mt wall

Spinning through the Universe

Facing North towards Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam: Khumbu Valley, Himlayas, Nepal.

Here is a snippet from my journal written two days after this photo was taken, having spent 23 days hiking through the Himalayas:

“After the first week you lose track of the days, and without a watch, you lose track of time. Your days instead become dictated by the rising and setting of the sun, the iciness of the wind, and the predictive patterns of the clouds. Time begins to stretch into an infinite line that takes the form of a winding dusty path from where you’ve come to where you’re going. Your muscles propel you onwards down that path, leaving your mind free to expand into the extreme landscape that surrounds you. The mountains open your thoughts, sharpen your senses, and reawaken your spirit. It’s like hitting a reset button on yourself. You are finally able to see everything in uttermost clarity, having distilled away everything that isn’t important.

There is a reason that ancient Buddhist monks built their monasteries in high places in the highest mountains. They remember something that we sometimes forget: that there is value in appreciating the slow passage of time, that we are just small parts of a world unimaginably vast, and that peace can be found in silence.”

Various Headcanons of my PT/Undertale Crossover

–Once Kinkan Town is freed from its magic binds, outside of the town’s walls is Mt. Ebott. With no memory of the outside world, those in the PT universe have not heard of its “dangers”.

–Ahiru is initially the one to “fall down” from the mountain, more out of curiosity and clumsiness than anything else. But Fakir pulls an “Act 12″ maneuver and breaks her fall, both of them plummeting into the mountain.

–Fakir takes the brunt of the fall and gets a broken arm out of it.

–Ahiru instantly trusts Flowey. Fakir instantly distrusts Flowey. For once, Fakir is actually right in being wary.

–Like the “Courage” gem, Fakir and Ahiru are a “SOUL team”. They enter FIGHTS together. Fakir’s soul is red while Ahiru’s is clear/translucent white, just like the Courage gems.

–Their respective SOUL traits are: Hope (Ahiru) and Loyalty/Protectiveness (Fakir)

–Ahiru will end up confusing the monsters who find out she is not really human, because according to them, her SOUL is a human soul.

–Ahiru has a very hard time leaving Toriel. They like one another from the get-go and Fakir, while wary of absolutely everyone and everything in the Underground, begrudgingly warms up to Toriel because she is so sweet and kind to Ahiru (and him, even with his blatant distrust of her). Eventually, he allows her to heal his injury before they leave.

–Toriel does not fight them when they leave the Ruins. She sees Fakir as being capable enough of protecting and taking care of Ahiru, though she is still sad to see them go.

–Fakir instantly dislikes Sans. Sans instantly dislikes Fakir, although he is less blatant about it. This does not change. In fact, it only continues to get worse and worse, especially when Fakir will inevitably insult Papyrus for wasting their time with ridiculous puzzles and probably call him an idiot multiple times. (But Ahiru has fun with said puzzles, much to Papyrus’s glee, and so Fakir is dragged along for the ride anyway.) Ahiru and Sans get along alright, but she does not really understand his jokes. And Fakir tries to keep him away from her anyway, since he does not trust him at all. Sans drives Fakir up a wall with puns and purposely aggravates him for the hell of it. This does not help their relationship in the slightest.

–Ahiru and Fakir find a mutual enjoyment in petting all the dogs.

–Fakir often tries to resort to FIGHTing the more frustrating and aggressive monsters, but Ahiru refuses to let him hurt anyone if she can help it. In the event that he does attack something, she tries to make him apologize after they have spared said monster.

–Ahiru would spend all her time talking, chatting, and befriending every monster if not for Fakir practically pulling her onward so they can continue their way out of the Underground.

–Instead of flirting with Papyrus, Ahiru offers to dance with him. They both enjoy said dance and as a result, he does not want to capture her any more. He considers capturing just Fakir, instead, because he seems rude and mean, but with Ahiru’s insistence that he is not a bad person, Papyrus gives him the benefit of the doubt.