mt. ruby

“I met this guy while I was shopping in Lilycove one Saturday morning. He seemed nice, though he carried himself in an assertive way. But he had a certain gentleness in his voice when he invited me for a Soda Pop in the roof deck. We talked about our stress, our families, our dreams—basically slices of each of our lives. When I said that my shopping in the Department Store was on a weekly basis, he told me that he’ll see me here at the same time next week, making sure he’ll pay for more Soda Pops. Assertive, but gentle.

"That went on for a couple of weeks, the Soda Pops becoming plentier and the talks becoming deeper. We talked about each other’s lives, and shared things we hadn’t shared with anyone else before. What started out as waiting until the sun was too hot became watching the sun set in Lilycove Bay.

"None of my teammates knew about it, so it felt like my personal escape. I mean, I’m loyal to Team Aqua and all, but it’s rare to find your own thing within the team if you aren’t an admin or one of the head grunts. So this was something for me and only me. And obviously, it didn’t last.”

“What happened?”

“A while ago we had a face-off with our rivals, Team Magma, atop Mt. Chimney. Of course, I see him in a red uniform, and of course, team policy means that I’m forbidden to see him again. I was too distraught to go to the Department Store the Saturday that followed, and the Saturday after that. But I’ll go there someday, when I’m ready to face him.”

“If by any chance he sees this, what do you want to tell him?”

“That I miss you. And that I’ll see you soon.”