mt coronet

what i want in a sinnoh remake: a very long list of unreasonable demands

- diamond and pearl opening- bring back being attacked by starly. c’mon. that as a fully animated cutscene would be a lot more impactful than platinum’s opening

- and while we’re at lake verity, throw in a mesprit sighting. links the player into the overarching plot much earlier on; when did we first hear about the lake spirits in the originals? celestic town? i cant remember it’s been too long

- speaking of surfing, for the love of Arceus please make surfing faster and reduce the encounter rate for water (and caves while we’re at it- mt. coronet without repels is more of a hell than the distortion world could ever hope to be)

- bidoof is every ride pokemon. need to fly somewhere? tie it to a drifblim. surf? tape it to a floatzel. fight me.

- also can we have a way to get through that snow faster like please. give us skis or something. i don’t want to deal with that every time i want to get a glaceon or some shit.

- can we have the option of wearing platinum clothes before we go up to snowpoint? think of poor dawn. she’s in a miniskirt. in a blizzard.

- please use the platinum regional dex oh my god if i have to use a rapidash again i might cry

- bring back mega evolutions- z moves are an alolan thing and we need a way to get more mega stones in gen 7 anyways

- put a key stone / z crystal port on the poketch bc otherwise we’ve got like three wrist things to wear

- more battles with dawn/lucas, tag battle or regular battle, i don’t care, include them more

- i’d suggest triple battles with dawn/lucas/barry but given that this would (hopefully) be on the sun and moon engine that would probably be slower than surfing in d/p/pt was

- cyrus had such a good backstory incorporate it into the main story please

- hey remember those walk cycles datamined from sun and moon? if they are only used in amity square im going to cut someone use them in the whole overworld you cowards

- fix the great marsh, and make it memorable- it’s the last safari zone we’re probably gonna see for a long time

- please don’t kill the game corner please don’t kill the game corner please dont kill the

- if you have to kill the game corner, keep the music and put it somewhere else

- spear pillar goes down exactly like dppt except, you guessed it, giratina shows up and drags everyone into the distortion world. if you really wanna make it about the mascot legendaries you could, like, make giratina unbattleable and have it holding the mascot hostage and you have to battle it to save it or whatever


- since pokemon bank is now a thing, the pal park will probably be obsolete- replace it with something really cool, don’t just leave it there and have it permanently closed or something

- opinion: don’t bring back the festival plaza. it made interacting with friends online way too complicated. the wifi plaza in the basement of the pokemon center could probably do a good job of replacing it

- battle frontier or riot

- give me a lillie cameo please please please

- arceus post story please

- incorporate the darkrai event- that was bomb af

okay that’s all i have thank u for reading

reasons for a sinnoh remake

- team galactic can capture gladion and his silvally and use them to study the RKS system (for plans to capture arceus or something). or maybe gladion joins team galactic and becomes an admin? idk.

- beautiful music reorchestrated

- cute character redesigns

- a new storyline focused on different legendaries (ex: darkrai/cresselia)

- an even more in depth storyline. (I’m talking a sun and moon quality storyline man)

- more in depth character backstories. (i.e cyrus, cynthia, barry, dawn/lucas).

- the rise of cyrus

- the distortion world in 3d

- mt coronet

- the explorer kit

- new cities added? maybe if it takes place in the future, some of the cities can be advanced?

- snowpoint city

- mega evolutions for starters

- mesprite azelf and uxie

- eterna forest and the old chatteau

- route 209 reorchestrated


the sinnoh region is my favorite. if it doesn’t get remade I will be sad. slide into my dm’s if you feel like obsessing over the sinnoh region with me lmao.


Mt. Coronet Dubstep Remix (by Glitchxcity)

Nintendo, this is how you game music.

buckle in, its the florida pokemon au

choose a starter between totodile, treeko, or tepig 

the everglades is the penultimate location of importance (akin to mt coronet, cave of origin, dragonspiral tower, etc.) Raikou is the patron legendary, due to florida being the lightning captial of the US, and being similar to the florida panther. 

the main plot will probably center around natural wildlife area preservation, as the villain team is a corporation wishing to develop a lot of these lands. themes of valuing of human expansion/capital gain over pokemon and earth preservation

gyms are found in: 

  • tampa
  • tallahassee 
  • jacksonville 
  • orlando 
  • miami 
  • ocala 
  • port st lucie 
  • naples 

other notable towns include: 

  • key west - can find manaphy here 
  • titusville/cocoa - can find “extraterrestrial” pokemon around here, such as staryu, clefairy. deoxys can be obtained at the space center 

other important locations: 

