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Denny’s on Demand is finally here. Do you know what that MEANS? It means with a few taps of the thumb whatever you desire from thee ol Denny’s Diner, is yours. And you can eat it wherever you may be liiiiiiike:

-on a dude ranch in Texas
-on a ranch dressing ranch in Texas
-at your local insane carnival
-at the dog park where all the dogs love you
-rollercoasters for extreme eaters
-during a pole vault
-mt. rushmore, any head
-on top of a geyser
-at a competing diner
-the abyss
-most anyplace else you can think
-….well most anyplace on earth

“and all I need is one last chance,

to prove I’m good enough for someone”


Here’s Percy from the Lightning Thief Musical. Chris nailed his character, like the this is the best Percy adaptation ever. Here’s a few highlights from the premiere night:

- Percy basically flopping on the floor when he came home to Sally, really sad that he’s expelled.

- makes lightsaber noises with his sword


- HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WERE AMAZING??? Like it was all sassy and dramatic and the Percy we know?? Especially when Poseidon flirted with Sally, he looked so awkward and so done with life.

- signs Medusa’s head to Mt Olympus in a box and when Annabeth told him that the gods will think that they’re impertinent, he just smiles and says “We are impertinent.” He later gives the box to Sally and says that it’s a “do-it-yourself box” and screams “NOO ITS MEDUSA’S HEAD” when she wants to open it.

- “Good Kid” was so emotional like he ran around and his voice cracked at one point and my heart broke. A+++

- says “this is nuts” when Grover talks to the squirrel.”

- “Is that a fork?” when he’s claimed

- “its Tatarus” “you mean… thE FISH SAUCE??”

- After Annabeth’s like “sexist much?” he goes, “NO I LOVE GIRLS…. I mean…umm…. they’re really nice!”

- sits on a toilet during capture the flag. confused by his own powers

- basically the sassy dramatic dork that we know and love.

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Headcannons of what momo, shinsou, aizawa, and mt. Lady would do during a innocent all nighter with a s/o who cant seem to fall asleep?

Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Would try and suggest different ways to help them fall asleep
  • When that doesn’t work would probably end up spending the whole night talking about new books and stuff they have read

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Asks his s/o if they did something to purposely not fall asleep because like he wanna sleep
  • Would act annoyed the whole time, but actually enjoys stay up with them and talking, even takes them outside to look at the stars

Shouta Aizawa

  • Stares at them from his sleeping bag asking them “why are you up, night is for sleeping”
  • Will stay up watching movies with them, while still in the sleeping bag 

MT. Lady

  • Would go one about how she needs her beauty sleep 
  • Which leads to her spending the night going over beauty tips and watching those make up tutorials on YouTube all night with her s/o

Benjamin Tallmadge at the Battle of Fort St. George

Real Life vs. Turn: Washington’s Spies

“All things were now secured and quiet, and I had never seen the sun rise more pleasantly.” - Memoir of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge  

#HistoricalTallmadge Month | August 2017


The Diary of Tortov Roddle

Whether they be underground career-starters like Makoto Shinkai’s brilliant She and Her Cat (1999) or confident masterworks such as Koji Yamamura’s Oscar-nominated Mt. Head (2002), Japan’s experimental animated short films get little publicity in the US. Yet this “genre”–taken in the loosest possible sense–has produced some of the most interesting art house animation of the past decade and a half. 

Kunio Kato is among its very best contributors. His work is painterly. He has an eye for detail and composition such that still frames from his films would not look out of place on gallery walls. Often, his output is painterly in a second sense: it quotes directly from surrealist works. Magritte’s influence, for example, permeates The Apple Incident (2001), which opens with a reproduction of The Listening Room.

This brings us to the work named in the header. Kato’s The Diary of Tortov Roddle (2003) is a surrealistic short film made up of brief vignettes, the contents of which are by turns sad, touching, disturbing and awe-inspiring. Visually, Kato takes clear inspiration from Dalí, whose The Temptation of St. Anthony is referenced via Tortov’s pig-like pet. This writer will leave the rest for the reader to discover in the embedded video below.

Still Eating Oranges

[Self-Care] Daryl Dixon x reader

READ: This is my first ever Daryl imagine, please feel free to request any twd one-shots @samwilsonlove

Summary: Just a run gone wrong. [Fluff] 

Warnings: None just zombies. 

Word count: 1800

[Female Reader]

Originally posted by prettymuchdixonalready

[Set before the negan era in Alexandra]

It was around midday, the sun beamed down on us as we swiftly weaved through the broken down cars and derelict buildings around us,  going past all sorts of walkers around us. A small group of us were checking out a grocery store that had been overrun. Desperate for food and supplies we figured out a plan to draw the walkers one way and find some way to get inside and gather as  much food as we could and get out as fast as we could.  

