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Wait a second. You're in Minneapolis, did you go to MCAD?? (i realize that is a really personal thing to reveal your location so my apologies if i've crossed a line.) You said art supplies from the college you graduated and I go here and we have the art cellar so I thought, but I dunno if MState also has an art store or anything but well shot in the dark and that'd just be awesome if one of my fave artists graduated from here!

*whispers* I did! No line crossed, I just don’t regularly draw attention to it. (Lots of amusing reasons for it, but I don’t mind people finding out, ha!)

My favorite memories include the illustration classes (duh), and THE PRINTMAKING SHOP. Intaglio/lithography were my JAM and I miss the smell of ink oh so much. (I’ve got plenty of unpleasant college memories, but I’ll focus on the positive for everyone’s sake.)