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Hello, it’s the anon who asked about submitting a picture :3 How do you think the RFA members would react to seeing MC in this? (Also yea this is a sketch of MC in a maid cat costume that I happened to do in class one day oops :p)


Author’s note: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT PERFECT!! & btw omg this lil sketch is so cute


  • He had been playing his game alllllll day
  • And you had tried EVERYTHING to get him to pay attention to you
  • But apparently there was some super important tournament going on today???
  • So, desperate times calls for desperate measures
  • “Yoosunggggggg!”
  • “MC, I love you, but I’m super-duper busy right now!!”
  • “Just turn around, please.”
  • Yoosung sighed and turned around
  • “Okay, but I only-“
  • You smiled when he stopped mid-sentence
  • “Do you like it?”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “I-I…”
  • He quickly spun around in his chair and pressed a button
  • “Uhh, hey guys? I’m gonna have to sit this round out. Bye!”
  • He spun back around and rested his chin on his hand
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • You bent down and kissed his lips
  • “Thanks, but you never answered my question.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “…Do you like it?”
  • “No. I LOVE IT!!!”
  • He stood up and hugged you, spinning you around
  • “Y-Yoosung I’m getting d-dizzy!”
  • He stopped and put you down
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help it…”
  • You laughed, “That’s okay, I’m glad you like it so much!”
  • He smiled before removing your cat ears and putting them on his head
  • “Do they look cute on me, too?”
  • “Adorable.”


  • You lost a bet to Seven on who could drink the most PhD. Pepper
  • And of course he used your boyfriend’s allergy against you
  • So when Zen walked into the house and turned on the lights
  • There you were, in the middle of the room
  • In a maid cat costume
  • “Nyaaaaa!”
  • “MC?”
  • “Y-Yes, master?”
  • And with that Zen’s face turned BRIGHT RED
  • “U-Uhhh, take off the maid costume.”
  • You looked at the ground
  • “Okay…”
  • And leave it off.”
  • You looked back up at him and smiled
  • “As you wish-“
  • You turned around and walked away
  • “-Master.”
  • Before you could move another step, you heard Zen call out
  • “Oh, and MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “…Leave the cat ears on.”
  • “I thought you hated cats?”
  • “I do… but you might get to change that.”
  • You swore you could hear his smirk


  • Jaehee called you and said she was going to be home late
  • So you took this an opportunity to surprise her, and slipped on something you were saving for a rainy day
  • And two hours later, your prey Jaehee arrived
  • “MC, I’m home!”
  • You hopped up and walked over to her
  • “Do you want me to get your bag for you?”
  • She nodded handing you your bag
  • She looked at you and then walked into the kitchen
  • Not even a reaction! I wasn’t expecting that…
  • No more than two seconds later, Jaehee walked back out of the kitchen and gave you a confused look
  • “W-What are you wearing?”
  • You smiled, “Oh, this? I thought you didn’t notice!”
  • “It took me a couple seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing…”
  • “But, you like it?”
  • She walked over and placed her hands on your hips
  • “I like everything you wear. You’re supposed to be a cat maid, right?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • She stood back and smirked
  • “Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making dinner?”
  • You laughed and grabbed her hand
  • “How about you go put on your costume and we can make dinner together!”
  • “Y-you got me one?”
  • You turned and gave her a devilish grin
  • “Of course.”


