mt. ruby

“There was this girl I always saw in the Lilycove Department Store whenever I went there on Saturday morning. She was really pretty, and whenever I saw her, I felt this calmness that I couldn’t explain. At first it felt like she was trying to avoid me, but when the glances became more frequent, I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to have a Soda Pop in the rooftop. To my relief, she said yes, and we had our first rooftop date—if you can even call it a date, since all we did was talk and drink our Soda Pops. It was a really interesting talk, though.

"It became a weekly thing—I found out she only went there on Saturdays, just like I did—and I’d never had more personal conversations with anyone before. At some point I even told her about my issues with my dad, and I haven’t talked about that to anyone before. Our rooftop dates became longer and more memorable as the Saturdays went by, and for me, the other six days became more of a waiting game for the next Saturday.

"But something this amazing couldn’t go without its consequences, and that came a few Wednesdays ago, in the peak of Mt. Chimney. I didn’t expect to see her, but I did expect her to look beautiful, even if she wore the uniform of our rival team. I caught a glimpse of her trying to avoid mine, and her dejected look was all the answer I needed. Still, I felt bad when I had to throw away a full Soda Pop bottle in the Saturday that came after, and the feeling worsened as I threw away more Soda Pop bottles every Saturday after that.”

“If by any chance she sees this, what do you want to tell her?”

“I’m so much more than this uniform and you know it.”