  • ocala national forest 
  • everglades national forest 
  • the keys 
  • st augustine 
  • lake okeechobee 
  • st johns river/various springs 
  • disney/general theme parks 
  • i-4 
  • a ranch in the middle of the state 
  • a retirement home trailer park 

misc. notes: 

  • pinap and nanab berries can be purchased in southern pokemarts, while oran and sitrus are found in central/northen regions 
  • the ocala gym leader is a mountain biking fanatic; their gym is outside and has ledges/ramps using the acro and mach bike 
  • the naples gym leader is too old to be a gym leader and should have probably retired with her peers ages ago
  • pokemarts are replaced with wawa
  • fight an emboar with your bare hands in the swamps off 520 
  • palpitoads are everywhere and they WILL scream at you 

please let me know if i missed or need to add something. this is coming from someone who’s spent most of their time on the east coast/central areas of florida so i know more about those regions, but not as much others

list of obtainable pokemon under the cut, because it got a little long

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Team Galactic, Or, How I Learned To Stop Feeling And Love Nothing

Like many people, Pokémon represents a big chunk of my childhood. I was hooked from the moment I placed Pokémon Blue into my Gameboy, and to this day I still hold the franchise very close to my heart.

I’ve played at least one mainline game in every generation, and there are very few of them I’d ever call “bad” (some better than others, sure, but none ever dipping below the “good enough” line!).

The 7th Generation of Pokémon games was an interesting experiment, with Sun and Moon taking a much more character-driven focus to its story, as opposed to simply having a wafer-thin plot to fill in the gaps between Gym Leaders.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I actually rather enjoyed SM for this. Lillie’s story was very interesting to me, and many were the times were I found myself very curious to see where it was headed. That’s not to say there weren’t flaws, obviously (a cutscene skip option would have been nice), and the story wasn’t exactly to the level of the majority of RPGs out there, but for what it was, I found it rather enjoyable.

This was, in no small part, due to its main villain Lusamine, who I’ve seen quite some fans call her the most complex Pokémon villain to date. And while I wouldn’t take away the fact Lusamine is a very interesting villain in her own right, I feel she has strong competition in terms of villainy in the Pokémon world.

Whoever your favorite villain in the entire series is, obviously, down to personal preference. This is just me gushing about a team and villain that I find to be remarkably fascinating for a Pokémon game, and who I believe to be one that gets somewhat misunderstood among the community.

So, with that (way too long) introduction out of the way, let’s talk about Team Galactic!

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Requested by dead–joker

Magneton evolves into Magnezone through the exposure of a “special magnetic field”, which is not possible to recreate in a laboratory environment. Magnetic Field strength is measured in a unit called a Tesla, named after the famous Serbian-American scientist.

Let’s start by giving you an idea about the strength of a magnetic field:

  • The magnetic field of the Earth ranges from 0.000031 to 0.000065 Teslas depending on your latitude.
  • typical refrigerator magnet has a field of about 0.005 Teslas
  • neodymium magnet has a field of about 1.25 Teslas
  • A Medical MRI machine works at about 3 Teslas (Research MRI machines go up to 9.4 T)
  • 16 Teslas can levitate a frog
  • The largest ever lab-generated field was 45 Teslas
  • The largest ever lab-generated pulse field was 730 Teslas, which destroyed the equipment used.
  • A neutron star has a field of more than 1,000,000 Teslas

As you can see, the Magnetic Fields generated in a laboratory setting are much larger than anything that occurs naturally in our solar system. If Magneton’s evolution was based on field strength alone, there’s no reason why scientists could not recreate it in a laboratory setting.

So there must be something we’re missing. Let’s take a closer look at the locations we know Magnezone will evolve:

  1. Mt. Coronet – The highest mountain in Sinnoh and the location of the Spear Pillar, home of Arceus.
  2. Chargestone Cave – A cave in Western Unova that is full of glowing, floating stones.
  3. Kalos Route 13 – A barren wasteland that is the site of the manmade Kalos power plant.
  4. New Mauville – Another man-made powerplant located under Mauville City in Hoenn.

At first, these locations seem to have nothing in common. Two of them are power plants, one is a mountain, the pokémon found in the areas aren’t even the same. Three out of the four you can find thunderstones, which might say something, but nothing that really solves our problem. And yet, we know all of them have some sort of strong magnetic field.