  • You already know how this gonna end
  • You walked out of your closet and looked at yourself in the mirror
  • “Juuuminnnnnn!!”
  • “What?”
  • “Come here! I think you’ll like what I have on!!”
  • “Fine, I’ll be there in a second.”
  • You bounced up and down with anticipation
  • “MC, you know-“
  • He stopped mid-sentence
  • “So??”
  • His eyes widened as he slowly approached you
  • I know that look…
  • Just as you were about to suggest… doing something else, he spun around and walked out of the room
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Stay there!”
  • “…okay.”
  • He walked back into the room holding Elly
  • “Here, hold Elizabeth.”
  • You took the cat and gave him a confused look
  • “Okay, now smile!”
  • You blinked as the camera flash went off
  • “Stay still and give Elizabeth a kiss!! We can put it on our Christmas card!”
  • “JUMIN.”
  • actually they do end up getting a little frisky later though I mean come on she’s in a cat maid outfit


  • “Okay, you can look now!”
  • Seven removed his hands from his eyes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You smiled at his now bright red face
  • “So… you like it?”
  • Seven dashed out of the room before you could question him
  • He could have at least said I looked cute or something…
  • After five minutes, you started to get a little concerned
  • “Uhh… Seven? I can take-“
  • “TAH-DAH!”
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • Seven gave you a wink
  • But you didn’t notice
  • You were still staring at THE MATCHING MAID CAT COSTUME HE HAD ON

anonymous asked:

Hi hello !! I ADORE your work !! Can I request? (That is if you aren't busy) can you maybe write about Jumin trying to tell Mcs parents that she's pregnant but is very worried that they might react negatively? Again if you are very busy it's fine it's really okay !!!

Aw thank you, I’d be more than happy to do the request!!! I know a lot of these requests were sent in awhile ago but I do plan to get to each and every one of them!! 

Thank you and enjoy!! Have a marvelous day!!! ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙♡


Jumin let out a small, nervous sigh as he raised his hand to knock on the door of your parent’s home, the only thing keeping him from leaving being the hopeful smile upon your expression.

“They’ll be so excited to hear the news!” You had assured him. “This’ll give you guys a chance to finally get along!” 

“That’s debatable darling.” 

“Well, I’m sure they’ll be much happier to know that I’m pregnant with my husband’s child than someone else.” 

He still was quiet, even as you laughed and nudged him in your amusement, comforting him once more. 

To be truthful, your parents were not bad people, but they certainly saw it that way in regards to him.

They held beliefs more akin to that of Zen.

And had personalities, more akin to Zen.

So, they didn’t get along very well, to say the least. 

Not that Jumin didn’t try.

You knew he tried harder than he tried anything else in his whole life. 

But each time somehow managed to end in more disaster than before. 

So this didn’t seem like a beautifully laced invitation to reconcile.

But a catastrophe waiting to unfold. 

“Oh!” Your mother opened the door initially with a smile as she saw you, dropping just a bit as she saw Jumin, letting out a small huff. “Hello!” 

“Good afternoon.” Jumin felt your fingers intertwine with his, giving an encouraging squeeze, a gentle sort of calm overwhelming him.

“Hi, mom!” You exclaimed, beaming as you dipped your head as a sort of greeting, following as she let you both in.

“This is a surprise, we weren’t expecting you two.” 

“Well, I guess that makes sense since we have a surprise for you guys!” You replied, sniggering lightly. 

“Oh, do you want me to go get your father? He’s outside in the garden.” 

You nodded, sitting down beside Jumin on the sofa. “Yes please!”

Your mother nodded and burst off outside, their muffled voices a mixture of confusion and excitement, perhaps an inkling of what would come expectant in their heads. 

“Are you sure you want me to be the one to make the announcement?” He questioned again, praying just a bit you would change your mind despite everything.

“I’m positive.” You told him again, leaning against him. “You’re going to do fine, I promise. This is just the thing we need for you to finally connect with my parents.” 

He simply let out a deep breath and prepared himself. 

Your father appeared shortly after, slipping off gloves and approaching both of you, a frown flickering on his features as he saw Jumin.

“Hey, honey!” He grinned as he noticed you, pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead before sitting down beside his wife.

“What’d you want to tell us?” 

You glanced at him, the warmth in your expression being the only thing keeping him going at this point. 

Reluctantly, he mustered the courage and took in a sharp breath, eyeing both of your parents carefully, giving a small smile. 

“MC is pregnant.” 

