- Cho chị.
- Gì vậy?
- Đồ chị dùng được.
- Cám ơn W.
- Giữ gìn sức khỏe một chút, nhớ ăn uống nghỉ ngơi đàng hoàng đó.
- Biết rồi.
- Ngoan lắm.
- W này.
- Ơi.
- Em không cảm thấy nếu em cứ dành tình cảm và tốt với chị như vậy rất lãng phí sao? Chị cũng chẳng cho em được thứ em mong muốn. Tấm lòng của em sẽ trở thành vô ích đó.
- Chời, sao này tự nhiên thoại phim xuất thần vậy?
- Chị nói thật.
- Hmm, không sao mà. Đừng nghĩ gì hết, thứ em muốn là mỗi ngày đều thấy chị vui vẻ, khỏe mạnh. Chị còn phải lo cho em bé trong bụng nữa, em lớn rồi, có gì mà lo.
- Nhưng mà..
- Cuộc đời là vậy đó, luôn có những việc tốn công vô ích. Quan trọng là em cảm thấy vui. Em thương chị, rất thương chị, như vậy đã đủ lý do cho tất cả những điều này rồi chứ?!
—  Nói người ta thoại phim mà người ta nói 1 câu mình nói 80 câu. =))))))) Thói gì kỳ hahaha

So as you might have noticed I changed my URL from @a-nakinskywalker to @darthbaene​. Don’t worry Anakin’s still ma boo, but I really wanted to change it for quite a while now and today I’ve finally decided to dew it! So, from now on I’ll be tracking #darthbaene. 

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have those people who are like “poor men under patriarchy!! never allowed to express their emotions!!! :(” ever been in the presence of a man who is frustrated or angry about something because in my experience they express their emotions far too much and scream or break things or kill people

so everyone knows that seeing great comet in person is an Experience but you don’t really understand how much of an Experience it really is until Dolokhov shoves his guitar into your hands during Balaga and shouts over the music “HEY WILL YOU HOLD THIS FOR ME? ITS VERY EXPENSIVE. I HAVE TO GO DANCE.”

in other words it was the best show ever

when im having a good time listening to music from the 2000′s and reliving fun memories associated with the songs and then it hits me that i’m getting further and further away from the points at which those songs came out and that i’m never going to be able to go back in time to those days and instead im just slowly getting sadder and older

The stage door is a privilege.

When I was in NYC last month I had the amazing opportunity to see Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen. I knew it would be a good show, I knew his performance would be incredible. And it was an absolutely stunning experience to watch him bare his entire soul on stage. I left in a daze, thinking about how emotionally draining doing that EIGHT times a week must be. It was a matinee on a two show and not a single member of the cast came out the stage door. I didn’t blame them at all—it was the fourth show in a five show weekend.

I was lucky enough to catch him after the show that night. I could tell he was exhausted, visibly run down, and he was also on vocal rest so he couldn’t even speak. But he still made his way through the crowd of people, signing programs, offering shy smiles. 

I got there early enough to be at the very front and let me just say… the fans were out of control. There was pushing and yelling and screaming and I felt a little overwhelmed by the attention of it all, especially when Ben came out the stage door. Everyone was pushing on the metal grate so hard that it was dragging forward. Of course everyone was excited that he came out, but I just made sure to just thank him over and over again for coming out to say hello, something he definitely did not have to do, especially when he has to take care of himself. That should be his priority.

Then today, this is what he tweeted.

Which was a very kind and patient response to something that’s become a huge issue in the theater community, and that’s the sense of entitlement from fans for an actor’s time after the show.

This may have been the tweet in question, I’m not sure. Either way, this is the entitled attitude that’s going to ruin the stage door for everyone if people can’t get their act together. Don’t mob actors at the stage door. The stage door is an incredibly unique experience, it’s a chance to connect with artists who give 110% every night. What they do is rewarding yes, but it’s also exhausting! Eight shows a week, you guys, that’s not easy.

It breaks my heart that people have been giving Ben crap about not coming to the stage door. To be honest, after my experience at the DEH stage door, I wouldn’t blame him if he NEVER came out after the show. It really has turned into a madhouse, especially with the popularity and fandom of the show. So please, please, PLEASE remember to respect the actors! And I’ll repeat it again.

The stage door is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, and it’s a privilege that’s going to be taken away if we in the theater community don’t hold people responsible for respecting that, and respecting the actors who share their time and their talent with us.