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Denny’s on Demand is finally here. Do you know what that MEANS? It means with a few taps of the thumb whatever you desire from thee ol Denny’s Diner, is yours. And you can eat it wherever you may be liiiiiiike:

-on a dude ranch in Texas
-on a ranch dressing ranch in Texas
-at your local insane carnival
-at the dog park where all the dogs love you
-rollercoasters for extreme eaters
-during a pole vault
-mt. rushmore, any head
-on top of a geyser
-at a competing diner
-the abyss
-most anyplace else you can think
-….well most anyplace on earth

“and all I need is one last chance,

to prove I’m good enough for someone”


Here’s Percy from the Lightning Thief Musical. Chris nailed his character, like the this is the best Percy adaptation ever. Here’s a few highlights from the premiere night:

- Percy basically flopping on the floor when he came home to Sally, really sad that he’s expelled.

- makes lightsaber noises with his sword


- HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WERE AMAZING??? Like it was all sassy and dramatic and the Percy we know?? Especially when Poseidon flirted with Sally, he looked so awkward and so done with life.

- signs Medusa’s head to Mt Olympus in a box and when Annabeth told him that the gods will think that they’re impertinent, he just smiles and says “We are impertinent.” He later gives the box to Sally and says that it’s a “do-it-yourself box” and screams “NOO ITS MEDUSA’S HEAD” when she wants to open it.

- “Good Kid” was so emotional like he ran around and his voice cracked at one point and my heart broke. A+++

- says “this is nuts” when Grover talks to the squirrel.”

- “Is that a fork?” when he’s claimed

- “its Tatarus” “you mean… thE FISH SAUCE??”

- After Annabeth’s like “sexist much?” he goes, “NO I LOVE GIRLS…. I mean…umm…. they’re really nice!”

- sits on a toilet during capture the flag. confused by his own powers

- basically the sassy dramatic dork that we know and love.

skelltales  asked:

YES AM THE FIRST?! I WANT TO BE THE FIRST! Can I get the MT/SF bros reacting to their S/O being head of a gang? And in MT's case, head of a rival gang?

(Omg, you actually send an asks, I’m so flattered *-*)

MT Sans : He is…Well he is worried for you of course. He knows how things go down, and he knows how dangerous it is to be the leader. Everybody always tries to take out the leader first. But hes not in any position to judge himself, so he hopes you have enough skill to avoid beeing assassinated. You made it to the top, so you seem to be able to find your way. He isn’t to happy that you are part of a rival gang, especially since it puts him in a bit of a conflict when he runs into you while he is “working”. But after some time you two settle into a morbidly funny routine, figthing each other on the streets, cuddling in the sheets. You both deny it, but you are always carefull not to hurt the other to badly.

MT Papyrus: This boy is Worried ™ Everytime you encounter him outside of your apartment, he always dotes on you like a worried parent. “Did you get into any figths?” “Are you hurt?” “Are you eating properly”. But most of the time another member of your gang is present, and you have a reputation to uphold. Which means defending your territory and attacking the intruder. But don’t feel bad about it, Papyrus knows how to defend himself. After beating each other up you mostly part ways. He sees it as a friendly sparring match, you both know it’s not, but why ruin the fun?

 SF Sans : Oh! My! God! He is jumping in circles, the moment he finds out. He is already imagining you like one of the characters in Undynes anime, metall pipe in handy, ripped clothes, face hidden beneath your hood, beating strangers up while laughing manically. Stop him before he starts sewing you fitting clothes, if you don’t want to look like you are cosplaying 24/7. But hes sligthly worried for your safety, so he insists that you accompany him to his training with Alphys. Not everytime, he knows you are busy as the leader of an entier gang, but he want’s to see himself that you could defend yourself from attackers. But man, that skele is proud of you.

SF Papyrus : He worries at first, until he sees you in action. You two were walking home one day, an suddenly a member of a rival gang jumps out of the shadow of an alley. Paps is about to ready an attack, still kind of slow having just woken up from a nap, but you are already kicking the others butt. He ends up as an unconscious heap on the floor. Papyrus cigarret drops to the floor, his jaw open wide, a sligth blush on his face. Welp he is not worried anymore, that’s for sure. And he may love you even a little bit more now, you really impressed this lazy dude.