Their jaws dropped.

“You’re what?” Your mother cried, laughing with such cheer Jumin had never heard from her before, jumping up from their seats as they rose to bundle you up in hugs and tears.

“I’m pregnant!” You yelped, sinking against them as they engulfed you in their delight. 

However, they were eventually forced to be met with you.

And they were happy. 

They pulled him into the hug, pouring congratulations in their utter glee. 

“We’re going to be grandparents!” 

“You are!” 

They almost couldn’t stop expressing their optimism, sniffling and erupting into giggles even as they debated over names and ideas for the nursery.

Yet at some point, your mother stood up and ushered to Jumin to follow, smirking faintly as he guided him to the kitchen, afternoon sunlight peeking in through the glass. 

“I…I know we haven’t exactly had the best relationship as of late,” She murmured, looking down at the ground. “but I do truly think you’ll make a wonderful father.” 

He stared up at her in disbelief.

“You do?” 

“Well, do you love MC?” 

He didn’t even need a second to answer, nodding, his heart filling with adoration at the very mention of you. 

“Yes, more than anything.” 

“Then that child is going to be loved more than I could ever hope.” 

And he finally couldn’t wait for the new addition to enter the world.

And only add to the endless joy.

anonymous asked:

How about an mc who is self conscious about her large chest?

I don’t know how to really answer this without it becoming too sexual/out of my comfort zone. So it’s fairly short, sorry.


  • as innocent as this boy is he     doesn’t have a singular complaint about MC’s chest 
  • He was very fond of hugging her     bc her chest was really soft    
  • But it usually made him blush
  • He’d probably try to make you     feel better by showing you characters on LOLOL with big chests 
  • “She’s like the coolest     character and her breasts are huge!”
  • You gave him a look
  • And he immediately faltered 


  • she understands the struggle of     breasts in general but doesn’t understand why you’re insecure 
  • She tries to make you feel     better by buying super cute bras for your size 
  • she tells you she loves your     chest size and hopes you don’t feel too disheartened by it
  • She’s blushing madly the entire     time


  • wait being insecure about that     is a thing?
  • He’s confused at first because     most girls who throw themselves at him brag about their size
  • But he wants you to be     confident with how you look    
  • He tells you whenever you have     doubts that he loves your breast size 
  • He also shows you


  • he’s wouldn’t be good at     verbally helping you past your insecurities
  • So instead he gets a tailor to     make you a beautiful and comfortable dress
  • He also tries and fails at     subtly dropping hints that he doesn’t care about a persons breast size
  • If none of that works he     eventually just outright tells you he loves you and your breast size is     fine
  • He does worry about you being     uncomfortable in bras that a too small 


  • he’s probably the most     inappropriate about it    
  • He’ll try to make you feel     better, but he’ll do it through very strange means
  • These means probably include     randomly squishing your boob and smiling like a dork
  • Also makes a cake resembling     large breasts, smiles like a good ball and tells you it’s totally fine
  • Slams his face into it to prove     his point without being too vulgar    


  • kinda annoyed at first
  • “Does it really matter?“ 
  • Feels very guilty if he see’s     you sulking after he was too harsh    
  • So later he tried to tell you     your chest was fine
  • But the topic kinda got him all     flustered
  • “Look your chest- it’s     fine. You don’t have to worry- you should care about that- you look     fine-"     
  • He was very red in the face


  • not even for a second does he     get embarrass about comforting you 
  • Nor does he make it     inappropriate     
  • "MC your size is fine, you’d     look beautiful to me no matter what. Please don’t worry about that" 
  • He hugs you tightly and reminds     you often that you are beautiful and you shouldn’t be insecure 

anonymous asked:

YOUR BLOG IS FANTASTIC OMG. Can I request an assertive MC hc for the RFA? Role reversal-ish. Zen tends to do the wooing so how would he react to MC taking the lead? How red would Yoosung's face be lmfao?? Jumin seems like he'd riot tbh. MUCH THANKS

Author’s note: IM LAUGHING I LOVE THIS REQUEST (I don’t feel like I did it justice so I added some gifs too)



  • you were correct because HIS FACE IS BRIGHT RED
  • omg and when you spin his chair around so he faces you
  • and you’re wearing nothing but your underwear 
  • he also immediately hangs up on his LOLOL call 
  • you have HIS FULL ATTENTION he’s like a puppy dog and you just showed him a treat
  • “M-MC, what’s going on? I m-mean… w-what’s going on?”


