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MAID: One who makes Light, or makes through Light — for themselves. LIGHT: Power, Fortune, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Ideas, Importance…
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Here’s a post on Joey’s Hero Title–The MAID of LIGHT!–and how understanding it strengthens our reading of Joey’s struggles with neglect and loneliness, her STRIFES, her skills and abilities, and more! We even look at some interesting foreshadowing for where her arc may be going in the next Acts!

(Credit to @thricequeen and @dahniwitchoflight for providing key details that feed into my own speculation, btw! Thanks a ton, peeps)

Classpecting has so far been a hugely underappreciated part of Hiveswap’s narrative, and I’d like to change that. This post is also a focused introduction on Classpects in general, and should ideally be perfectly easy to follow if you’re a new Hiveswap fan with no exposure to the system from Homestuck! 

I do have to warn, however, that there will be Homestuck Spoilers in this essay. So heads up about that! Now, on to some bad news. I have similar Classpect essays brainstormed for Xefros Tritoh and Jude Harley.
But alas, it may be a while before I can write those. 

As excited as I am to post this, it comes with an announcement I wish I wasn’t making. If you enjoy this essay and want to know more about future content from me, please read on.

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so i googled this

because i was wondering if eridan died right away or if his death was drawn out and painful

and apparently you could live for 4 ish minutes before the brain shuts down so he could have been alive for a few minutes just bleeding to death slowly on the ground

enjoy the rest of your day (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Personally, I’m expecting that EOA6 is just going to be a long chain of hilarious anticlimaxes. To get the obvious ones out of the way:

  • Alt!Callie will absorb the Green Sun, thus depowering Jade and the Becs and derailing their final battle
  • Lord Jack and Spades Slick will fight each other, completely ignoring Terezi and the Striders
  • Jake will make friends with the Felt before any significant violence can occur

I’m not sure how the confrontation between John’s team and the Condesce will fizzle out, but there must be an angle there, too.


AU where Rose is the biggest Gamzee Apologist of them all.

This seemed like such a good idea when I started it.

So it turns out that I suck at making posts every update, oh well. I mean, not a lot of things happened recently that I have words to say for. Maybe I’ll have more words to say later.

ANYWAY, I hope you like this<3.

I’m so disappointed with the end of Homestuck I can’t even.
I don’t care about an open ending but?? Tie up some loose ends first?

What about Vriska, GAMZEE, Aradia or the sprites at the end? Meena’s ghost or the disappeared Aranea from all the timelines. That important thing Dave had to say.
What about the matriorb, Ive only seen caparacians in the video. What about the planet quests, they just end their god’s existences playing football and hanging out? *explodes*

The animation has been AWESOME, seriously, good job, but, holy shit, you can’t make a history which have been a constantly “the plot thickens” and end it like this.

I hope Hussie clarifies something in the epilogue because I feel empty right now.

anonymous asked:

i thought hs was finally dead??? was there a new upd8?

Anon: Wait did homestuck just update again? Are rose and kanaya married?? 

yeah we were hoping it was but it wasn’t and there will also apparently be another update with the actual epilogue who knows when (413?)

(I want to break free plays in the distance)

and yes they got married lol

the update is on MSPA!


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the main digital painting from the stream! it got a little though on the old drawing hand after a while so i went on to doodling but i still think it turned out pretty okay seeing as my last digital painting was done over a year ago!

Thanks again to everyone who came!

Why Vriska is Wrong or being a Hypocrite.

Okay, so like, a lot of peeps have been saying that Vriska is technically right or whatever. I don’t think that’s true. Even if it was, I dislike that just because she’s “right” means she gets to make an ass of herself and just be the most terrible person she could possibly be. Let’s go over why she’s wrong.

This one first, because I haven’t really seen people say why this hypocritical. In this timeline we haven’t really seen anyone call out or attack Vriska but we have seen this before. What Vriska is angry out isn’t that (Vriska) is upset by what’s happening but why how she chooses to express so.

Vriska isn’t above throwing tantrums. Maybe new Vriska is but (Vriska) isn’t really breaking much new ground here by having a breakdown when something terrible is happening to her. What’s new here is that instead of yelling, she chooses to cry instead. This is what you are choosing to hate.

Also, visual callback.

People have already pointed out how stupid this is because she’s about to go and fight Lord English, but she pins (Vriska) with dying because she wanted to go fight Jack. Vriska’s decision to fight Jack however was unaltered. It was by the choice of GO!Terezi that she did not die. Taking credit for that decision is really awful and keyword “””Narcissistic”””.

The first time I read this I thought it was just plain funny, but then apparently people actually took this as actual evidence as Vriska being right. Or at least not a hypocrite, because regardless if you think (Vriska) is selfish, if you think Vriska isn’t I think you need to take a better look at her character arc.

This statement by (Vriska) when she’s getting her hair braided in A6A6I2, pretty much states the problem of our current Alpha and old Vriska.

And this too. It’s pretty obvious that Vriska just wants to stop Lord English not because she cares about the fate of dream bubbles or cares about anyone, but because she wanted to do it herself, and be the hero. Meenah then states that’s a perfectly acceptable motive, and I guess it is, but I wouldn’t call it a selfless one.

And finally, (Vriska) being too passive. Which really, I’m not just going stand here while people use this as a legit argument when Roxy, an actual decent and genuinely good person say stuff like this:

I guess you don’t have to agree with this philosophy, but I honestly can’t stand the idea personally that Calliope gets to be passive, but somebody else isn’t because they were once known to be incredibly proactive. If you thought it was okay when it was excused with Calliope but not with (Vriska) please reevaluate why you think so. If you still believe so, I would really like to see your reasoning. 

Roxy is also my favorite character while Vriska is one of my least so y’know.

Anyway, that’s what I think of Vriska these past to upd8s. But I really liked them for other reasons than just “Vriska is finally showing she’s a disgusting person I knew it I knew that shit” reasons.  People have been talking about (Vriska) becoming the more important one, and I would like this because I think she is far closer to becoming an amazing person than little miss smiles during a break up. My favorite line in the entire upd8?

If (Vriska) is going to become the more important Vriska, this line means everything for her character development. She’s finally come to the point where she cares less about being a hero and more about being empathetic(in more ways than having mind control powers), now she has the means of realizing how terrible she was by getting a taste of her own medicine, and is much more likely to apologize to the people’s she hurt in a sincere and meaningful way.