Viva La France || River and the Doctor

River yawned a little as she rolled out of bed, seeing that the Doctor had already woken up and left their bedroom. She grabbed her shirt from where it had been tossed onto the floor, hoping it would cover what it was supposed to cover and keep her decent looking until she could get to a shower.

She yawned softly as she ran a hand through her wild curls, walking to the door of the room with feather light footsteps. She poked her head out into the hall, a stray curl falling in front of her eyes, “Doctor? Where did you go now?”






stopped for a photo.

Amy gently tapped the camera she clutched in her hands, hoping that it would work. Amelia had done something to it, and if it was broken, then Amy didn’t know what she’d do. She didn’t even noticed someone walk up to her, she was so fixated on the camera.

Honeymoon Paradise | Closed | ms-twelfth-doctor

River smiled as she walked through one of the hallways of the TARDIS, towards the console room. She had a brilliant idea in her head that she needed to share with her wife. Last time they had been on Earth, it had been close to the date when they got married. Which made her start thinking. They never had a proper honeymoon. It was about time for one, right?

“Sweetie? You around?”






stopped for a photo.

There was something about her house that day that made her uncomfortable. It was just too.. silent. There wasn’t enough noise. And that broken tap wasn’t helping. Especially when it stopped dripping for long periods of time. Amy quickly grabbed a coat from the coat rack by the front door and walked out of the house, out of her garden, and down the street. She had no idea where she was to be going, but she knew that she had to be somewhere else.

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