  • oh he is SO down for assertive MC
  • when he tried to stand up, but you pushed him back down to the couch
  • my god
  • you let out the beast within
  • and he just pulled you right down to him
  • “You’ve got guts babe.”


  • but SHE WASN’T about to stop you either
  • I think the gif says enough


  • he had no idea what you were doing
  • but he loved it
  • when YOU pushed HIM againt a wall damn should he call you daddy now or??
  • I mean sure being dominate was always his favorite
  • but seeing the MC take charge like this made him feel some type of way
  • he tried his best to let her do her thing
  • but he just couldn’t hold back any longer



  • bOYYYY
  • he sees what you’re trying to do and waNTS TO PLAY ALONG
  • “L-look at this apple, MC. It has a bruise shaped like Africa!”
  • finally you give up on being assertive because he juST DOESN’T GET IT 
  • you try to walk away but 

  • that’s not gonna happen
  • not on seven’s watch

anonymous asked:

Could you do how Seven would react if, during his route when he's at the apartment and keeps yelling at MC and pushing them away, if the MC wasn't able to take it so well and had a panic attack and cut themselves.

me tbh. But I added a little twist in the end. Btw it is an ambigous ending so you guys choose! also sorry if I made Saeyoung a little OOC
[ Admin IU ] [ TRIGGER WARNING!: Cutting! ] 

Saeyoung pushes MC too far. 

Saeyoung x MC - Abyssopelagic 

(adj.) like or pertaining to the depths of the sea. 

It was another day in Saeyoung’s house and well, he was still pushing MC away saying cruel harsh things. It always felt like a stab in the back for MC as she liked him, found him adorable and she absolutely admires everything about him. But it doesn’t feel right when he actually pushes her away. ‘I thought he cared for me.’  won’t cross her mind.

Saeyoung was on his computer at exactly 12:00 pm and it’s lunch time yet he hadn’t even eaten breakfast, he was so focused on the keyboard and MC was silent and all she could hear was the annoying taps of the keyboard as he fiddled with codes and whatever he was doing. His eyes glued to the keyboard and MC was feeling lonely; watching him type away. She was holding a tray that contained a plate full of food and a glass full of water. She stood there, breathing deeply. Anxious as she was, she gained courage and called out for him. 

“Saeyoung, it’s time to eat.”

No response. Once more, she called out to him, taking steps and going closer to him. “It’s time for you to eat-” 
And he snapped, standing up and the chair legs screeched against the floor and he was facing her with a glare and an annoyed expression plastered on his face. “Oh my god!” He started, slumping his shoulders and rolling his eyes. “Why can’t you understand?! I’m busy!” He yelled out. “Just leave me alone, let me do my job so this can be over with! You are so annoying oh my god! You’re like ‘Saeyoung this! saeyoung that!’ can’t you see?! I’m saving your life from this bomb! I don’t need to eat!” Saeyoung did something MC could never forget. He raised his hand and hit the tray, knocking it over. The glasses fell and it shattered on the floor, his yells were blurred out  Her eyes were fixated on the ground. She was standing in the middle of glass shards. The glass shards represented her heart being shattered into millions of pieces on the floor and his yells turned into small voices that echoed. 

