Small quick 400 followers appreciation giveaway!

Sorry it’s on mobile so I can’t make any fancy text post~ xD


- Must be following me! It’s a giveaway for my followers after all.
- Must have your ask box open!
- no giveaway blogs. Even if you’re following me.


- 1 million bells
- 10 lucky clovers
- 5 random streetpass items (probably 1 of each)
- newsprint helmet

There will be 3 winners and I will choose them with random dot org as always.

Ends on Friday night 3/20 at 6pm MST. A like and a reblog count as an entry each.

Thank you all so much and good luck ^_^

karumax asked:


who cooks normally?: That would be me! It’s more convenient to have me do the cooking, plus my chunky likes to be fed. But, Masato does cook as well, and does a damn good job.

how often do they fight?: Once or twice a month at the very most. We don’t really fight and when we do it blows over rather quickly. 

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: I whine loudly and complain and bury myself in his hoodies and text him incessantly. He tells me he misses me and indulges my whining. 

nicknames for each other?: Koalabi, Baby Doll, Omega, Knives, Martha May, Sucker Fish, Juanita, Buttcrack Penguin, and Booty Bird for me. Alpha, Birdman, Grumpy Grinch, Juan Pablo, Chunky, Mutt, and Sheepy Sheep for him.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Masato~. At first I attempted to try and make things dutch, but he grumbled about it so I have happily allowed him to take over paying for things. He’s a good sugar daddy~.

who steals the covers at night?: Elie. Really, though, I’m on top of him, so the covers are always on both of us.

what would they get each other for gifts?: I like to do little things for him that are memorable and come from the heart. He does the same, but he also likes to buy me fancy stuff he knows I want. 

who remembers things?: I remember more things, but sometimes he comes out of left field and remembers stuff. 

who cusses more?: Oh, man. Well, we both have potty mouths, but I’m going with Masato.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: First of all, we would do whatever was needed to help the other. Masato and I are both pretty good in emergency situations, even if we’re internally freaking out. If someone had hurt us, the other would go and rip them to shreds once whoever was hurt had been taken care of. Don’t mess with my mate. 

who kissed who first?: Um, well, I’m pretty sure Masato kissed me first, but I initiated it? Does that sound right baby? 

who made the first move?: That would be me. 

who started the relationship?: I guess Masato, as in he asked me to make things official, but it was agreed upon more than anything. 

Alright, beautiful people, it’s time for the first ACTIVITY CHECK! You’ve got 48 hours, (until 7 PM, MST on Thursday) to like this post and insure that you’re still interested in this roleplay. Thanks so much for your participation and activity so far!

i will now describe each one of my cis boy crushes in one word from who i like the mst to least

1. tall

2. gay

3. computer

anonymous asked:

What do you use the adoptables for? I see people buy them but it seems like mst just have them for looking at on ther cumputers sometimes, I know youve drawn one of them but other than that what are they for? Genuinely curious, Ive bought adoptbles on like sites for fake currencies and stuff to put in my signature but not real money

It can be for that. Some people just like to collect them. I like to do that, but I also develop them for Roleplay purposes…even though I don’t Roleplay ponies a lot it’s fun to have different characters to doodle and stuff.

mst-cr asked:

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