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The Signs as Marianas Trench Lyrics

ARIES:  hey, ho! where did all the good go? hey, ho! where’d the rock and roll go? // here’s to the zeroes

TAURUS: don’t say you don’t miss me that much don’t say I don’t still make you blush // burnin’ up

GEMINI: a thousand promises that never seemed to help me before, a hundred less and I would stumble till I found the back door // decided to break it

CANCER: take me with you, I start to miss you. take me home I don’t want to be alone tonight // cross my heart

LEO: please just follow me? i thought you wanted me, cause i want you all to myself // all to myself 

VIRGO: now you want me, but what if your heart’s a liar? // wildfire

LIBRA: I hate the way that I say I should stay when I know that I don’t give a fuck about it anyway // perfect

SCORPIO:  trust us you just fell off the bus suckers, yeah well, payback is a motherfucker // desperate measures

SAGITTARIUS: when I get back on my feet i’ll blow this open wide, and carry me to home to good health // who do you love

CAPRICORN: shallow graves for shallow hearts; for pick-me-ups and fall-aparts // no place like home

AQUARIUS: gotta get you under fire quick, brace for it; i’d rather be a riot than a different // this means war

PISCES: i don’t know how to word it, i just started to deserve it // alibis

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What month do you headcanon the skells were born

Okay I might be a little self indulgent on some of these. Also I’m going to put their zodiac signs… because I felt like it.


Classic (Ut Sans): January - Aquarius

Papaya (Ut Paps): September - Virgo

Blueberry (Us Sans): February - Pisces

Stretch (Us Paps): May - Gemini

Red (Uf Sans): March - Aries

Edge (Uf Paps): July - Cancer

Blackberry (Sf Sans): March - Pisces

Rus (Sf Paps): September - Libra

Big Fella (Mt Sans): May - Taurus

Tiny (Mt Paps): December - Sagittarius

Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): October- Scorpio

PB (Mf Paps): August - Leo


Sorry if these don’t seem accurate. I’m just going with what I know about the signs. I’m a Pisces btw.

Will your sign survive The 100?
  • <p> <b>Dies when the dropship lands:</b> Virgo<p/><b>Gets captured and tortured by Grounders but survives:</b> Pisces, Aries, Capricorn<p/><b>Dies from biological warfare:</b> Cancer, Sagittarius<p/><b>Dies during Grounder battle:</b> Libra<p/><b>Gets captured by Mountain Men:</b> Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio<p/><b>Makes it to Camp Jaha:</b> Taurus, Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn<p/><b>Dies from having blood harvested:</b> Aquarius<p/><b>Has blood harvested and survives:</b> Scorpio<p/><b>Leaves for the City of Lights:</b> Pisces, Gemini, Capricorn<p/><b>Sneaks inside Mt. Weather as the spy:</b> Taurus<p/><b>Is caught sneaking around by Mountain Men and disappears:</b> Leo<p/><b>Is pushed out of the boat and eaten by sea monster:</b> Pisces<p/><b>Returns to Camp Jaha from Mt. Weather:</b> Taurus, Scorpio, Aries<p/><b>Makes it to the lighthouse:</b> Capricorn, Gemini<p/><b>Congratulations, you make it season three!:</b> Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Gemini, Aries<p/></p>

I need to do something about my Nalu feels, so here’s a quick Nalu post for you.

I’ve talked about why I love Nalu. I’ve charted several aspects of their development throughout the manga. I squee over all the special ways they care for one another.

But I don’t think I’ve ever teased out exactly why I think their relationship is so good for both of them. Not only do they value one another highly, but they complement each other very well.

Lucy wants adventure. But she’s not the type to rush headlong into one on her own. She’s always been on the more cautious side (ie: has a healthy sense of self-preservation). She’s also not a lone wolf; she enjoys having others with her far too much.

Natsu is a great match for Lucy. He leads her into adventure, but he’s also her trusted companion and a fun partner. He’s both the wind that sweeps her along with him and the rock she can rely on.

Sometimes, though, Natsu needs to be held back, and Lucy’s one of the few people who can reach him without needing to overpower him. He pays attention to her words and her touch. 

Given how much they work and play together, I think their styles mesh really well.

Natsu is not at all shy about affirming how much he values Lucy. This is probably a huge deal for Lucy, considering all the years she spent with an emotionally-distant father. After Layla’s death, Jude and Lucy withdrew from each other. When Lucy tried to reach out to her father, she was firmly rejected. In the KoSS arc, it turns out that Lucy also built her own walls and Jude didn’t know how to reach his grieving daughter.

Whereas Natsu shows his care for Lucy openly. There’s his insistence that she belongs on his team, his many rescues of her, all the signs that he treasures their relationship, and how he comforts her when she’s sad and acknowledges her when she’s been great.

The reverse is also true.

When FT started, I got the impression that life in FT was kinda stuck in a rut. Relationships hadn’t changed much in years. Natsu and Gray brawled all the time and hurled insults each other. Erza was their scary older sister figure. Natsu and Happy went on jobs together, but not with anyone else. People were loyal to their guild and each other, but there was also a big vibe of “Every man for himself”.

As Makarov said early on, “There isn’t a mage in Fairy Tail who can’t look after himself.”

