mt. rugged

return of the subspecies; this time its my fav fossil pokemon

some info:

desert - found most commonly on route 111, desert cradily have pale colors and rune-like designs on their bodies. they conserve water in their frills.

atlantian - commonly found in the sea, atlantian cradily have developed flippers for easier travel through water. as a result, they are rather slow on land.

spring - found in petalburg woods, the brightness of a spring cradily’s frills determines how healthy it is. they love berries, and each one has a berry that it prefers.

rugged - found on mt chimney, rugged cradily have developed sharp claws to help them keep their grip on rugged mountainsides. their frills, which are also pointed, are used for defense.

[火災]➥         So much to process. So little time to actually absorb it. The scourge of the Mushroom Kingdom, King of the koopas, the tyrant in a shell Bowser was gone. His game was over. Such a long absence was finally explained. Another one of his plots wouldn’t capture the attention, or the princess for that matter, of the kingdom anymore. It was over. The war of the Koopa’s versus the kingdom was over. Their king had fallen behind the scenes and left a kingdom behind. The koopa kingdom. 

           Despite the following peace after this news Mario came to wonder… Bowser didn’t seem sick the last time they fought. Nor did he feel there was a person around who held ill-will towards him. At least, he thought. Mario’s job was to defend the kingdom at all costs. And Bowser was it’s biggest threat. Even then his death was tragic to hear about. But Mario only had questions. How did Bowser did? When? Where? What if his death wasn’t from sickness? What if someone ended his game? What if that very same someone was plotting to destroy the kingdom? 

           In his head Mario wanted to believe that nothing had happened. But he knew better. This was their entire kingdom at stake. So he had to look into it, even if it was a long shot. 

         Which, inevitably, brought him back to Mt Rugged. Julian was here and he remembers the ex-villain harboring some of Bowser’s ex-men here. Perhaps some that decided to leave had some info for him? Maybe Julian himself? Thank goodness Mario brought a few people with him. They could easily offer an outside perspective to this conundrum. 

           Maybe. Mario’s gaze was focused. Collected as they scaled the path of Mt Rugged leading to Julian’s lab—no, his community. Even with everything on his mind Mario decided to speak back to his company. ❝…Mt-a Rugged. Does-a anyone remember before this-a place was so technical?❞ Perfect ice breaker right? It broke the air of tension around everything. Sorta.



This list keeps track of my progress with retexturing the game.

I will update it as I continue working on it. The percentages are estimated as it’s sometimes hard to tell how much there is left or how much I overlooked.

Last updated: 28 January 2015


Items: ~95%

Badges: 100%

Menu: ~60%

Battle Screen: ~50%


Characters: ~80%

Toad Town: ~99%

Toad Town Sewers: ~70%

Peach’s Castle: ~90%

Goomba Village: ~100%

Shooting Star Summit: ~100%

Princess Peach’s Intermissions

Characters: ~70%

Castle: ~95%

Chapter 1

Characters: ~80%

Pleasant Path & Koopa Village: 100%

Koopa Bros Fortress: 100%

Chapter 2

Characters: ~100%

Mt. Rugged: 100%

Dry Dry Desert & Outpost: 100%

Dry Dry Ruins: 100%

Chapter 3

Characters: 100%

Forever Forest: 100%

Boo’s Mansion: 100%

Gusty Gulch: 100%

Tubba Blubba’s Castle: 100%

Chapter 4

Characters: 100%

Shy Guy’s Toybox: 100%

Chapter 5

Characters: 20%

Whale: 100%

Lavalava Island and Yoshi’s Village: 50%

Jade Jungle: 0%

Mt. Lavalava: 0%

Chapter 6

Characters: 0%

Flower Fields: 0%

Cloudy Climb: 0%

Chapter 7

Characters: 0%

Shiver City: 0%

Starborn Valley: 0%

Crystal Palace: 0%

Chapter 8

Characters: 0%

Star Haven: 0%

Bowser’s Castle: 0%


Characters: 0%

Parade: 0%