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mafiatale sans and gaster being surprised by their s/o after a long day at work- how were they surprised? their s/o has bought home a little fluffy kitten that's rather cuddly

MT!Sans and MT!Gaster are delighted! Work was hard, and their lovely S/O has brought home a just as lovely present! 

MT!Gaster would be the more responsible one; feeding it, bathing it, the whole shebang. 

MT!Sans, on the other hand, would ask you to take care of it; he works himself down to the bone.

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Hello, headcanons for the boys confessing to their crush (who is traveling with them) after their s/o was injured (doesn't have to be seriously injured) during a fight while they were protecting Noctis? Thank you!

Ono, it’s time for fluffy angst (angsty fluff? Who knows)

Noctis: When Noctis fought, his world almost seemed to become a tunnel. He moved almost by instinct, his blades biting into the enemy before him. However, this made him vulnerable from the sides; the others usually patched up the holes in his defence. So when Noctis faced the Iron Giant, it wasn’t unusual for him not to have noticed the Ronin approaching from his left. What was unusual was that this time, the others didn’t notice it either, until it stood above Noctis with sword raised. Noctis saw it out of the corner of his eyes. He also saw them fling themselves under the sword, their own weapon raised. Their block was hasty and the blow flung them aside, where they hit a tree with a crack that Noctis felt in his chest. 

When he got to them they were unconscious, their hair stained red where they had struck the tree. Nononono he couldn’t lose them, he couldn’t! He called to Ignis in a panic, shouting for first aid. His only thought as they travelled to safety was of them, of them throwing themselves under that blade for him. So it was that when they regained consciousness, Noctis was at their side. No sooner had they opened their eyes than Noctis took their hand in both of his own and raised them, shaking, to his face.

“I thought you were going to die back there. This is my fault! I’m so sorry.” They only responded with a tired smile, assuring him that it was alright.

“It’s not alright. I thought I’d lost you, I care about you far too much to-” He broke off with a blush but too late; his crush was revealed. They already knew though, boy was as subtle as a bull in a teashop.

Ignis: It was the usual sort of day. Go on a hunt, collect the bounty, find a place to camp. The depressing reality was that the squadron of MTs dropped on their head was also a usual part of their day. More of them than average, but nothing they couldn’t handle. But the target of their hunt, a behemoth, had barrelled into the group, creating chaos. Ignis could barely keep track of who was fighting who, and as he fought an MT assassin, the Behemoth raised a claw to strike at Noctis’ back. Ignis couldn’t move to help; he was pinned himself. So he could only watch as his crush stepped into the blow with their arm upraised. It did not stop them from fighting, only from using that arm, but Ignis could not stop the lurch in his stomach from the worry. No sooner had the last MT clattered to the ground than Ignis ran to his crush’s side, first aid kit already out.

“Your arm- how bad is it? We need to get that patched up.” 

When he saw the extent of the damage, torn flesh and blood, he was struck by how close his crush had come to death; if that blow had hit their head or torso… He could hardly keep his calm, he knew he was visibly distraught but hardly cared. When they set up camp that evening, he took them quietly aside and told them how he felt. Life was too short, and too risky, not to have them know how much he cared about them.

Prompto: The MTs were fast today. Prompto could hardly keep up, pistols flashing as he bounced from one to the other. They had dropped, just like they always did, right on top of their heads. The terrain was on their side, they fought with the same easy grace they always did. Until he saw the laser sight, trained on Nocts’ unprotected back.

“Noct! Heads up, buddy!” Noctis did not notice. His crush did, and shouldered him out of the way. The bullet that would have killed Noctis buried itself in their shoulder, and they fell with a cry. Prompto felt ice in his stomach and ran to them, swinging their good arm around his shoulders and moving them to a safe spot away from the fighting. They weren’t losing a lot of blood, but there was a bullet in there and bullets hurt; he couldn’t stand to watch them hurt. Then they whimpered and he broke.

