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Cameron Dallas Imagine -You Leave Part 2

Did I really just break up with him?

So many thoughts coarsed through my mind as I was driving towards the main roads. My heart started beating fast as if I were to have a heart attack. Beads of sweat started trickling down my forehead and neck. My breaths were uneven and short. Almost to the point of hyperventilation. Tears soon clouded my eyes. The fact that all of this is happening at the same time made my head hurt. Did I make the right decision? Did I over react? I mean, we’re still young we should live life like he is. We shouldn’t take everything too seriously. But still. Okay, I forgive him for now but I’m still not going back. I need him to see whats he done. We both need time to process. I decided, instead of staying at my dorm, I texted Nash asking him if I could come over and stay for a while, it was a long drive to campus and I was too tired and sad to drive for over half an hour. Nash has been my best friend ever since I met the boys. He has always been there for me, he’s seen me at my best and sadly, my worst. A sigh of relief washed over me when I got the text saying “Of course! But be careful driving, its night! Dont text and drive!” With that I placed my phone on the passenger seat and laughed quietly to myself while still having a headache, focusing on the road. It would only be about 5 more minutes to his house. I slowly entered the big neighborhood, driving straight then soon making a turn to the left which lead me to the third house down on my right side which was Nash’s. I was just about to make that left turn which would make me end up on his street but I looked into the rear view mirror and a car was swerving fastly towards my way. The car was swerving from all the way from the left side of the street to the right, and mind I say, it was approaching very quickly. My mind took me a while to process the situation. I was still light headed and dizzy from crying. I squinted my puffy eyes towards the road to my left where I saw Nash waiting outside his door. I immediately saw his face and it went from excited and caring to worried and surprised. It was as if everything were in slow motion. I reached for my steering wheel so that I could turn onto his street. But I forgot about the car behind me, allowing me to end up crippled and bleeding near the street light that was about 15 feet away from me seconds ago.

The only I rembered was little flashes of vision from my now messed up memory. My head hurt but I forced myself to remember as much as I could.

I remembered the white balloon shaped safety cushion that was covered in big dark red spots, attatched to the steering wheel.

I remembered Nash crying out every tear out of his big blue eyes, while pulling me out of the car carefully yet forcefully, laying me down on the street.

I remembered seeing Camerons car arrive behind the ambulance and firetrucks.

I remembered Cameron placing my head in his lap while loads of tears from his eyes dropped onto my bloody cheeks.

I remebered Cameron caressing my body on the street whimpering “Im sorry. This is my fault. All my fault. I love you so much. Im sorry. Please stay with me!”

I remebered being pushed down the hospital hallway with a sobbing Cameron and whimpering Nash running after my cot attempting to stay with me.

Then I remembered being in the hospital room with machines all around me, bandages on my head and arms, and all of the boys here. Matt, Cameron, Nash, Taylor, Aaron, Hayes, Carter, Jack, and Jack. All impatiently shaking their legs up and down in chairs close to my bed with sad, worried, hopeless expressions.

Then that was it. That was all I remembered. I soon fell into a deep sleep. No I’m not dying. Although I think. No, im pretty sure Im not… I hope.

(A/N)- Hey guys! Hope you liked it! I decided there will be a part 3 but I dont know when im posting it! Anyways keep requesting stuff!! I’ll do almost anyone!! Tell me who you want it with, and what you want it to be about!!xx SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES

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*Drops Blake from Snow on mt Silver into your lap* Oh, uh, hi Ben:/)

BEN was already floating, ‘lying’ down in mid-air. Suddenly, a entity falls onto his lower region, causing the blonde to sit up, wincing in pain. “Oh fffffffff-”