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Things I’ve Heard Around My School

-”You don’t have to be lonely-” “NO!!” “…AT FARMERS ONLY DOT COM”

-”Cash me outside how bow dah?” “Well, you’re not going outside until you SIT DOWN!”

-”I didn’t think you were the kind of person to make drug jokes.” “I’m a MUSICIAN. What do you think I did in college?!”

-”Hot pockets are slowly ruining society.”

-”I’m glad your thumb survived the microwave.”

-”So, she takes three of these 75 milligram tablets of weed, right?”


-”Shut up, we’re arguing about SANDWICHES!”

-”Wisconsin people are terrible, all they eat is CHEESE!”

-(staring up at Mt. Rushmore) “Abe Lincoln looks like he’s having a bad day at work.”


-(loud crash) “leSBIANS!”

-”How did you lose your shoes IN CLASS?!” (looks down at shoes) (shrugs)

-”Who brought the Bug Juice? Cuz I want to marry them.”

-”Today we had a small dispute about red pandas that turned into an all-out war.”

Okay so here’s the thing. I’ve been trying to figure out that theory that those drones Jaha and Murphy saw are controlled by someone and are actually where the opening credits come from so I took a good look at them. There were a few images that caught my attention.

1. At the end of the opening credits we have landscape. We see Lincoln’s memorial which is where I assume the Grounders currently are. Onto the right we see some fire and smoke. I’m assuming that’s either Camp Jaha or The Dropship (wikia says they’re only 22km apart so). On the left we see some buildings/ruins in the distance. I’m going to take a wild guess (and explain later why) that that’s the Capitol aka Polis.

2. In the middle of the credits we see a roller coaster ride and a Ferris wheel. Nothing too weird about that, right? It could be literally any amusement park out there.

3. We see a picture that says “CAPITOL CITY: CONDITION DESTROYED”.

Now, we all know that Washington DC is TonDC in the series. And we all know Lexa invited Clarke to the Capitol aka Polis. Many fans already assume it’s a city ending in -polis (duh) and a lot of bets are on Annapolis, MD because of the distance. So I did some research (since I do not live near there, I might be wrong) and one of the famous amusement parks near Washington is called Six Flags America. And it is very, very conveniently located. Guess where?

Edit: Eliza also said this in an interview:“Well, when I found out about the show being picked up, I was at Six Flags amusement park with two of the other cast members and I had just gotten off a ride and found out that we were going to series. Crazy! So one thing I’d love to discover in that sort of [post apocalyptic world] would be a Six Flags and we can just ride on roller-coasters all day. Plus, there would be no lines and you’d have the park to yourself.”

I assume they ride horses to there so closest to that would be bike distance, I assume. 3~4 hour ride isn’t that long so it seems plausible. Also a few miles south from the memorial is Alexandria. I mean, if Lincoln is from the memorial, Lexa might as well be from Alexandria.

The location on the map and the first image kind of do fit when you take into consideration which way the statue is facing. I don’t know how much the Earth changed but I was going to assume that the thing on the right was some kind of a dessert (?) which is where I assume Jaha and Murphy went but it doesn’t make sense because of the Pottomac river but it could’ve gone dry or they might be going in a completely different direction. Also, I have no idea whether to put Mt Weather so someone help me with that?

Edit: It seems that Mount Weather really exists. It’s around the same distance I think so I’m going with that too. Thanks for this post.

I’m just making a wild guess here but it seems possible so this is what I’m sticking too until season 3. Also, what’s up with all the tracking on the Earth? I’m also placing my bet on some super advanced society and their technology which explains the solar panels and the drones. City of Light, maybe, anyone? One mountain was named Sharp and apparently that’s on Mars so, who knows. What do you guys think?

Edit 2: Thanks to this post I got more info about the Camps. “The 100 landed about 20 miles south of Mt Weather… Camp Jaha isn’t more than an hour from the dropship.” And Jaha himself:Jaha landed in the Dead Zone… you may have noticed an iconic bridge in the vista of his landing site… suffice to say, he landed far north of everyone else in the Eastern U.S., but not more than a couple of days ride by horse.”

According to most people he landed in New York because of the Brooklyn Bridge and we do see The Statue of Liberty in the opening credits as well. And yeah, it would take him around 2~4 days to get to Camp Jaha.

If New York turned into a dessert, it wouldn’t be far fetched to say the City of Light is somewhere there or even more north. I feel like the Nuclear war completely changed the geography we know today.

Also, if you want my opinion about the symbols in The 100 and about the 12 clans, check out this post here.

anonymous asked:

I see it as lesbophobia is because society and media have for 100s of years turned lesbians into crazy villains by having the lesbian against heteronormative, reverse gender roles, and basically threaten straight men. It's ensured that gay women were always discriminated against and hated. So You say 'no one hates lexa bc she was a lesbian' I see 'we've been conditioned to hate lesbians bt I definitely don't- but I will stan a man for doing the same thing' - does that make sense?

