I forgot to make a post about this the other day but umm okay here goes

I’ve been misunderstanding things all along with that part when Murasaki made a face like i always thought he was scared for art but i realized that he was scared AT art. Scared that Art would come back to life and fuck things up for him or smth i feel so stupid the moment i realized it smh

“idc if i play by myself im going to win it anyways” “yea frankie did it !!!”

yea ok but production knew caleb was going to throw it n the comp was LITERALLY made for one person ( frank in bb14 won it after the de ) so ? ?? fra nkie , , didnt rly win . .. bud .. . it was rigged . i msry 2 say ,

All I hear is raindrops, falling on the rooftop. <3

Okay, kahit di ko naman talaga naririnig yng ulan. Pero napapakanata talaga ako. Officially Missing You ba naman kasi eh. Gagawan ko ba to ng cover? Ughhh. Wag na siguro. Ewan bahala na.

For no reason

Naiinis ako. Di ko alam baket or kanino. Basta naiinis ako. Gusto kong manakit ng tao ngayon. Kahit nga pader pinatulan ko na eh =(( naiiyak ako, pero ayoko ng isipin yung dahilan kung baket. Yiiiii. Basta. gusto kong magwala. -__-