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List of KnB Tumblr Artists

Alphabetical list of KnB tumblr artists - this list is incomplete, so if you know any other artists or are one, please tell me so I can add them! It amazed me how many awesome artists there are on tumblr. 

I’ve also added some comments behind their name; if I haven’t commented, it’s because they draw multiple ships and/or characters. Note that some artists also draw for other fandoms; if they have specific knb tags, I’ve linked that, otherwise it’s noted as multifandom, though some are more multifandom than others. Please note that this is subject to change though; if you want you can message me and I’ll change it.

Fairly Really WHOA THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU long list, so click to read more. 

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*casually dusts this off from where it’s been sitting half-finished in the back of a folder somewhere for months*

Just some more doodles of Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles. Still can’t draw bears properly *sigh* He looks more like a puma-sloth most of the time, but eh *shrugs* I’m still workin’ on it~ Probably gonna go back and color this later, but for now the lines are good enough~

Phew, and just in time for the new blow up-excitement at the announcement of getting MO&MT to be a real show~! :D Wow guys, good luck! Can’t wait to see where it goes~!

So I had extra time after finishing my midterms today and I ended up trying to draw some MO&MT fan art. Tried. I just ran out of sketchbook paper so I had to do in my note book. Lined paper…. I tried to put some of your style into this because I love you so damn much, but I didn’t really do it justice… I tried. 

Just going to take this opportunity to tell you how god damn amazingyou are. I found you yesterday night when I was about to go to sleep. Two hours later, I had read your web  comic and a bit of your page and gratuitous amounts of Ms. Officer and Mr. Truffles stuff. All of your stuff is wonderful. Well, at least all of it that I’ve seen. The fact that a large amount of your posts don’t even have that many notes is a damn crime, your everything deserves to be just as popular as the Ms. Officer and Mr. Truffles stuff.

In short, you’re just wonderful, so please never stop. Ever.

(Ok so I also sent you an ask and I posted this picture myself and tagged you in it… Is that too much? I’m new to the whole tumblr thing, only had it for about two months… Yeah… So, sorry…)

waccerz  asked:

So your comic is so good and MO&MT have been the best thing to hit Tumblr that I put your blog up for blogger of the year for the Tumblr awards thing that popped up in my dash. The judges better know what's good for'm and pick you!