Fairy AU

Since I’m not feeling inspired for the Eunwoo fic, and I’m away from home, here’s an AU.

Rules: All fairy-like creatures are up for grabs here, and I’m using my own lore (and it’s not inconsistent at all, what are you talking about??)

MJ: Pixie. Loves to spend time in his shrunken form just for the purpose of playing tricks on the other. Specializes in fixing machines using his magic, but is horrible at fixing things manually. Very thin wings that don’t work in his human size form. Met Jinjin through his parents trying to fit in with humans and going to a neighborhood association meeting.

Jinjin: half human, half earth-sprite. Grew up only vaguely aware of his heritage because his sprite mother wanted him to have a normal life. He has retractable, thick wings, but he can’t go into a smaller form because he is a halfling. Is fascinated by the fairy world and loves to spend time with his friends there. Has limited powers, but can move rocks when angry.

Eunwoo: Pure blood Elf of high status. Grew up very sheltered and didn’t meet many other elves, let alone other fairies or humans. But he did study them extensively, and once he came of age, set off to research the world himself. He doesn’t have wings, but he can float for short periods of time. His powers are mostly nature based, and he can change the growth of plants around him.

Moonbin: A nymph who’s strongly connected to Maple trees. The best at fitting in with human society, and loves to buy human food, even though he doesn’t need to eat. Grew up in a traditional nymph household that didn’t allow him to meet other types of fairies, but loved to sneak out to visit Rocky. His powers mainly consist of transformation, he can turn into a tree and back to a human-esque form, with a hybrid form in the middle.

Rocky: Runaway fairy prince. His friend Moonbin taught him about the world, so he escaped his royal life. Has relatively strong powers over fire, which is strange for fairies since they are considered life giving. Has large shimmery wings and can shrink down to pixie size. Because of his royal blood, he is intensely compelled to dance on the full moon.

Sanha: A spirit that is the embodiment of a brook in the forest where these 6 all live. He has to stay near it, but he has very strong water abilities and can actually use some healing magic. A young fairy, and was found when he was very young by Eunwoo, and loves to play and travel with him, but dislikes the serious studying that the elder elf enjoys.

Please let me know if this is any good and feel free to request stories or scenarios based on this AU because I had a lot of fun making it.
Look forward to the Eunwoo fic in the next week.

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Summary:  Maybe they’re right, maybe she is a monster. But maybe that isn’t wrong. Maybe there are some things you can only learn once you’ve let go of the light.

Rated M

Star Wars AU, Sith Roxanne, Jedi Megamind. Emotionally dark, angst, eventual romance. 


I LOVE Evil Roxanne. I really really really super do. I had the thought a while back of giving movie-verse her dark powers but it was only half an idea, then we all started talking about Sith Roxanne and my brain went ooooh. Then someone was really horrible to me today irl and I just…poured my own dark side into this. 

Day 1: Who is your Bias?

Yoon Sanha!!!!!

Well, firstly, Sanha is the closest to my age. I’m a ‘01 liner. So I immediately felt a connection with him.

He didn’t catch my eye at first, but when I first heard him sing, I started paying attention.

Soon after I became an Aroha, Baby was released, and his pink hair made me soft. I saw how hard he and everyone was working and it made me fall in love again.

I love all the members of Astro with all of my heart, but Sanha has it. His smile could make me happy on any day of my life, and his visual is crazy when he has a straight face.

Being an idol is an unbelievably hard life, but whenever I see Sanha, he is making the best of it. He doesn’t take life too seriously, and as someone who worries a lot, it’s admirable.

Not to mention how much he cares for his hyungs. He is the youngest, but he still tries to let them sleep because he knows how hard they work. His genuine friendship with members that are older than him is really good for me, since a lot of my friends are older and people find it weird.

He! Is! So! Talented! He taught himself how to play guitar!! He can sing beyond his years and when he sings, you can tell he is focused on it and he tries so hard the veins in his neck start to tense. He can dance super well, and I’m sure it’s hard for him learning to dance with his body post-growth-spurt.

