Mt. Hood meadows, Oregon - don’t miss the volcano reflecting on the windows!


Experience the diverse moods of Oregon’s magnificent Mt. Hood! From starry night timelapse to gorgeous macro wildflower cinematography - ‘Mt. Hood in Spring’ showcases this gem of the Cascades on all scales.


Multonomah Falls near Mt. Hood

So pretty! We hiked partly up the falls, not all the way because there is actually an air quality alert right now. There are a bunch of forest fires right now in Canada and the haze is really bad here. The visibility is terrible, but the higher you get the clearer it is, which is why Mt. Hood looked so clear yesterday.

The picture at the top is a German pancake, and omfg it was so good. It reminded me of a Polish pancake, really thin and chewy. 😍

We stopped at a farm too and got some cider, cheese, and jam. There were tons of flowers all around it was seriously magical!