“Songs from Mt. Ebott Vol. 2,” a completely free fan-made collaboration between musicians and visual artists, comes out OCTOBER 31ST! This new album will be live on our Bandcamp upon release, but you can download the first album for free right now

We’re so excited to share all this music and art with you! Credits are at the end of the video and Tumblr links are under the cut.

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Well, I was doing just fine…just because I’m little in comparison to you doesn’t mean I’m all that sma–

Hey hey hey, hold it right there! First of all, I’ve stressed it so many times that I’M A MALE!
And secondly, I could totally survive in your kingdom! Do you know what I’m even capable of?!

Yeah, that’s right! Be afraid! There’s plenty more where this comes from!


I still think it’s amazing how I made a painting for one of my best friends in the UK and she got it today! Just love how you can send things to others around the world! Will always be the coolest thing