There is a lot of pressure on him to not grow up and remain this childish person, and that is part of his personality, so that shouldn’t be hard. But I’m sure he feels pressure on days that he doesn’t feel like smiling. And he is super strong for continuing to fight even under that much pressure.

He is super mischievous! He never hurts anyone, but he loves to confuse, and it’s super cute. It also makes for great content on variety shows.

All in all, I love Sanha because he is a true idol. He pushes me to be better when I see him and he makes me happy when I’m having hard days. The point of idols is to inspire, and that’s what he does for me, more than any of the other Astro members.

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Привет, Тамблер!

Все прошлые дни были довольно однообразными, поэтому и писать сюда было особо не о чем… Мы записывали серии для канала Ромы, периодически балуя себя игрой “MStar”, которая, кстати, оказалась неплохой, хотя я не возлагала на неё больших надежд. Возможно даже постримим её как-нибудь на своём твич-канале, посмотрим :).

Сегодня, впрочем как и вчера, я проснулась с больной головой, но выпила целебного “Нурофенчика” и боль как рукой сняло. Кажется, для меня он скоро станет как панацея, от всех болезней :D. Вечером мы с Ромой решили потанцевать и включили “Just Dance” на PS4. Правда, не могу это назвать полноценными танцами… Я ощущала какую-то вялость, поэтому не могла полностью выложиться, хотя я очень старалась. И меня это напрягло, поскольку я привыкла танцевать в полную силу :(. Возможно, это из-за питания… В общем, удовлетворения от игры я не испытала.

Вот так вот.

[STARCAST] Solo Taemin! Dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ with best friend KAI & Behind story of the stage
EXO KAI has started to support his best friend Taemin who is showing dangerous charms by changing into a mysterious thief after releasing his first solo album ‘ACE’! EXO KAI has performed together in Taemin’s solo album track ‘Pretty Boy’ (featuring. EXO KAI)’s stage and satisfied fans that always wanted to see Taemin & KAI’s Pretty X Sexy stage. Issues! Dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ with best friend KAI, behind story of the stage is released for fans following Taemin & KAI’s stage, and self-written messages that conveyed each mind~!! Meet them today : )
External image


At late night, Taemin and KAI met at a practicing room in SM Entertainment company building. They asked each other’s condition and health right after they met. Then they started to chat! The subject was definitely about Taemin’s first solo album activity! Since KAI is Taemin’s best friend who always looked forward to the release of the first solo album and cheered him up, he encouraged Taemin by checking his condition and the response toward the new album. After the long talk, the time of practicing the dance came~!!  
External image

Taemin “Ready~!!”

External image

KAI “Ready, Go”

If you think of me as pretty and well, and even kind and tender, you have mistaken me with your imagination
(‘Pretty Boy’ lyrics)  
External image


Best friend duo, Taemin and KAI focused on practicing the dance without knowing time passing. After their first dance practice was over we interviewed them in order to ask each of their real minds. Both of them talked with good friendship and kind mind….   Q) What kind of friend is KAI to Taemin, and Taemin to KAI?!   My friend Taemin, (Taemin that KAI talks about)  
External image


I Believe~
Taemin always works hard, does his best, good and a smart friend more than anything. So I’m proud that he’s my friend and I’ve lots to learn from him. As you may have seen through SBS special ‘10,000 Hours’, Taemin is a real hard worker. He gives information about good videos or things that are good to know for each other, and he’s a friend that gives great help.
My friend KAI, (KAI that Taemin talks about)  
External image

I Believe~
KAI?  he’s a taciturn friend. He’s a loyal friend who knows how to cares other without saying much. We built our friendship by sleeping together in the practicing room since long time ago. He’s just.. an insect (Taemin and KAI both laughs) KAI is a “black beetle ^^”. I was just joking. I’m so happy that we are so similar and have a lot in common whether it’s due to our long time being together, and I like that point.   Q) ‘Pretty Boy’s behind story?!  
External image


