Still so happy I made it out for a solo hike the other day. I have been feeling disconnected lately and nature is always the best place for me to practice mindfulness and reconnect || Mt. Hood National Forest


Experience the diverse moods of Oregon’s magnificent Mt. Hood! From starry night timelapse to gorgeous macro wildflower cinematography - ‘Mt. Hood in Spring’ showcases this gem of the Cascades on all scales.


Filmmaker and storm chaser Mike Olbinski produced and shared this video of his recent trip to Oregon.

Every year my buddies Jay, Jason, Andrew, Aaron and I go on a road trip somewhere. The previous two have been in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We call these little excursions “Lost//Discovered.” The name implies a feeling of getting lost from our normal lives and discovering something about ourselves. Be it passion, direction or literally anything. It’s one of my favorite times of year and this past trip was another fantastic time!

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Give a Hoot || Great Horned Owl || Who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for these awesome birds? Usually found in woodlands and meadows, if you listen you can hear the Great Horned Owl’s call right here in Portland 🌟 Art by Haley Willner

I have many people to thank for all the artwork I’ve been producing lately. Thanks for all the encouragement and more work is on the way! Night series almost complete!! Thanks pdx.wild for being so kind and allowing me to use your photography as an art reference! | Currently taking commissions - DM me!