When Lucy came along, she changed things for Natsu. He was a stranger who accidentally broke the love-charm on her. A simple thank-you in that situation would’ve sufficed. Instead, Lucy fed him and Happy a large meal in gratitude.

When he was stuck on Bora’s boat, Lucy returned for him. When he invited her to join FT, she accepted, no hesitations. And then–out of ALL the FT members–she accompanied Natsu on his rescue mission to Mt. Hakobe. Taurus saved them all from plunging to their doom down an icy ravine.

At first, Natsu and Happy were pretty mistrustful of her motives and dismissive of her attitude at Mt. Hakobe. For years it had been Natsu and Happy together on jobs.

Lucy changed the status quo. In big and small ways, she’s shown how much she values him. She ditched her date for his sake, rescued the scarf she knows means so much to him, cleaned his and Happy’s messy house, done her best to get him off moving vehicles.

A couple of things that jumped out at me as early as the Lullaby arc:

When he was left behind on the train, it was Lucy who remembered him. Not Happy, not Gray, not Erza… the people who’d known about Natsu’s motion sickness for much longer. And she was also the one who held him back from hurting himself on Erigor’s wind-wall.

Care and concern. Trust and confidence. Gratitude and reliance. Those are the feelings Natsu and Lucy have towards each other in spades now.  They’re not one-sided, but mutual. Seeing them BOTH grow to value the other more and more is one of the big joys of being a Nalu supporter.

Anticlimactic short stories for the signs
  • Aries: Once upon a time, Aries was walking down a dark alleyway. At the end of the alleyway, Aries found a leprechaun with a pot of gold. The leprechaun kindly gave Aries the pot of gold. THE END.
  • Taurus: Taurus was standing on top of Mt. Everest. As Taurus contemplated the view, a strange figure appeared in front of him: it was... just a fucking cloud. THE END.
  • Gemini: Gemini had just woken up from a terrible nightmare! After waking up, Gemini looked cautiously to the left. It was Shrek. Shrek grabbed Gemini with his powerful... THE END!!!
  • Cancer: After a long day of work, Cancer crashed in the sofa and watched cheesy Disney movies in Netflix, but suddenly, Cancer realized something: "Somewhere, in space, an alien is masturbating..." THE END.
  • Leo: It was 4:20 P.M. when Leo suddenly had a heart attack. The hearts were everywhere. They began their attack by showing Leo pictures of incredibly beautiful happy couples. It was super effective. Leo fainted. Mr. Heart gained 69 EXP. THE END.
  • Virgo: It all started when Virgo beat the shit out of a penis-shaped trash can. As Virgo took a deep breath to calm down, Virgo decided to hide inside the trash can because of the shame. Two days later, Virgo became a butterfly and flew into the void. THE END.
  • Libra: It was Libra's lucky day: Libra was suddenly standing in front of Andy Biersack. Andy approached Libra slowly, so Libra began to panic. Then, Andy said: "What's up". It was super effective. Libra fainted. No one paid for Libra's medical expenses. THE END.
  • Scorpio: It was just a normal day for Scorpio. Scorpio was casually praying to Satan when he heard a mysterious noise coming from the garden. When Scorpio entered the garden, he encountered a wild Miley Cyrus. "Satan, is that you!", Scorpio exclaimed. TO BE CONTINUED... NEVER.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius was getting wasted at the biggest Halloween party of the year. There, Sagittarius met a guy with a "Sagittarius" costume. He had to die. As the real Sagittarius approached the guy, the guy suddenly died from a heart attack. Two years later, Sagittarius and the heart that killed the fake Sagittarius got married. THE END.
  • Capricorn: Capricorn hadn't slept for days. Capricorn was working on an extremely important project in order to ensure the survival of humanity. This project is supposed to be top secret, but I'll tell you. Capricorn was working with the CIA on the most important mission of the century: "Operation 42069: Eliminate Poot". TO BE CONTINUED... JK... ROWLING... ok, I'll shut up now.
  • Aquarius: Once upon a time, Aquarius went on a journey to find the rarest Pepes. It was a tough journey, but Aquarius didn't give up. After some days, Aquarius met with a very rare Pepe: the alien Pepe. Unfortunately though, Aquarius was abducted, and then returned to earth as a new, superior being: Doge. THE END.
  • Pisces: Pisces had just won the lottery! Pisces wasn't dumb, though. Instead of spending the money, Pisces decided to invest the money in a firewood business. Afterwards, Pisces burned the remaining money in firewood while praying to Satan. A few seconds later, Satan tripled Pisces's money. THE END.

Aries: Cross My Heart
Taurus: One Love
Gemini: Here’s To All The Zeros
Cancer: Fallout
Leo: Desperate Measures
Virgo: By Now
Libra: Push
Scorpio: Haven’t Had Enough
Sagittarius: Shake Tramp
Capricorn: Say Anything
Aquarius: Stutter
Pisces: Good To You


An Architectural Grandeur: Designing a $7 Million Historic Home on the Hudson

Overlooking the treetops of adjacent reserve lands and the West Point Military Academy, this Irish Palladian style mansion reflects a stone-based traditional architecture. A robust architectural masterpiece in Cold Spring, NY featuring perimeter stone walls, a grand exterior staircase, a mile-long driveway traveling up Mt. Taurus, and an outdoor recreational area with a swimming pool.