In our small group there was me, Daryl, Tara, Rosita and Glenn. The plan was me and Daryl would draw the walkers away and the rest would rush in and get the supplies I rode in the passenger seat of the car next to Glenn who was driving, while Tara and Rosita were in  the back and Daryl was on his motorcycle.

We arrived at the location and exited the vehicle, distant growls were heard from the walkers up ahead. I looked around at everyone and nodded, the plan was in action. The girls and Glenn went and hid someone where walkers couldn’t get them as we drew them away while I looked for a way to get the dead’s attention.

I looked at Daryl, waiting to see if her was ready. Once I saw he was ready I started banging against the fence, “Hey dead freaks, some fresh meat over here if you want it, yeah come and get it,” I shouted at the top of my lungs. ‘well shit’ I mumbled underneath my breath as they started coming towards me, there were probably around 50 of them.  I turned around  and looked at my companion, “ Well I think I’ve gotten their attention,”

Daryl rolled his eyes, “ Yeah well get moving before we become their lunch,” He grunted and walked to his bike and got on just as the hoard started to reach us I hopped on behind him holding onto the back of the bike for support. We lead them away  enough for the others to be safe and circled back round again.

I jumped off the bike, we were back outside the store but there were some walking surrounding it, “ Daryl something doesn’t look right, do you think they’re still inside?” I asked, worry dripping from my tone. My heart was beating fast, “ Maybe we didn’t get all of them, what if they’re-”

“They’re in there and they’re alive so shut it. We can try get in from the back, if there’s walkers insidee they’ll need are 'elp” He stated and ran round to the back. I nodded and followed with a brief sigh. The apocalypse is stressful.

We reached the back and found and entrance, eventually getting into the store, getting our hands dirty a few times. Inside the was some shouting and screaming along with growling, “Glenn?! Tara?!” I shouted out as I ran towards the sound. I ran frantically around the corner to be met face to face with a dead one. It lunged towards me and I froze, not being able to react quick enough, it was about to take a massive chunk out of my shoulder.

Before I could scream it’s body fell to the floor with a thump, a green arrow sticking out of it’s head. Out of breath i looked behind me, Daryl nodded to me in reassurance and we kept going. There was no time to thank him right now,  our friend  were in danger .

There was a crowd of the rotten creatures around them, Tara looked hurt and barely able to defend herself but there’s no way any of us would let her die. I immediately went in, pulling out my machete I made my way to them, Daryl covering me with his crossbow when the jerks got too close. I swung the blade into one’s head, blood spurting out as their brain was split in half and crushed, I pulled it out and quickly forced it into another’s head.  I shoved one away from me as i attempted to dislodge my weapon.      

“[Y/N]!” It was Rosita shouting my name , I turned to look in her direction and one of the freaks tumbled over and fell on top of  me. I kept it’s face away from my flesh, using all my strength to push it away but in that moment I felt so weak, as if that was my last moment. Someone was screaming my name but it was muffled, the sound of the walkers teeth chomping the air filled my ear till someone pulled it off me and I came back to my senses.

I practically gasped for air as I pushed myself of the floor and saw we had made it to the others. Relief washed over me but it wasn’t the time to celebrate, we still had to get out of this mess. Daryl threw me my machete, he was the one who saved me again. But before I could think of how to repay him I sliced the head off a walker. We needed to get out.

We worked at it, standing in a circle, the dead surrounding us. I was at the front, along with Glenn as we tried to clear the path to the door so we could get out. Bodies dropped around us every minute as we made progress. We were close. I slashed two walkers and bam there was a path. I screamed at everyone to follow. I saw Daryl at the back helping Tara walk  or limp    faster towards the door.

Daryl had Tara’s arm wrapped his neck to support her but he let go of her for a second to kill a few walkers who got in the way and that’s when Tara had tripped over herself and went down, screaming out. Daryl quickly snapped his neck backwards to look in her direction. I was going to got help them when Daryl shouted, “Go, I’ll get 'er!”

I was going to proteste but Rosita pulled me backwards  and quite frankly i was pissed that she wouldn’t let me go, “They need our help! We need to go get them!” I screamed, clearly frustrated. I was scared they would get hurt, that he would die. Of course I didn’t want Tara to die either , not to mention Daryl wasn’t going to let that happen, but Daryl was important to me.

“Look we just have to trust that they’ll get out alive , they’re strong but right now if we don’t get out and defend ourselves. If we die we won’t get to see them again, you want that?!” Glenn talked some sense into to me. I shook my head and focused on the way out. Once we were outside we cleared out some of the walkers and rushed back to the car, waiting for them to come out. I so badly wanted to go in there. 

I felt so on edge, waiting for them to come out. Pacing along the road and watching the exit. My heart almost dropped onto the ground and shattered when Tara hobbled out alone , I rushed to her to help her, “Where’s Daryl?” I asked thinking I would regret it when he came running out like a second later. I sure liked to jump to conclusions sometimes.

