G I V E A W A Y || Signed The 1975 CD (not deluxe album and only signed by Matty and Ross) and a The 1975 customized shirt.

1. You must be following me (it’s for my followers, so yeah)

2. Each reblog counts as an entry.  The more times you reblog the greater your chances of winning are.  Likes do not count (okay to like for bookmark)

3. One winner will be chosen randomly. They must have their ask box open and respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.


If you’d like to design and buy your own shirt, you can get one off of my etsy (I’m hoping to add more stuff to it soon).

good luck! :)

Small quick 400 followers appreciation giveaway!

Sorry it’s on mobile so I can’t make any fancy text post~ xD


- Must be following me! It’s a giveaway for my followers after all.
- Must have your ask box open!
- no giveaway blogs. Even if you’re following me.


- 1 million bells
- 10 lucky clovers
- 5 random streetpass items (probably 1 of each)
- newsprint helmet

There will be 3 winners and I will choose them with random dot org as always.

Ends on Friday night 3/20 at 6pm MST. A like and a reblog count as an entry each.

Thank you all so much and good luck ^_^

     first of all, i hope all of you all have a safe and happy holiday season !! i haven’t done a proper one of these in ages and it’s about time i use the holidays to be able to hold another giveaway. all of you have been incredibly supportive of me since 2014, and what better way to repay you all than to give back ?

rules !!
  • must be following me, levibells. after all, this is for my followers. please don’t unfollow afterwards, that’s incredibly rude ):
  • you must be a role play blog.
  • you must like/reblog this post. both are accepted and doing both will increase your chances! you have to do at least one or the other to qualify.
  • the giveaway officially ends on december 24th, 11:59pm mst. you have to like/reblog any time before the deadline, anything afterwards will not count.
  • this post must reach at least 40 notes.

** winners will be selected at random. if the prize is not accepted within 24 hours after the winners are announced, i will select a new winner to fill in the spot.

prizes !!
  • 1st place: two people will receive a custom theme, 200 icons (and their corresponding psd’s), and a promo banner.
  • 2nd place: two people will win 100 icons (and their corresponding psd’s), and a promo banner.
  • 3rd place: three people will win 20 icons (and their corresponding psd’s).

theme examples: (x) (x) (x) (x) (more examples can be offered upon request)
promo examples: (x) (x) (x)
icon examples:

good luck to those who participate !! thank you for your support, have a merry christmas.

Mini giveaway #8 // ends 6/17 4pm mst

like/reblog to enter (don’t spam), followers only (old followers get bonus prizes)

2 winners get 5 millions bells, 25 clovers (or 25 of something else if you don’t want clovers) and 25 hybrids of your choice

Goodluck cuties ❤️

Animethon 2014 Photoshoot Contest!

It’s contest time again. We’d like to give out a photoshoot to one lucky Animethon attendee this year. All you need to do is reblog this post to be entered to win a free photoshoot during this upcoming Animethon weekend! If you have have any questions, let us know. You can always email us info[at]


* Followers of our page can reblog this post to be entered for one free photoshoot on the weekend of August 8th-10th.

* We will be running the same promotion on both our Facebook and Tumblr Pages.

* Likes (from Facebook) and reblogs (from Tumblr) will be counted until August 7th, 8pm MST.

* If you like the post on Facebook, and reblog our contest post on Tumblr, you will be qualified for 2 entries.

* Photo shoot must be claimed between August 8th and August 10th, 2014 at Animethon 21. Prize has no cash value and reasonable exceptions may apply.

fuck, I’m watching the Mystery Science Theatre of ‘Overdrawn at the Memory Bank’ and it’s so fucking good