So her feet moved on it’s own, until she was running away from his bunker. It was a hellish hour to finally find a cab to get her back to the apartment and once she was there, she broke down, crying hysterically. She was in the bathtub, her tears also filling the bath tub little by little. Her tears wouldn’t stop running and she can hear her phone ring a lot of times. She would have a lot of missed calls and people messaging her but she couldn’t care less. The water in the bathtub reminded her of how dangerous the ocean can be and her heart was the ocean. Beautiful and dangerous. It both has an abyss, something that can no longer be filled by anyone or anything. In her hands, a blade. She was gripping the blade so badly that it cut her palms. Moving it to her wrists, she was slashing it, cutting the skin of her own. Blood dripped down to the water and it was staining the beautiful blue to a terrifying red. MC felt numb and she felt dizzy, no longer functioning that much and she dropped the blade on the floor. It was cold and blurry and the last thing she heard was the front door opening and two voices scream her name before she blacked out.

MC woke up in a hospital, and the anxious feeling came back and waved over her body. “Miss? You’re awake!” The nurse was cheery and she called the doctors while she sat up in confusion, looking around the hospital room. “Hello, Miss MC, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked, entering the room. 

“I think I’m fine. What happened?” MC asked, clearly in the middle of confusion and panic. “Oh, don’t worry too much. You just slept for two days. Your wrists are fine and we did everything in our willpower to check your health, mentally, physically, emotionally. It seems that your panic attack had you passed out and it’s serious that emotionally, you can’t handle things. Is it because of a trauma?”


“Family problems or school problems?”

“Both, and words were always thrown at me.” As the doctor was about to ask another question, another nurse came in, carrying flowers, chocolates and a letter. “Mr. Han sent you this.” She handed her the letter and MC took it, seeing the stamp of the C&R. Slowly opening it, her mouth suddenly went dry reading this.

[ Letter ] 
Dear MC, 
          By the time that you are reading this, Saeyoung has deleted the app on your phone. We’re sorry that this happened to you and I’m sure Saeyoung is too. We hope you’re doing well as the whole RFA is worried about your condition. Here are some things that Zen suggested I’d buy you and I didn’t go there, sadly as I think you wouldn’t want to face any of us. I paid for the hospital charges and there is a cab waiting for you if ever you discharge and it will take you home. We’re sorry and as an apology, I’m handing out money. There will be cash, yes but it’s all for you. Please, accept my sincere apology. 

                                                                                      Yours Truly, 
                                                                                       Jumin Han.

I’ll post the alternate endings soon lmao. 
Check out our masterlist! 

Alternate ending 1  Alternate ending 2 

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I loved the ZEN and MC raising a child so much thank you you're amazing! Can you do one for V as well? If that's not too much

Sure thing anon!! Here ya go darling! I’m so sorry it takes me ten years to write these up but I hope you like it! 
*Note: I’m terrible at names so Sun it is :D

Male MC x V (Their Daughter Sun)


  • At first Sun was extremely introverted and couldn’t make friends easily.
  • V was extremely adamant on being yourself. He always told her to never change herself for others.
  • Zack always praised her for her artwork and told her she should be proud of herself.
  • They live in a two story house with Zack and V living downstairs and Sun living in the attic (think Persona 5 but nicer, like a mini studio apartment)
  • V loves taking family photos.
  • He teaches Sun how to be a photographer
  • Zack always asks when the next school art show will be.
  • He brags about her all the time to all the other parents.
  • They adopted a calico cat.  Sun and the cat are the best of friends.
  • Sun was drawing pictures of her cat in class when suddenly others started wanting to look at her pictures.
  • They started talking and soon enough Sun was having sleepovers with new friends.
  • Zack makes sure Sun knows that she’s great and special and she should love herself (he gets flashbacks of his school life)
  • Sun’s room is covered in pictures of her friends and her cat.
  • They always have a family game night on Friday.
  • Zack gets a little cocky when he’s winning.
  • They also have scary movie week during the end of October.
  • V takes her on his nature hikes
  • Sun drew a photo of a flower much like the one V gave ZEN and showed it to him.
  • ZEN now has it has his wallpaper and has the picture framed in his home.
  • Yoosung plays boardgames with her when he babysits.
  • Seven comes over to teacher her photoshopping and to play with the cat.
  • Jumin loves to treat her like a princess and take her, V, and Zack to art shows.
  • Jaehee takes her for a girls day out where they fan over ZEN, have sweets and go to coffee shops.
  • “She was this shy little girl when we first adopted her.” Zack says as he hear’s the girls laughing and playing video games. “But look at her now. She’s made such amazing friends, and it’s all thanks to you.” He smiled as V polished his camera lens.
  • “I don’t think so.” V smiles. “I remember the stories you told me when you were a teen and it is saddening when the real you is what saved me from a life of regret and remorse. The real you I love so much. And when I first held our daughter in my arms, and welcomed her home, and the first day she smiled at us, and the first family photo I knew she was amazing just the way she was.”
  • “….D-don’t make me cry, geezus.”