Taemin: I was supposed to do all the singing part and rap in ‘Pretty Boy’, but I thought KAI would match more to the rap part than me. And I wanted to do it with KAI. So I highly recommended KAI and pestered KAI to do it with me. But KAI positively joined and I’m really thankful.   KAI: Since I thought of our stage from long time ago, I readily agreed when Taemin suggested singing with him. I thought that I could show both rap and smart performance since ‘Pretty Boy’ has beat in it. Taemin is a friend and a senior at the same time, so I tried to do my best not to harass him, and I could join with good mind as a friend too. (Laughter) 
Q) What are your thoughts about best friend Taemin and KAI’s first collaboration?  
External image


Taemin: Having a stage with a friend was a longing dream, and I think it has a great meaning. If there is another chance, I want to try what belongs to only us and new things.   KAI: First of all, I’m so happy that I could participate in featuring Taemin’s solo album track, and a horror that I could stage with my senior Taemin. I really thank for this great opportunity. I’m hoping big success since my energy is not only melted in ‘Pretty Boy’ but also the whole ‘ACE’ album of Taemin. Go Go!!
External image
External image


After the dance practice of ‘Pretty Boy’ was over, Taemin and Kai conveyed each mind by writing on Taemin’s album. The messages of best friend duo will be released in the last part, so please read this until the last!  
External image

 Tada~!! After the practice was done until late night! We met Taemin at the waiting room of music program that Taemin & KAI’s ‘Pretty Boy’ stage is performed~!! He is charismatic mysterious thief Taemin today too!

External image


He was lonely Taemin since he acted solo after performing as SHINee, but he’s not lonely today since his best friend KAI is with him! Taemin and KAI spent the waiting time by playing with the camera.
 Finally, Taemin and KAI went up on the stage of ‘Pretty Boy’ rehearsal!  
External image

Taemin appeared first with charisma!

External image

With KAI! # Different choreography although it looks same!

After the sweating rehearsal stage was over, they started the real stage! Since they prepared thoroughly, they could finish the ‘Pretty Boy’ stage without recording.
External image

P-R-E-double T-Y-Pretty Boy~!!

Taemin and KAI came down the stage after neat stage greeting. They were all wet in sweat but they started to do monitoring by caring each other. We think that they are friends that could rely on each other and more sincere friendship since they had times of trainee, practicing dances, being up on stage as professionals, and monitoring together.
External image


One more photo taken after coming down the stage! Please love #Taemin’s solo album ‘ACE’. KAI sent a cheering message to Taemin who changed into a mysterious thief again after finishing ‘Pretty Boy’ stage. After asking whether it was hard and replying it was exciting each other, KAI headed for the next schedule and Taemin headed for the ‘Danger’ stage. Taemin decorated the ‘Danger’ stage splendidly as ‘Pretty Boy’ stage since KAI cheered up Taemin a lot for Taemin’s solo transformation. We hope that Taemin’s cordiality of showing gratitude to KAI and fans that cheer up Taemin’s solo transformation would be conveyed well!
Bonus) Taemin&KAI’s message of encouraging each other
Boom~!! Tada~! 

External image


 To. KAI  From. Taemin.  
External image


To. KAI~^^!
I’m EXO’s fan… Can I get your autograph?? I have joined EXO L yesterday~ bbooing bbooing~ >_< Thank you for willingly joining in the featuring and I will support you if you need my help next time~!   To. Taemin, From. KAI  
External image

 To. Senior TaeminSenior

Taemin…. This is KAI. Can I have your autograph since we have taken photos together…? I’m just joking. I’m really touched that I’m writing a letter on the album which has Taemin’s name. I’m always looking at your stage and supporting you so don’t be sick and I hope your success. You’re so smart, Taemin!! Go Go

Please give much support to Taemin’s solo transformation which KAI supports! Thank you : )
Writing/Picture = SM Entertainment