mt. taurus

The Signs as Marianas Trench Lyrics

ARIES:  hey, ho! where did all the good go? hey, ho! where’d the rock and roll go? // here’s to the zeroes

TAURUS: don’t say you don’t miss me that much don’t say I don’t still make you blush // burnin’ up

GEMINI: a thousand promises that never seemed to help me before, a hundred less and I would stumble till I found the back door // decided to break it

CANCER: take me with you, I start to miss you. take me home I don’t want to be alone tonight // cross my heart

LEO: please just follow me? i thought you wanted me, cause i want you all to myself // all to myself 

VIRGO: now you want me, but what if your heart’s a liar? // wildfire

LIBRA: I hate the way that I say I should stay when I know that I don’t give a fuck about it anyway // perfect

SCORPIO:  trust us you just fell off the bus suckers, yeah well, payback is a motherfucker // desperate measures

SAGITTARIUS: when I get back on my feet i’ll blow this open wide, and carry me to home to good health // who do you love

CAPRICORN: shallow graves for shallow hearts; for pick-me-ups and fall-aparts // no place like home

AQUARIUS: gotta get you under fire quick, brace for it; i’d rather be a riot than a different // this means war

PISCES: i don’t know how to word it, i just started to deserve it // alibis


Aries: Cross My Heart
Taurus: One Love
Gemini: Here’s To All The Zeros
Cancer: Fallout
Leo: Desperate Measures
Virgo: By Now
Libra: Push
Scorpio: Haven’t Had Enough
Sagittarius: Shake Tramp
Capricorn: Say Anything
Aquarius: Stutter
Pisces: Good To You


An Architectural Grandeur: Designing a $7 Million Historic Home on the Hudson

Overlooking the treetops of adjacent reserve lands and the West Point Military Academy, this Irish Palladian style mansion reflects a stone-based traditional architecture. A robust architectural masterpiece in Cold Spring, NY featuring perimeter stone walls, a grand exterior staircase, a mile-long driveway traveling up Mt. Taurus, and an outdoor recreational area with a swimming pool.