mt. canlaon


Lovely drone overflight shots of the crater at Mt. Canlaon (Kanlaon), Philippines. Pretty active volcano although not erupting in this sequence. Views of the steep slopes slowly being eroded (loose volcanic rock), the excavated explosion crater at the top showing layers from previous eruptions, and waterfalls and rainforest at the base.

I was so tired from yesterday’s so I slept half past 11–right after I had shower. I don’t usually take midnight showers but I felt pretty dirty. . I just had to. 

Second day. We had to be inside the bus by 4 am because we had to travel 6-pain-in-the-butt hours to Canlaon City where the Mt. Canlaon is. . I woke up 2:30 am to charge my bloody camera and phone. The electrical outlets were limited so yeah. . 

Due to lack of sleep, I drifted off to Dreamland the moment we left for Canlaon and woke up two hours later knowing we were going up the mountains. .

we also had the chance to welcome the sun. . 


It felt like the we were just few meters away from it!

I couldn’t choose from my photos so I decided to make a collage. . Meh~ 

Some block mates missed the once-in-a-lifetime thing cos they were busy…

sleeping? Yes. 

The 2nd and 3rd bus. . 

These wouldn’t be death-defying roads if our bus moves 30km/hour. . (but it didn’t! :S so I had to face nervousness the whole ride) 

The only thing that calms me aside from the alluring sights were stop overs.. there we could rest our hearts out, have fun and of course, capture memories.

Look at the view. Never mind Keen’s head ;)

oh that’s Kris Mel, my college buddy. 

Mt. Canlaon from afar!

there were people sitting at the top of the bus and one man’s feet decided to show up which caused me to immediately click the shutter. . 

People’s lives there depended mainly on agriculture. You can see below their mini-rice terraces. . 

The 1,400 years old tree!!! Amazingballs!!

look at those roots!!!

them mates climbed while I stay on the ground. . :/ 

We went to other places too but camera died! I blame the limited outlets -.-

at the SRA dorm. . chillin’ with ‘em girls.


I scared you! 


lol kbye