03.11.2015 Mt. Takao/Tokyo

This morning I had the best free breakfast you could possible have. My guesthouse provided some Japanese food for free. I also met some people from Malaysia who stayed at that guesthouse. They planned to get closer to Mt. Fuji.

Instead I took some nice pictures of Mt. Fuji and Fujiyoshida-shi on my way to the station. My destination was Mt. Takao. What I totall forgot was the national holiday. Normally Mt. Takao is a nice place to get out of the city and crowd and enjoy the nature. It was as crowded as in Harajuku. After meeting Shinsuke, we started to walk up to the top 3800 m on the 6th trail. I’m not good with sports. Not at all. But I always want to walk around and see my surrounding. That mountain is seriously beautiful. I totally understand why many friends recommended it. Comparing to the station the 6th trail wasn’t that filled with people, but also kinda difficult to walk sometimes. Because it rained the day before, the path turned into a small river after the 13th check point. You had to jump from stone to stone, which was pretty fun.

At the top everyone tried to take some nice pictures of Tokyo or Mt. Fuji. Last one was shy as always. But I saw it before, so it was okay. Many japanese people got Bentos and blankets and set around to enjoy the nice weather. Shinsuke and I went to a restaurant to eat some delicious Ramen.

For the way down we chosed the cable car. The waiting time there was 40 minutes. When Japanese people have holidays, the war is on (song of Coldrain). But it was fun for sure, even if I complained about the exhausting 6th trail ;D

We went back to Tokyo with the Keio Line, stopping at the  Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station. They used this station and area as a reference for the Ghibli movie “Whisper of the heart” (耳をすませば). Before a train comes, you can hear “Country Road” playing, which is a big part of that movie. Just when you leave the station there is a map which shows you the way to all the different places which were used. Because the sunset was going on already (aroung 5pm right now), we just made it to the bridge. One day I will explore the whole way for sure.

In the end we walked around Asakusa a bit to take pictures. I had to set everything by myself, but they pictures turned out pretty nice. Before I mostly had guesthouses at this area, so it’s still my favorite. Also because you feel like being in an old town within Tokyo. This great day was finished at a small Izakaya with beer and some Japanese food. 今日もありがとうね!いつも楽しかったですね。

Today’s calendar:
Weather: sunny
Distance: Fujikawaguchiko to Mt. Takao to Tokyo 
Accommodation: a Friend’s place

Positive: reaching the top of a mountain
Negative: nothing