For both power plants, the source is relatively obvious. Any moving charge creates a magnetic field, whether its an electron around a nucleus, or a current through a wire. These power plants must manufacture and distribute massive amounts of electricity, which generate a massive magnetic field appropriately. Somewhere around 5 million amps of electric current from my estimations.

Chargestone Cave appears to be a deposit of diamagnetic superconductors. Basically, this allows the stones to easily float as discussed in Magnemite’s entry. As for Mt. Coronet, it’s probably either a strong magnetic pole, contains lots of ferromagnetic ores, or perhaps there’s something about Arceus that generates a big magnetic field. In any case, all four locations have a Magnetic field in the order of around 1 Tesla. About 10 Teslas will kill a person, and since the areas are frequented by trainers, it’s definitely closer to 1.

And that’s totally reproducible in a lab setting. But because Magnezone’s evolution its not, there has to be something else unique about these sites that triggers Magneton’s evolution. I’m willing to bet the answer lies in how Magneton’s magnets interact with the environment around it; not the other way around.

Every material has a quantity called magnetic moment, which determines the magnetic force it will feel. During the experiment the unnamed scientists performed, they likely isolated and insulated their experiment from any other factors. So while the strong magnetic field could interact with Magneton, Magneton’s own magnets did not act on the thing generating the magnetic field.

But what does this change? Essentially, Magneton’s own magnetic field interacting with its environment around it (the thing that’s generating the field) would take the already large magnetic field and make it into a changing magnetic field. Changing magnetic fields have lots of interesting effects that stationary fields do not. If a field is changing fast enough, it can even have the same effect as bombarding you with radiation. And that’s what would give Magneton the energy it needs to evolve.

Magnezone gets the energy it needs to evolve from a strong, changing magnetic field. It is not re-creatable in a lab setting because Magneton’s own field is not allowed to interact with the equipment generating the external one; which would likely harm the equipment anyways.

Because of this, you should definitely stay away from Magnezone while its evolving in these areas, and keep it in the pokeball unless absolutely necessary. As I said, a changing magnetic field is comparable to sticking yourself in a microwave. 

haunted-darkmatter  asked:

The worst thing thats happened to me is when I was a young lad, my first Pokemon game was Pearl and when I received the Master Ball I wanted to see if it really worked so I used it on a random Medicham at Mt. Coronet and expected to receive Master Balls later in the game.

“My first game was pearl” BABY YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL SO OLD!! My first game was Gold…

More Guide Pokemon, this time, they’re tied to their local area, so there would be stations at either side to leave them at, kind of like the rideable Pokemon in X and Y. A Gastrodon for marshy areas (East Sea since the marshy places are all east of Mt. Coronet), and a Mamoswine for deep snow.

Also featuring environment appropriate clothing: waders and galoshes for the marsh, full on winter gear with parka, scarf, gloves, and boots for the snow.

Sinnoh Headcanons
  • Sinnoh used to have incredibly bad issues with pollution - think London smog in the fifties. There was a huge push for clean energy after the flowers in Floaroma Meadow were halved because Combees couldn’t navigate in order to pollinate.
  • Cyrus was the Champion of Sinnoh before Cynthia. Cyrus abused his power and the whole region was relieved when Cynthia defeated him - even if his villainous schemes weren’t apparent then. 
  • Cynthia has helped or assisted just about everyone in Sinnoh to the point where everyone owes her a favor. 
  • The whole region is extremely rich in minerals, hence the mining and whatnot that occurs, but this also makes the whole region a little strange when it comes to electromagnetic fields, concentrated at Mt. Coronet. This is blamed for many oddities, including the ability to pass into the Distortion World. 
  • The whole region is ridiculously cold compared to other regions, not just Snowpoint. The inhabitants of the region are 100% those people who don’t let people from other regions complain about the cold because “they don’t know what real cold is!”. 
  • It’s possible to see the Aurora Borealis from several points in Sinnoh, such as Snowpoint and the top of Mt. Coronet. Very, very occasionally it’s possible to see them from Celestic Town; whenever this happens, its seen as a harbinger of good luck. In olden times, the lights were considered to be from Arceus.
  • Kalos’s power plant’s solar panels were based off designs created by Volkner, originally intended for Sunyshore.
  • Every city’s gym leader has to, along with their other duties, submit reports on energy sustainability and responsibility from their surrounding areas. 
  • There’s a fairly mild rivalry between the East and West sides of Sinnoh. Mild, that is, until it comes time for the Lily of the Valley Conference. Then it’s cut throat, each side rooting for the trainers from its own side.