So I posted a picture of my first Mt. Blanc Swiss Roll earlier in the week, and I finally finished writing the recipe! Mt. Blanc is one of my favorite desserts in the world, and in fact, I tend to always order one if I’m picking up pastries in Japan or Hong Kong (among my five or six desserts). Sadly, it’s not so readily available in the States, and I have to wait for chestnuts to be in season to have any Mt. Blanc at all.

If you’re interested in making one, click on the picture or here for the recipe!


June 8 2013, The Vercors BASE Team opened a new exit point on the Point Durier in the Mt Blanc Massif. It is now possibly the world’s biggest BASE jump, with 3000m (9,840 feet) of flyable altitude from a natural cliff exit. 
Pilots: Vincent “Le Blond” Descols (Squirrel Aura), Jean-Phi Gady (Squirrel Colugo), Mael Baguet (Squirrel Colugo), and Mathieu Leroux.