  • Sun studied abroad to Italy, France, and Rome.
  • Zack was nervous as hell and awaited her call every night.
  • V gave her his best camera and Zack gave her photo albums. She sent one every month filled with photos.
  • She worked hard to get a scholarship to her choice of college but during her senior year she decided she wanted to be a freelance photographer.
  • As a son from a family that praised education Zack was extremely worried.
  • But he knew of his daughters talent and he believed in her, and though he was still worried he supported her decision.
  • V and her still go on their nature hikes and look foreword to the breakfast Zack either made or bought.
  • She set up a local fundraiser selling her and others art to raise money for families in hunger
  • Zack now has V and Sun’s work for auction at the RFA.
  • V is so proud he tears up at every party.
  • Seven hacked into an artists website and posted all of Sun’s artwork and photos.
  • ZEN had Sun design new fan merchandise and a poster for his next play.
  • Jaehee asked for Sun to make the design for he coffee shops sign.
  • Jumin sends Sun his cat project ideas, Sun likes making them really lavish and with Elizabeth being her model which Jumin seems to appreciate immensely.
  • For his birthday Sun made Yoosung some fanart of his favorite character, he cried he was so happy.
  • Zack and V don’t know what they did to deserve such a blessing.
  • “Can you… even believe it? She has done such great things I can’t even believe she’s our daughter.” Zack says as he watches her shake hands with one of Jumin’s business associates.
  • “No. I don’t know what I did or how it happened for me to receive two angels.”
  • Zack bites his lip to keep from smiling like an idiot “Two huh? Th-that’s really beautiful.” He sniffs back his own tears.
  • “I am… I am so grateful I can’t even put it into words.” V takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. “I thought everything was over, that I deserved all of the pain I was dealt. And now I have never been so happy. I… I can’t even believe that I am living in heaven everyday. Thank you, for being my partner in all of this, for this beautiful family.”


Not really stable for this.

I’m getting really anxious over the fact I can’t be mean to Ray and focus on just V.

I know I wanted to do the bad end with him first, but now I’m seriously scared of never getting the actual V Good/Normal End because I can’t be cold with that precious boy. I mean, he pays full attention to you and your desires…

I love Ray so, so, so much that I feel horrible betraying him.

Does someone feels the same way?



-  he loves to wrap his arms around you and burry his head in your neck
- he’ll sometimes wake up in the night and watch you sleep
- he plays with your hair
- like??? how did he manage to find someone like you??
- what did he do to deserve you???
- he doesnt steal blankets 
- keep him
- he loves cuddles


- he’s not used to sharing a bed
- he’s trying okay?? he’s learning for you
- he always checks your comfortable 
- he gets nervous sometimes that he’s taking too much of the bed
- you notice this and you just hug him to calm him down
- he wont tell you but he likes being the little spoon and feeling you hug him
- so many pillows and blankets