“Oh no, you’re gonna be okay I promise you’re gonna be okay. Listen tell you what when we get back from here how ‘bout we go on date, you and me? I’ve liked you for a while and-” He was babbling. He knew he was babbling. He didn’t care; he was not going to let them be hurt alone.

Gladio: It was Gladio’s duty to protect Noctis; he was after all the King’s Shield. He paid close attention to Noctis as he fought, making sure he was safe at all times. But the Behemoth had thrown him too far from Noctis to be able to reach him quickly. Noctis didn’t get hurt when the Sabertusks went in for the kill, teeth flashing. 

However, his crush did. Seeing Gladio too far to help, they had taken the blow for Noctis like it was nothing. Afterward, as they made for camp, Gladio caught up to them and made them bandage the wound. It wasn’t too serious, but had bled a lot and as a result, they were covered in it. The sight filled Gladio with guilt; protecting the king was his job. Because he had failed in his duty, the one he cared about had been hurt. 

They noticed his discomfort and asked him what was wrong. It was then Gladio realised that he couldn’t hide it any longer; Noctis was not the only one he needed to protect. Wrapping his crush in a firm embrace, he finally told them how he felt. 


i saw this comic on my dashboard the other night while i was really out of it and i was like ‘damn this is real?’ and i silently accepted the fact that one of the mt rushmore heads is alive and i just kind of idly thought about it in the back of my mind until i saw this again today and realized how dumb that is.

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Hi, you do match up's right?(If not you can just stop reading this now) Well if you do, I pace. Like a lot. I like mythology and phycology and I write. I also have anxiety and crowds and loud noises scare me. I guess I'm supposed to do a physical description as well.... I'm like 5'5 and have baby hands and a squishy face. I'm like a big squishy baby with glasses. My hair also is super big and messy and thick(like a lion's mane, even a similar color) I also really like cats. Sorry if it's to much

Your match is MT!Asgore! 

Oh my, human, you might want to slow down. Pacing so much will wear down your energy! He loves to entertain your passion for those -ologies by making sure you have enough to spend all day reading; to keep occupied, of course. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy reading them with you! 

He doesn’t like crowds much either; offering you stay home while he does the errands and such. He does tend to act a bit fatherly over you; instinctive for the old man, he just wants to make sure you are alright in this dangerous town.

The Sims 4 Expansion Pack Survey:  August 2015

The latest Sims 4 survey is making the rounds (it’s by invitation only, check your email) and this time it includes a short blurb for 11 potential expansion pack themes.  Four of the expansion pack themes (Generations, Vacations, On The Road and Find Love) included a detailed description. 

Of note:  There is no mention of a Pet expansion pack or the popular Town Life (with neighborhood editing tools) option from the October 2014 survey.

Potential themes for future The Sims 4 expansion packs.

Get behind the wheel of different vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  Fix up old cars, build a hotrod, or jump on your ride and explore a number of unique tourist destinations.

Detailed description and potential features:

Jump behind the wheel and travel the country with your Sims!  Choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.  Make a living fixing up old cars, or building the perfect hot rod.  Jump on your ride and explore the world by visiting a number of unique tourist destinations.

  • New Vehicles:  Your Sims can now choose from a variety of vehicles to own and drive including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.
  • Build A Garage:  Build a brand new garage where you can work on your vehicles and display them for all to see.
  • Become A Mechanic:  Fix up, customize, and build new cars with the new Mechanic active career.
  • Visit Tourist Destinations:  Take your ride on the road to visit tourist destinations like the Grand Sims Canyon, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, or the Secret Mystery Spot.

Send your Sims off to University!  Explore the University campus and decide whether your Sims are going to study to ace their exams or spend their days partying it up.  Sims can also pledge fraternities and sororities and try to become members of these prestigious organizations.

