here's a mini giveaway

Ends today Tuesday July 14th at 5pm MST! Reblogs and likes count, followers only please! *I will be posting the winner publicly for this giveaway so pls be okay with that*

Winner gets 30 lucky clovers (or 30 trees/cedars/bushes if you don’t want clovers) and the following:

Afternoon tea set
Coffee cup
Cream n sugar
Twelve grape plate
Golden and silver axe
Snow bunny
Any furniture set of your choice & any 10 items of your choice!

& I’ll be posting my big giveaway later today so stay tuned and good luck! ^_^

Small quick 400 followers appreciation giveaway!

Sorry it’s on mobile so I can’t make any fancy text post~ xD


- Must be following me! It’s a giveaway for my followers after all.
- Must have your ask box open!
- no giveaway blogs. Even if you’re following me.


- 1 million bells
- 10 lucky clovers
- 5 random streetpass items (probably 1 of each)
- newsprint helmet

There will be 3 winners and I will choose them with random dot org as always.

Ends on Friday night 3/20 at 6pm MST. A like and a reblog count as an entry each.

Thank you all so much and good luck ^_^

Mini giveaway #8 // ends 6/17 4pm mst

like/reblog to enter (don’t spam), followers only (old followers get bonus prizes)

2 winners get 5 millions bells, 25 clovers (or 25 of something else if you don’t want clovers) and 25 hybrids of your choice

Goodluck cuties ❤️