- pillow theif 
- also a blanket theirf 
- you’ll wake up with no blamkets and most of it on his side was on the floor????
- you learn to fight back for them
- he cuddles you at night though so you forgive him
- entagled legs


- protect this precious child
- he loves to cuddle you
- he doesnt steal blankets 
- he talks in his sleep sometimes
- and its honestly so adorable 
- sometimes he talks about how he doesnt know how youre with him
- and youll talk back
- “I love you, MC”


- she was nervous at first
- but when you hugged her when she got in bed with you
- she was like ‘!!!’ inside
- she loves it when you play with her hair
- she likes to hold your hand while you sleep
- sleeping in bed with you was like a stress relief for her
- like its what she looks forward to
- she makes a coffee for you in the morning


- he hadn’t shared a bed with anyone since Rika
- he’s grateful that youre respectful and you give him time until hes comfortable
- he likes to hold you 
- almost like hes reassuring himself that youre there
- he kisses your cheek at night
- he always - always - makes sure that youre comfortable and will check up on you
- he’ll play with you hair
- please protect him, he’s trying his best and he just loves you so much

anonymous asked:

hi can you write an angst that jumin gets into a car accident and he loses his memories so he doesn't remember mc and that he loves her and that she his wife so mc decided it's better for him that she leaves him but then jumin start to remember her and how much he loves her and try to fix the things

Ooooh, that sounds really neat! I’d be happy to do the request! Thank you and have a terrific day! Enjoy <3


Jumin had been in an accident.

It had been a head-on collision, ramming into a speeding truck down the highway, neither Driver Kim or Jumin having the slightest time to react. 

And while at least Driver Kim had made it out with only a few broken bones, Jumin had been far worse.

He hadn’t even been conscious as they dragged him out in his gurney. 

He fell into a coma.

You had rushed to his side the moment you had found out, your hand always laced with his, tears spilling from you as it seemed the nightmare would never end.

But even when it did, you weren’t entirely sure another one simply opened. 

For when he even did truly and fully awoke, his memories were gone.

He had stared at you blankly as he fully gained consciousness, his brow furrowing as he sat up, staring confusedly. 

“What am I doing here…?” He asked. 

You could hardly speak, lips parted in utter confusion, eyes wider than dinner plates in your shock.

“Y-You’re…you’re awake…?”

“Yes…?” He questioned. “Who’re you? What’re you doing here?”

You laughed weakly, wiping at the tears bubbling in your gaze. “W-What? A-Are you serious?”

“Yes…? Are you one of my father’s girlfriends? Do you know where he is?” 

You scoffed in your bewilderment. “Your father’s-” You couldn’t even muster the word. “Jumin don’t you remember?”

“Remeber what?”

“I-I…” You felt another onslaught of sorrow pour in you, jumping from your seat. “I’m going to go get the doctor.” 

And soon enough you found out.

His recent memories were gone.

His memories of you.

And they didn’t know when they’d return.

If they’d ever. 

Yet despite it all, you stayed beside him.

“We’re…married?” Jumin murmured, walking beside you as you made your way to the penthouse, permitted to finally leave the hospital.

“Yes, a few years now.” You said, approaching the front door, listening to a click as you slipped in the key. “You sure you don’t remember anything. Not even meeting me?”

“No, I don’t. You…You planned another RFA party?”

“I did, you helped me,” You looked up to him, frowning. “You fell in love with me then, and I fell in love with you.” 


You both stepped inside, Elizabeth 3rd greeting you as she usually did, not a hint of bother upon her face.

“You were upset after your father arranged you to marry a woman named Sarah, I had been staying at Rika’s apartment but-”

“What were you doing at Rika’s apartment?” He appeared a tad skeptical, his eyes narrowed. “How do I know any of this is true?”

You swore you felt your heart crack at his words. 

“…You can…you can check with any of the other RFA members…” You answered, softly. “They’ll tell you the whole story but…” 

You turned to face him, revealing your wedding ring.