It’s time for your Sims to settle down and start a family! Raise your children from cooing babies into rowdy toddlers, with all the fun and excitement that youngsters bring.  Watch as your children grow into moody pre-teens and help them overcome the trials and tribulations of youth.  Help your family grow and flourish into a dynasty that will last forever.

Detailed description and potential features:

THE SIMS 4 GENERATIONS  (Incomplete description; missing feature descriptions.)

It’s time for your Sims to settle down and start a family! Raise your children from cooing babies into rowdy toddlers, with all the fun and excitement that youngsters bring.  Watch as your children grow into moody pre-teens and help them overcome the trials and tribulations of youth.  Help your family grow and flourish into a dynasty that will last forever.

  • Toddlers:  For the first time in Sims 4, you can experience the joys of …

It’s time to become a reality star!  Join the cast of Sliced n’ Diced to compete against other chefs, Finding Love to become the most desired bachelor/bachelorette, or Runway Takeoff to become a fashion design star.

Turn your Sims into superheroes!  Use powers like mind reading, telekinesis, and teleportation.  Learn new powers at the Super Hero Academy and use them to make the world a better place or terrorize the population.

The apocalypse has struck The Sims 4!  Explore abandoned neighborhoods and rescue survivors, rebuild your town into a thriving community, and fight off zombies to protect your new town.

Take your Sims to school!  Have your child and teen Sims participate in school activities including classes, dances, and student government elections or become a teacher with the new Teacher active career!

It’s time to get internet famous!  Start a band, play pranks on your friends, give Sims stylish makeovers and broadcast it all on SimTube to gain fans and get famous.

Take your Sims on vacation!  Head to Mt. Wright for fun winter getaway with ice skating, sledding, and snowboarding, and mysterious ice caves.  Or head to Isla Cordinada to soak up the sun and build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover ancient tombs.

Detailed description and potential features:

It’s time to take your Sims on vacation!  Head to one of two new exciting locations with unique activities and weather.  Travel to the peaks of Mt. Wright for some winter fun where you can go ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, and explore the mysterious ice caves.  Or head to Isla Cordinada to soak up the sun, build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover through the ancient tombs.

  • Summer Vacation:  Experience the best of summer at an island getaway, with sand castles, surfing, and delicious island food and drinks.
  • Winter Getaway:  Enjoy a winter wonderland with a snowy mountain vacation.  Go snowboarding, sledding, make snowmen, or hit the lake for some ice skating!
  • Explore Ancient Locations:  Explore ancient tombs in the jungle, or beautiful ice caves in the … avoiding deadly traps and yetis..
  • Winter & Summer Seasons:  Bring the weather home with you.  Experience the warm days of summer or magical snowfall in your home town!

Find true love in the Sims 4!  Meet your date on SimMatch, take your date to romantic getaway spots, build up your romantic reputation, and have the wedding of your dreams!

Love is in the air in The Sims 4!  Find your Sim’s soulmate with the new dating app SimMatch, then head to one of the new romantic getaway spots for the perfect date.  Build your romantic reputation as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker, and enjoy the ultimate wedding celebration, complete with bachelor & bachelorette parties and exclusive food and decor.

  • SimMatch Dating App:  Help your Sims find their soulmate or a fun fling for the night with the new SimMatch app. Pick out the perfect selfie, fill out their profile, and decide how honest your Sims want to be.
  • Romantic Getaway Locations:  Take your Sims out for the perfect date at one of the new romantic getaway locations including a cozy bed and breakfast or the swanky eco-lounge.
  • Romantic Reputation:  Build up your romantic reputation as you go out on dates with different Sims.  Will you be known as a loyal companion or the town hearkbreaker?  Your reputation will determine how Sims in the world react to you and earn you unique romance rewards.
  • Ultimate Wedding:  Live out your Sims’ wedding fantasies and have the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, select and customize the perfect wedding party, and spruce things up with exclusive wedding food and decor.

Move into a bustling, modern city!  Live in new apartments and penthouses, eat at food carts and shop at street markets, and immerse your Sims in the different cultures of the city by exploring the many diverse neighborhoods.

Source:  gurlgamer

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