This is the 7th black church to burn down since the Charleston massacre

The Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina, burned down Tuesday night, making it the seventh black church in the South to be ablaze since the Charleston massacre. The fire was so aggressive, the church’s roof collapsed before roughly 50 firefighters were able to contain the inferno. The fire brings up horrifying memories of 20 years ago.

(Updated to include AP report about the fire not being arson.)

andros27 asked:

How did Hera meet Chopper in the teen AU?

There’s probably a canon meeting that is vastly different from the AU idea below. But since this is AU, I can go totally full throttle into AU realm AU. AU Chopper, like all legendary monsters, was BUILT.

Hera, not having much money, decided to build her own astromech droid from third-hand parts.

I’m pretty sure someone installed a HK assassination protocol into Chopper. I don’t know how but I bet it happened. And Chopper is actually calling everyone “Meatbag”.

Kanan/Caleb = Jedi Meatbag

Hera = Captain Meatbag

Zeb = Smelly Meatbag

Sabine = Sabine Meatbag

Ezra = Baby Meatbag

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