What you’re saying makes plenty of sense. I’m a triple minority. I know all about the way society has been conditioned to fear/see as less than, etc, etc minorities. In fact the situation is even more obvious when youre a POC as well.

However, I don’t think The 100 fits into this particular mold and I’ll tell you why:

This is a show that’s strongly feminist and breaks the glass ceiling every time. Clarke, our female lead, is given a masculine name, makes the hard, logical decisions, doesn’t let her emotions prevent her from doing what must be done, is given the opportunity to have multiple sexual partners with no one implying that she is a whore, and has never had anyone question her sexuality.

The smartest person on the show is a disbaled, Latina woman. Raven is constantly lauded as being intelligent and fierce. She isn’t made less attractive because of her genius, but more so. She is proud of her intellect and does not try to shrink it or hide it to pander to the men in her life.

L/xa was the leader of her people, the highest ranking official. She was strong and imposing. She took no prisoners and kicked ass. She knew how to use men’s perciption of her as unassuming and young to their disadvantage and did so easily. She commanded entire armies and nations with just a few words.

Indra (although she falls dangerously into the “angry black woman” trope) and Octavia are both warrior women. They don’t whimper and whine about being hurt (emotionally or physically), they fight with men and don’t expect punches to be pulled because they are women. They are both proud and defiant.

Now let’s look at our men, one specific example actually:

Bellamy, who is given a traditionally female name, is emotionally driven, definitely lets his heart overrule his head sometimes, cries openly, is emotionally vulnerable and functions as “The Mom”, i.e., caring, supportice and a constant presence for “The kids.”, sacrificing over and over for the good of his “children”, Jasper/Octavia, checking on their emotional wellbeing (Monty), being a sounding ear (Miller).

And yet the audience still isn’t pleased. Women want female characters to be able to fit the mold that male characters are normally assigned, but when they do, we see constant cries of “When will the women be allowed to mourn?!”, “ Why does Clarke always have to be the one everyone looks to for answers?!”, etc, etc.

We want to see male characters being more emotionally vulnerable and open, to see them break gender roles usually assigned to women, but when they do, we see comments like: “Look at Bellboy being dependent on Clarke”, “Look at Jaspear and Beluga forcing their man pain on everyone.”, “They need to suck it up and deal like men.”

The problem with the way the audience interprets this show is exactly what you described anon, we are conditioned to see certain characters certain ways and when they don’t fit their proper molds some of us don’t know how to react. We don’t know how to say, “This is good!”

The show did not make L/xa “bad” because she was a lesbian. The show never painted L/xa as bad. The show gave us a morally grey character who will do what needs to be done to save her people, just like Clarke, just like Bellamy, just like Jaha, just like Becca, just like Monty, just like Raven, just like Finn, just like Pike.

The fandom (and, not to be rude, but most specifically the Cl/xa fandom) reduced L/xa to just her sexuality. The Crabpuffs decreed that if you disagreed with anything L/xa did, if you thought Cl/xa wasn’t given the proper development and felt rushed, if you thought Clarke would have struggled a bit longer to forgive L/xa (based on what we’d seen of her in the prior two seasons), you were a homophobe or a lesbophobe.

Take a look at how often the show features sexuality. The answer is literally never. Its not something that gets talked about, because its not something that MATTERS. That is literally the dream for the LGBTQA community. People ONLY seeing who YOU are, independent of your sexuality, because being gay, lesbian, bi, trans, ace or questioning don’t make us any different than straight people.

Clarke being bisexual isn’t a big deal on the show because it just IS. Miller and Bryan being gay isn’t a big deal on the show because it just IS (Literally no one cared when Bellamy said “Miller’s boyfriend is from farm station). L/xa being a lesbian wasn’t a big deal on the show because it just WAS (Clarke wasn’t shocked to learn about Costia, she didn’t care, Titus didn’t dislike Clarke as a partner for L/xa because they were both women, he disliked their relationship because Clarke inspired changes in L/xa that Titus was smart enough to see where dangerous to L/xa’s life and position as Commander). The AUDIENCE imposes our current world view on a show that is taking place over 100 years in the future.

If we want equal and fair treatment in the media (as minorities), we can not be upset when our representation is not “perfect”. I can’t be upset as a POC, that a lot of the “villains” are POC.(and honestly it’s really the FANDOM that makes characters like Pike and Jaha and Bellamy “villains”, not the narrative), when over half of the cast members are POC. I can’t be upset that sometimes, my bisexual rep will undergo literal torture, when this is a show about people being tortured, physically and emotionally (where was the outrage about tortured minorities when it was Lincoln being whipped, Bellamy being hung, Bellamy being tortured in Mt. Weather, Lincoln being forcibly turned into a drug addict, Lincoln being hit by his lover, Lincoln being chained up again, Lincoln being shot in the head and left to die in the mud, Bellamy being beaten by his sister?)

