mt. alberta


What an adventure! I almost didn’t go out last night because of the clouds. At 10, I changed my mind. By 10:30, I hadn’t found my tripod screw, which had fallen out! Thankfully, by 11, I had found it, and was on my way.
By midnight, I was in Canmore. My plan was to go up to Whiteman Gap and see what I could see. There wasn’t a hint of green in the sky, and I decided to make the most of my time by taking photos of that lake by the nordic centre. (Does it have a name?)
After snapping some photos, finding the angle I wanted, and taking the test shot attached below and resolving with myself to fix the focus and try again, I turned around and saw gorgeous pillars above the clouds - right behind the cellphone tower I was near!
I bombed up the Spray Lakes road at speeds well in excess of R, and found myself with burst on, blasting away at the dancing aurora.
Glad I went out!


First light on Mt. Rundle at Two Jack Lake by Li Feng
Via Flickr:
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