Reader Ricardo from Black Lion Media shares his amazing desk and equipment list with us.

I am a web designer and front-end developer so I spend lots of time in front of a screen (8-14hrs). I’ve bought and went through lots of desks and chairs in my life. They usually start off comfortable but many of them wear out and I end up tossing them out. Then I received a contract position at Herman Miller and instantly fell in love with their furniture.

The Envelope Desk slides towards me so I can bring the screen closer to me and the Embody Chair is going to be my chair for the next 10 years if not longer. I instantly felt the difference going from what I had before to these two items. The chair just holds my back when I work in the reclined position and I kick up my feet on my foot pillow. 

  • Embody Chair

  • Envelope Desk

  • Flute Lamp

  • Flo Monitor

  • Foot Cushion, Half-Cylinder Design

  • Yugioh Artwork (by CocoMilla @ Etsy)

  • Brenthaven 15” Collins Slim Brief

  • mStand by Rain Design

  • Elago Aluminum Mouse Pad

  • George Nelson Wooden Starburst Clock

  • Wiremold WSR320-s Desktop Power Center

  • Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone System

  • Airport Time Capsule - 2TB

  • Western Digital My Book World Edition - 2TB