mt childhood

rangdeenis  asked:

felt-tip, crayon & calculator! 💖💖💖 xx

thanks Neha! you picked the fun questions :D

felt-tip: describe your aesthetic

I like to think I have more than one set aesthetic: vibrant blue of the sky and water, green of lush forest, and the pastels of flowers; new book smell, ink stains on fingers, neat handwriting, wood and glass libraries, the scent of sharpened pencil (i know it’s a weird thing); big jhimukis, detailed dupattas and stacks and stacks of bangles. :D

crayon: your earliest childhood memory

okay my mom always gets mad at me because I don’t remember anything from mt childhood (hence the trip next month :o) but I have this distinct memory (@wannaberebelatheart might remember) of recesses at school where sticks and twigs became lightsabers and we’d go on quests to fight darth vader :D he had nothing on us

calculator: list fifteen things that make you happy

ooh fun here we go:

  1. being able to touch the bottom of the swimming pool
  2. goofing around on ps and being happily surprised by the result
  3. when a room fills with gold lighting at sunrise/set
  4. when something you don’t think will get a lot of notes does
  5. being in big cities at night - bonus if it’s recently rained, extra bonus for good music
  6. when a sentence I’ve been struggling with finally sounds right
  7. seeing the number 7 hehe
  8. hair elastics that are perfectly stretched
  9. people with infectious smiles! IK some people find those types annoying but hey, if you can make me grin that’s a good thing
  10. puppies! puppies puppies puppies (this includes doggies of all ages!)
  11. seeing animals in general, my laptop is 99% bird pics
  12. walking away from a social interaction and being happy with what I’ve said/not screwed up
  13. snow!! even if it gets down my boots I’m still just happy to see it 
  14. realizing I’m in some weird angle/position after successfully taking a cool photo :o idk why but it’s satisfying
  15. seeing a movie/finishing a book I’ve been waiting to see/read for a long time