my first related artwork. It was for a contest and I put a lot of pressure on myself. I was not even close to winning, but it worth the effort.

What is your all time favourite work that you have done (or top 3)?
I would dare to say it’s my next artwork, and I’m sure right after I finish it, I’ll hate it and think on the next one as my favourite. This is a metaphor of my artist life. I’m never happy with the result of my work. The only thing that keeps the challenge, is working on it. After the artwork is done, I have to pursue another challenge. The last three portraits I made made me really proud and inspired me to keep working on some other related stuff, probably comic book pages.

What methods do you use to create your work?
I start with a loose pencil sketch, then scan it and go for digital painting over it.

Have you got a favourite artist?
There are hundreds! Would be hard to name them all but I could say anyone with a mastery in their technique and concept.  If I have to choose a top 10, I would say: Andrew Loomis, Frank Frazetta, Bruce Timm, Alex Ross, Adam Huges, Alex Alice, Michael Turner, Wayne Reynolds, Aleksi Briclot, Jim Lee.

What does a day have to be like to get you inspired? Or what inspires you? 
I’m inspired by many things, people and events. Mostly depending on the moment of harmony and balance. This balance makes me feel content and happy. That way I feel inspired.

                                     Arkham Sirens 1 by YamaOrce

Have you got any favourite quotes or sayings?
‘Don’t give up, challenge yourself again’

What is your favourite drink: alcoholic and non alcoholic?
Chocolate milk.

Tell us a story from your childhood.
You are already looking at the story of my childhood haha! When I was around 9 years old, I wanted to adopt a dog. Since there were no dog shelters around I decided go out on my bike and bring home a street dog. Obviously without my parents consent, I took some food out of the fridge and went for a ride, baiting the dogs around to come home with me.  I came back with 11 dogs. How my mother almost kicked me out is another story!

Ah, a fellow dog lover. What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done or would like to do?
Running horseback naked while trying to shoot with a longbow of my own craft. I used to do it at the countryside when I was a kid.

Sounds.. er.. exciting :D How many languages do you speak or/and what languages would you like to learn?
Spanish is my native, I also speak English and understand some Italian and Portuguese.

Tell us 5 facts about your personality.
I’m a guy of ideals, I’m a freedom fighter, I’m a pirate (Boatswain, but I look forward to be a Captain!), and a thief but I like to play hero. 

                                            Impervious by YamaOrce

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Having a life I love and feeling free to live it.

What music genre do you prefer? What are the 3 bands/musicians that really define you or have shaped you as a person?
The Rock! U2, Led Zeppelin, The Who.

Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always identified with?
I feel more identified with Batman, but I’d like to be a Witcher too.

But if you’re a pirate and a thief, how can you fight crime? Wouldn’t you have to fight yourself? :D
The pirate and thief thing was metaphorical.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
Frank Sinatra, and I would sing amazingly!

Don’t you trust your singing skills? :D
I do trust my singing skills but singing like Sinatra would be awesome!

What question do you hate to answer?
I hate asking more than answering.

                                Dragon Age-Cassandra by YamaOrce

Have you read Witcher books or/and played the games? Which one was first?
Playing and reading at the same time (more playing than reading)

Are you going to play Witcher 3? What are you looking forward/hoping to see if so?
Yes, YEEEEESSSSS!!!! I guess I’m looking for some awesomeness!!! Great story, stunning graphics, comfortable gameplay and endless inspiration.

Have you got any favourite characters from the Witcher? If so, then which ones and why?
Raymond Maarloeve, I love his name for a detective. And of course, Geralt.

Describe us your perfect day.
It would be perfect to do everything I plan to do when I wake up. It kinda never happens.

What’s the weather like where you are right now?
It’s awesome! It’s the beginning of a warm fall. Sunny days and fresh breeze.

Sounds perfect to me. Would you like to say anything to the other artists? Any advice? Any suggestions?
Never give up following your dreams, don’t surrender to frustration, work hard enjoy what you do.

Thank you very much, Yama!

While manspreading is a well-known issue on public transit, there are very few public transit agencies talking about it. In December, New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority took the plunge and included manspreading in their “Courtesy Counts” campaign. Among a dozen messages targeting public transit do’s and don’ts installed on subway cars, one placard read, “Dude… Stop the Spread, Please.”

All the media coverage on MTA’s efforts got me interested in what subway riders themselves were saying about manspreading. So few weeks after the MTA’s efforts made headlines, I filed a public records request through for MTA emails containing the word “manspreading.” The transit agency sent me a file of 18 email comments about the campaign from over the course of one month.

Of the 18 emails, nine of them called out the campaign for being sexist against men, anti-male, or contained gripes about how they ways women take up space are a far worse problem. The complaints range from the predictable to the offensive to the downright perplexing. A couple of them contained weird racial microaggressions (“Would the MTA also have a campaign ‘hey black folks, stop using the poles to do your dance routines?’ That would be racist by most counts, correct?” You’re correct. It would.) But from the worst of the worst we get a glimpse into the push-back a public agency gets when it dares to address issues around gender.

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