Pics from today’s hike.  This was my first time going up to Mt. Washington by the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, and down by the Jewell Trail.  We also bagged Mt. Monroe on our way up.  The trails were messy, watery, and on the Ammonoosuc, snowy and icy in parts.  It was also very cloudy most of the day,  Still, it’s my 13th summit of Mt. Washington, and second of Monroe; and despite the weather and trail conditions, a lot of fun.


The Presidential Ridge

Two days, two days spent where the clouds usually dominate. My two hiking friends Wonderlost and Rescue and I were lucky to have some of the best weather conditions imaginable on this ridge that runs above 4000ft at almost any given point.

My friends and I decided to take on the Peak Challenge. Really, it is just a made up notion that gives hikers something to talk about. This challenge requires one to touch all mountain summits on the ridge. To simplify my post I will list the summit in order with its associated elevation: Mt. Webster 3910ft, Mt. Jackson 4052ft, Mt. Pierce 4312ft, Mt. Eisenhowr 4780ft, Mt. Franklin 5001ft, Mt.Monroe 5384ft, Mt. Washington 6288ft, Mt. Clay 5533ft, Mt. Jefferson 5713ft, Mt. Adams 5774, and Mt. Madison 5367ft. The photographs here show each summit from the summit ahead of it in the same order. It took us two days of rocky hiking above treeline to do this. The AT goes on or around all of these summits, but to finish them all it requires a hiker to do extra miles. To a Thru Hiker such a notion is absurd, but yet the challenge was impossible to resist.

The views we experienced each day, became overwhelming. It was all so beautiful and encompassing that it was hard to comprehend. The White Mountain Range is quite a place. It is full of wonder and great hiking.