“You gave this to me, you told me that even if the world had been reduced to ruin, as long as I was in this world, there’d still be something bright.” 

He stared at you, his expression somehow changing, as though searching for some sort of key.

He seemed so close to unlocking it, something close to warmth dotting in his sight.

But somehow, cloudy and unsure.

“I’m…sorry.” He let out a deep breath. “I just don’t…remember.” 

You tried to hold the tears, folding your lips sorrowfully.

“Right…I…I shouldn’t expect it all to just come back to you.” 

“I’m sure this is difficult,” He tried his best to be sympathetic, tipping his head to the side. “I feel as if I know you, but I…” He hesitated. “I don’t quite know how to put it.” 

“It’s well-it’s something,” You shrugged. “Maybe you just need some time to yourself.” 

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t force it on you, I’ll only make it worse,” You rubbed at your eyes. “O-On both ends.”

He sighed, crinkling his nose. “I don’t know what to say.” 

You swallowed hard. “Just…” You raised your hand to his cheek, sighing. “Take your time.” 

He nearly melted into your touch, his fingers hovering over your own, almost forlorn as you drew away.


“MC, I-” 

He couldn’t allow the words to escape him. 

You hung at the door, giving him one last small smile.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” 

And the door was shut.

And he was left on his own.

He recalled bits and pieces, yet each one blurry and untold.

Yet still, he tried. 

He wandered about the penthouse aimlessly as time went on, staring at the plenty of photos of the two of you.

Yet in every picture, his gaze was never set on the camera.

He was focused on you.

And they were full of utter adoration.

A smirk would always decorate his face, beaming with delight as you were near.

He didn’t know he could be so happy.

He raised his palm up, examining the wedding ring ribboned upon his finger.

He moved it off, reading the inscription.

“As long as you’re in it, the world will always be beautiful”

“Darling…” He whispered, trying to connect to what was thought to be lost. “My darling…” 

And like a puzzle, a piece became connected. 

“MC…MC…!” His breath hitched as the memories began to flow like a tidal wave, an onslaught of happiness he had never known.

Tears brimmed in his eyes as he crumbled to his knees, laughter, and devotion filling his mind, his heart bursting with the emotion.

He remembered.

He remembered the days he’d hold you in the night, his arms cradled around you, listening as you’d drift off to sleep, a hint of a grin tugging at your lips. 

He remembered the days you’d surprise him at his office after rough days, peppering his face in kisses, your fingertips ruffling through his hair. 

And he remembered the murky moments of you by his bedside at the hospital, never letting go of his hand, insisting on staying just another day.

You had never given up on him.

Never doubted him.

But he rejected you.


How could he have done that?

The very idea of you left a loving warmth coursing throughout him.

You were an absolute miracle.

You were everything. 

And he had forgotten that. 

He rushed to call you, scrambling for your number desperately, unable to withstand the moments as he waited for you to pick up. 

“…Jumin? Is something wrong?”

“M-MC w-w-where are you?”

“I-I’m just at the little cafe across from the C & R why-” 

“I’m coming, stay right there.” 

“Jumin what-” 

He suddenly hung up, bursting out the door and down the stairs, never stopping for a second.

By the time he had reached you, sweat dribbled down his forehead, shoulders heaving and exhaustion seeping from him.

Yet as he saw you, it all became worth it. 

He rushed towards you, holding a smile that stretched from ear to ear. 


“J-Jumin what is it-” 

He pulled you close, holding you as if you may disappear with the next gust of wind, tears threatening to escape. 

“I remember love,” He told you, finally feeling true content with you. “I remember everything.” 

You were speechless.

“I’m sorry,” He pleaded. “I’m so, so sorry.” 

“You really…you really do remember…?”

“I do…” He cooed. “I finally do.” 

He continued to speak, his words delicate and cherishing in every sense.

As though the future would finally be better.

Because it would be one spent together.

“And I never want to forget again. I never want to forget you.”