This show is not about “who’s wrong and who’s right.” This show is not about “who has it the worst” (although it seems like POC often get the brunt of it, because we make up the majority of the main cast.). This is a show where there IS no right or wrong. Where EVERYONE is tortured.

You do L/xa a disservice when you reduce her to just her sexuality. Maybe instead of telling everyone ELSE that we “instinctively dislike L/xa because she’s a lesbian and we just can’t tell because of conditioning” you take a look at why YOU think that’s the only reason people dislike her character, because I can guarantee the vast majority of this fandom (at least on Tumblr) dislike L/xa because of her ACTIONS, not because of who she chose to sleep with.

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Could you do a meta/explanation on why you think bellamy is hufflepuff?

Okay so for a while whenever I thought about it, I couldn’t decide which house to put Bellamy in. Because seriously, there’s major points in the show where he embodies the traits valued in all four houses. BUT then I thought about why he was acting the way he was and it all came down to one thing: Loyalty. 

Bellamy Blake values loyalty above all else. 

Yes, Bellamy is brave and smart and willing to do whatever it takes, but he is only those things because he needs to be in order to protect and defend and care for the people he is most loyal to. 

He broke rules all his life on the Ark to take care of Octavia. He shot the Chancellor to get sent to Earth with his sister. He took Jasper’s place in the dropship with Murphy to save his friend. He nearly left the camp on the brink of battle to go look for Clarke .He snuck away from Abby and the rest of the scouting group to look for an entrance to Mt Weather. He brought Lincoln back to the dropship when he was a reaper because he wanted to save him for Octavia. He snuck into Mt Weather for his friends. He helped Clarke pull the lever to save his sister and to make sure Clarke didn’t have to bear the burden alone. Bellamy Blake’s actions all stem from his loyalty and his love for his sister and his people. 

When Bellamy does things solely for himself, he doesn’t think them through. He isn’t as smart or as cunning or as brave as when he’s taking action for someone else. On instinct he destroyed the radio instead of reasoning out that he had information that he could trade for a pardon. When he realized his friends were in danger because the acid fog was down, however, he figured out a plan that may have gotten himself killed, but would save them all. 

When Murphy said that he gave up information because he was being tortured, and Bellamy said he would never do that, he didn’t say it was because he wasn’t a coward, or that he was smarter than that, or that he would have found a way to save himself. He said it was because he wasn’t a traitor. 

Yes, Bellamy values the traits of the other Hogwarts houses, and yes he embodies them all at certain times. But only when they are helping him save or protect or defend those he is most loyal to. And that is very much a Hufflepuff quality. 

Although no old lady whispering hush (and nowhere near a great green room), this image reminds me of the children’s book Goodnight Moon :) Thanks to the folks who joined this season. I have a feeling this place is gonna stay wild far past our lifetime. Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans, CO

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i need everyone to start accepting murphy. i need bellamy to be there for clarke. i need wick to be there for raven. i need kane and abby to just fuck already cause the sexual tension is killing me. i need jaha to stop being a fucking dick. i need clarke to become the “take shit from no one” leader she is and rescue the 47. i need the 47 to stand up to mt. weather. i need lincoln and octavia to make babies already. i need bellamy and clarke to become the power duo again. i need it all okay.


White Mt Natl Forest - Franconia Ridge

The first overnight adventure in the Northern New England region, the White Mtns are incredible. I would say the Rockies and the Appalachians had a little love mountain and called it the Whites. Much more rocky and aggressive than the southern Apps and the Green Mtns to the west, the Whites offer a great array of fantastic terrain, challenge and big payoff views. The Franconia Ridge Loop starts at one of the park trailheads and ascends via the Falling Water trail, a super rocky and steep trail of a whopping three miles haha, it had me smoked. Having (admittedly) not done my homework thoroughly enough to have a better understanding of what lay ahead, the trail is pretty much a giant boulder scramble up 3800+ feet. The many beautiful cascading waterfalls do well to keep the spirit up but the misty water that covered the rocks wasn’t so much haha. This trail was definitely tough on the body and mind. It just went on and on… While not the hardest trail I’ve ever done, I won’t soon forget it haha! After that gauntlet the trail meets the AT along the Franconia Ridge at Haystack Mt. Carries on North to Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette and Garfield, three of NH’s 48 4000ers. The beauty of the ridge made all the arduous work to get up there melt away. Soaking in the 360° views with clear skies and sun, I would have been just fine takin chow and admiring the view! But we had to get to camp! It was about 4 and that pretty, clear sky was quickly turning into a beautiful sunset haha. Too tired to get a fire going, made a notch out trailside and was in bed by 9! :#)

Day 2 was such an easier go! Descending about 3 miles on the Old Bridal Path trail, still rocky and slick in spots, was such a better descent than the idea of going down the Falling Water’s giant rocky slope… and the O.B.P. trail had several beautiful little vistas along the way to take in a perfect morning. 

The inaugural White Mountain experience was a tough and awesome one. I look very forward to returning and having it’s mountains test my mettle all summer long! :D