Small gods by Justin Bowdidge



Somewhere along the route we had to make quite a descent (see photo) Yes, that was pretty much a 90 degree descent! You were literally hanging onto the chain and just hoping it wouldn’t come out of the rocks!

As nice a sunny as the whole day had been, it suddenly became really cloudy and misty when we arrived at the top of Mt.Tonodake, so… you could barely see a thing! If there hadn’t been so many people there, it would’ve been incredible creepy! (Did I mention, there were so many people on this trail! Usually we only run into a handful of people as we climb as mountain, Mt.Takao being the exception.)

Anyway, of we reached the top at nearly 1500 meters, we had to go down again… and our way down was mostly stairs, in lots of varieties… Until we finally arrived at the bottom of the Tanzawa Oyama Quasi-National Park….  From there it was a short walk to the bus which would get us to the station. 


One of the things I do each time I visit Japan is to go to the mountains! My favorite mountain is Mt Takao, but this time I visited Mt Mitake. Featuring my derp dad :’D 



Otomate Party 2015 Pamphlet - Yuki Kaji + Interview Translation 

Please tell us about any aspects of the characters you play that you can sympathize with. 

Erik from “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama,” “DIABOLIK LOVERS”’s Kanato Sakamaki, and Kakeru Yuiga from “NORN9 Norn + Nonette”: each character has a dark side and peculiar habits, so…’d be difficult to say “I can sympathize” (laughs). In the first place, when creating the character, because of the fact that their base is different from me there are challenging aspects, but that’s what makes it fun, and in the middle of acting, the sensation of going through trial and error while making the role something of my own feels really great. 

Let us hear about any incidents during recording, inside stories of the productions, and any memories related to the series. 

For some reason, just like Erik and Kanato, many characters that I play hold stuffed animals, and at events I stand on stage holding the stuffed animals that have become merchandise, and I actually receive them as well, so that’s a perk (laughs). 

Please tell us about the main point in your outfit for the shoot as well as any favorite items.

This shoot took place at the beginning of summer, so it’s marine-inspired with a white and navy based coloring which casually put everything together. I don’t stiffen up and can relax and move easily in it, but it still looks sophisticated….that sort of look. 

How do you spend your days off? 

I go to the hospital or the salon to take care of my body, and even on rest days work becomes the main focus. However, if it was strictly just that it would be suffocating, so when I get home I watch variety programs, and by mindlessly laughing I can turn the switch on and off from work. If I have the time, I like nature, so I like to go to places like Hakone, Mt. Takao, Kamakura, and Enoshima, and I would really like to go overseas. When one goes to a environment different from the norm, it gives rise to new ideas and energy. I can’t speak any English, but between people, surprisingly there are many areas where they can understand one another without using words, and things can actually work themselves out. 

Please give a message to the fans. 

Thank you for attending. Thankfully, this is my fifth appearance. For “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama” it’s the fourth time, and I am participating in the new series for “DIABOLIK LOVERS” and “NORN9 Norn + Nonette,” which makes me think of how they are enjoyed by a wide range of users. I also personally think that I can have fun while participating in this “festival” called “Otomate Party.” I’m counting on your support!