“We need to go, now!” He shouted as walkers trailed behind him, I helped Tara into the car and jumped in after. Then we drove off with Daryl following behind us. I leaned back in my seat and sighed.I looked at Tara in the seat next to me , we were in the back.

 "You okay?, what happened back there ?“ I asked worried.  She had a pained expression spread across her features. Blood soaked her left leg staining her jeans. I felt sorry for her, she obviously felt guilty,I could tell by the look on her face.

"Uh I’ll be fine when we get back. I tripped and tried to grab onto a shelf to regain my balance but it kinda wasn’t stable and it may have fallen on my leg and also knocked over 3 other shelves and it must’ve drew all the walkers inside and the stray ones outside and suddenly we were surrounded,” she sighed, obviously blaming herself.        

“Hey, don’t blame yourself, we’re all alive, no one’s badly hurt or bitten and you’re legs going to be fine. Not to mention you got a good amount of supplies to bring back to Alexandria, ” I reassured Tara and tried my best to make her feel better. She smiled and thanked me, I returned the smile and looked at Daryl riding next to us and silently sighed.

The journey seemed like it took longer than it already was so when we finally arrived i jumped out and stretched mt legs. Glenn parked the car and the rest of us helped  get the supplies out the car. The bags mainly contained food, something we really needed right now so we got lucky.Daryl carried the heaviest bag full of canned goods and walked along side me to the pantry.

I looked over at him and noticed some blood on the side of his head. I put the bag down and gave it to Olivia. Just as Daryl was about to walk out i grabbed his arm, he turned around and looked at me “You’re bleeding, did you hit your head somewhere?” I asked and wiped some blood dripping down the side of his head.

He stared at me and pulled away, “I’m fine, I hit my head wrestling wit a walker,” He said and walked out. I scoffed underneath my breath out of annoyance and ran after him. Did he really think I was going to just let him walk away? I thought he knew me better. I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the infirmary, earning a groan but he reluctantly followed.

I sat him down on one of the beds and cleaned the blood, “You look after others too much. You seem so heartless but really you want to save everyone, ” I sighed looking at his wound.

He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow at me, “Yea 'nd why is that such a bad thing?” he commented his face resting into a gentle expression.

I sighed and threw away the blood stained wipe, “Because you forget to look after yourself, ” I said and sat next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me closer, I rested mt head on his chest.

“Hm, I thought you did that for me,” He put his head on top of mine. I chuckled and playfully  hit his chest.

“Yeah, well don’t get too used to it”

skelltales  asked:

YES AM THE FIRST?! I WANT TO BE THE FIRST! Can I get the MT/SF bros reacting to their S/O being head of a gang? And in MT's case, head of a rival gang?

(Omg, you actually send an asks, I’m so flattered *-*)

MT Sans : He is…Well he is worried for you of course. He knows how things go down, and he knows how dangerous it is to be the leader. Everybody always tries to take out the leader first. But hes not in any position to judge himself, so he hopes you have enough skill to avoid beeing assassinated. You made it to the top, so you seem to be able to find your way. He isn’t to happy that you are part of a rival gang, especially since it puts him in a bit of a conflict when he runs into you while he is “working”. But after some time you two settle into a morbidly funny routine, figthing each other on the streets, cuddling in the sheets. You both deny it, but you are always carefull not to hurt the other to badly.

MT Papyrus: This boy is Worried ™ Everytime you encounter him outside of your apartment, he always dotes on you like a worried parent. “Did you get into any figths?” “Are you hurt?” “Are you eating properly”. But most of the time another member of your gang is present, and you have a reputation to uphold. Which means defending your territory and attacking the intruder. But don’t feel bad about it, Papyrus knows how to defend himself. After beating each other up you mostly part ways. He sees it as a friendly sparring match, you both know it’s not, but why ruin the fun?

 SF Sans : Oh! My! God! He is jumping in circles, the moment he finds out. He is already imagining you like one of the characters in Undynes anime, metall pipe in handy, ripped clothes, face hidden beneath your hood, beating strangers up while laughing manically. Stop him before he starts sewing you fitting clothes, if you don’t want to look like you are cosplaying 24/7. But hes sligthly worried for your safety, so he insists that you accompany him to his training with Alphys. Not everytime, he knows you are busy as the leader of an entier gang, but he want’s to see himself that you could defend yourself from attackers. But man, that skele is proud of you.

SF Papyrus : He worries at first, until he sees you in action. You two were walking home one day, an suddenly a member of a rival gang jumps out of the shadow of an alley. Paps is about to ready an attack, still kind of slow having just woken up from a nap, but you are already kicking the others butt. He ends up as an unconscious heap on the floor. Papyrus cigarret drops to the floor, his jaw open wide, a sligth blush on his face. Welp he is not worried anymore, that’s for sure. And he may love you even a little bit more now, you really impressed this lazy dude.